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2011 (6) 1 15 apr


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Published in: Education
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2011 (6) 1 15 apr

  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala Part 6: Flowering Plants By N Sasidharan Proper documentation and investigation of biodiversity has become essential from the point of view of conservation and sustainable utilization, especially after the 1992 declaration on Convention of Biological Diversity. The state of Kerala forming the southern part of the biodiversity hotspot in the Western Ghats, is the most species rich region of the Western Ghats with respect to endemic species. The literature on flora and fauna generated by academic and research institutions over the years is enormous. However, there has been no concerted effort to compile this scattered information as a database. The Western Ghats Cell of the Department of Planning and Economic Affairs to be congratulated the biodiversity of Kerala and approved the project to be implemented by KFRI. The result is the series of publications on ‘Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala’ covering various groups of plants and animals, which is first concerted attempt in any of the States in India. The handbook on “Flowering Plants: provides all relevant information on the species recorded from Kerala with literature citations. The handbook will be useful to researchers, teachers and students. Peechi (Thrissur), Kerala Forest Research Institute, 2004. (Location: M G University Library, First floor, Shelf No. 580.954 83/ P4) New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books 1-15 April 2011 Philosophy, Nanoscience, Agriculture, Forestry011.31/ N9 (R) Venkitasubramonia Iyer A catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts. – Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute, 1999126/ P7 Prem R Daswani Higher dimensions of consciousness. – Tattvaloka, 2007128/ Q0 Chandrasekhara Bharati The goal of human life. – Vidya Bharati Press, 2010 Mahaswami152.1/ M6 Srinivasan, T M, Ed Sense perception (visaya pratyaksam) in science and sastras. – Sri Sharada Trust, 1986181.48/ N9 Bharathi Theertha Ashirvachanam. – Yadathore Sri Yoganandeswara Mahaswami Saraswathi Math, 1999181.482 09/ P7 Usha Devi, N Advaita Vedanta: a logico-cognitive approach. – Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute, 2007181.484 109/ P7 Sasikala, P Visnutattvavinirnaya of Anandatirtha: a critical evaluation. – Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute, 2007620.506/ P9 (R) Sabu Thomas, Ed ICNM 2009: 1st International Conference on Nanostructured Materials. - IMSE, 2009631.4/ P9 Tan, Kim H Environmental soil science. - 3rd ed. - CRC Press, 2009631.41/ P7 Kimble, John M, Ed Soil carbon management: economic, environmental and societal benefits. - CRC Press, 2007631.581 4/ P8 Goddard, Tom, Ed No-till farming systems. - The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation, 2008631.586/ P8 Anand Swarup, Ed Conservation farming. - Soil Conservation Society of India,2008632.5/ N9 Sankaran, K V Integrated management of the alien invasive weed Mikania Micrantha in the Western Ghats. - KFRI, 2001632.5/ P4 Sankaran, K V Field trials for controlling Mikania infestation in forest plantations and natural forests in Kerala. - KFRI, 2004632.509 54/ P1 Sankaran, K V, Ed Alien weeds in moist tropical zones. - KFRI, 2001632.96/ P1 Butt, T M, Ed Fungi as biocontrol agents. - CABI Publishing, 2001 1
  2. 2. 633.58/ P2 Mohanan, C, Ed Policy and legal issues in cultivation and utilization of bamboo, rattan and forest trees in private and forest trees in private and community lands. - KFRI, 2002633.58/ P21 Mohanan, C Protection of rattan against fungal staining and biodeterioration. - KFRI, 2002633.58/ P22 Dhamodaran, T K Oil curing technology for value-added rattan (cane) products. - KFRI, 2002633.58/ P23 Pandalai, R C Nursery and silvicultural techniques for bamboos. -KFRI, 2002633.580 685/ N3 Chand Basha, S, Ed Rattan management and utilisation. - KFRI, 1993633.58095483/P0 Renuka, C Field identification key for rattans of Kerala. - KFRI, 2000633.580 954 83/ Seethalakshmi, K K , Ed Bamboo resource development and utilization in Kerala.P2 -KFRI, 2002633.58095483/ P21 Renuka, C Commercial rattans of Kerala. - KFRI, 2002633.58095483/ P22 Muktesh Kumar Commercial bamboos of Kerala. - KFRI, 2002633.58095483/ P23 Renuka, C Nursery and silvicultural techniques for rattans. - KFRI, 2002633.58095483/ P24 Muktesh Kumar Field identification key to native bamboos of Kerala.-KFRI,2002633.580 954 83/ Sankara Pillai, K Information resources for bamboo and cane development inP25 Kerala. - KFRI, 2002633.580 954 88/ Renuka, C A manual of the rattans of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.N5 -KFRI, 1995634.907 2/ N3 Chand Basha, S, Ed Socio-economic research in forestry. - KFRI, 1993634.907 2/ P1 Jayaraman, K A handbook on statistical analysis in forestry research. - KFRI, 2001634.907 2/ P11 Varma, R V, Ed Tropical forestry research. - KFRI, 2001634.907 2/ P5 Sharma, J K, Ed Three decades of research in KFRI. - KFRI, 2005634.909 548 3/ P1 Nair, K K N, Ed Shola forests of Kerala. - KFRI, 2001634.92/ N8 Muraleedharan, P K, Ed Basic readings in forest economics. - KFRI, 1998634.92095483/ N3 Mammen Chundamannil History of forest management in Kerala. - KFRI, 1993634.92095483/ P0 Nair, K K N Manual of non-wood forest produce plants of Kerala.-KFRI,2000634.960 913/ N6 Nair, K S S, Ed Impact of diseases and insect pests in tropical forests. - KFRI, 1996634.973 624/ P4 Nair, K K N Calophyllum polyanthum (Kattu-punna) . - KFRI, 2004634.973 748/ N3 Sankaran, K V Litter dynamics, microbial associations and soil studies in Acacia Auriculiformis plantations in Kerala. – KFRI, 1993634.973 77/ P4 Nair, K K N Dysoxylum malabaricum (Vella-akil). -KFRI, 2004634.973 96/ N7 Chand Basha, S, Ed Teak. - KFRI, 2002634.973 96/ P5 Bhat, K M, Ed Quality timber products of teak from sustainable forest management. – KFRI, 2005634.987/ P2 Chacko, K C Manual of seeds of forest trees, bamboos and rattans. - KFRI, 2002637.106 83/ P0 Singh, S, Ed Human resource development in dairying. – AIU, 2000641.635 8/ P5 Muktesh Kumar Edible bamboo shoot recipes. – KFRI, 2005 Literature808.068 3/ P81 Lalita Ramakrishna Nala and Damayanti. – Tattvaloka, 2008808.81/ P4 Krishna Srini, Ed Poet: an international monthly 2004. – Soka Gakkai International, 2004808.81/ P4;P6 Krishna Srini, Ed Poet: an international monthly 2006. – SGI, 2006808.81/ P4;P7 Krishna Srini, Ed Poet: an international monthly 2007. – SGI, 2007808.81/ P4;P8 Krishnan, S, Ed Poetry world: an international monthly 2008. – SGI, 2008808.81/ P4;P9 Krishnan, S, Ed Poetry world: an international monthly 2009. – SGI, 2009In 823 ANA/P/ N4 Anand Khare Princess Takhmina. – Seminar Research Centre, 1994In 823 NIR1 09/ M5 Basavaraj S Naikar Critical articles on Nirad C Choudhuri. – Sivaranjani, 1985In 823.009/ P5;1 Anand, T S, Ed Humanism in Indian English fiction. – Creative Books, 2005821.008/ N6 Raveendran, P P, Ed The Blue Guitar: a poetry anthology. – Bodhi Publishing, 1996891.21 BHA1/P/ Bharathi Theertha Poems by His Holiness. – Dakshinamnaya Sri SharadaP2 Mahaswami Peetham, 2002891.371 008/ P2 Ramachandra Rao, S K Gatha-sataka. – Kalpatharu Research Academy, 2002894.814 1 SAR/M/ Sarvajna Musings of Sarvajna. – Sivaranjani Publications, 1990111N0896.3 EME 09/ Neerja Chand Beyond feminism: gender perspectives of Buchi Emecheta. –P5;1 Books Plus, 2005 2
  3. 3. ad b n j h n i o X y w ô Ieo X , un e ² , D]yn h wA1 KUM 09/ P7 uKn]onY°, B± !ancnfn° IeoX: PpeoXhvÀcy¿ot cngçpbw. ô ho Fw tF e·m th± ]_mjou·g°, 2007A1 NAR/N/ P2 ncnbW° nb±, ]ndn eÆKw. ô ]o ncnbW°, 2002A1 RAJ97/A/ N9 cnuPÞ° eo _ne AXm: IeoXI³. ô IlÂm eImhm, 1999A1 RAJ98/K/ P8 cnÀ eÉo%Áw uIn½bw Indw. ô tlbm°u_n, 2008A1 RAM3/MI/ M8;2 cnaIy£°, ISÅo½ ao[Xnjw. ô t_$m eOm, 1992A1 RAM5/AA/ P6 cnaNÞ°, !Hubco B=Á^ D»¿o². ô NoÐ ]_mjougûm, 2006A1 RAM5/PU/ P8 cnaNÞ°, !Hubco !Hubco·eoXI³. ô IlÂm eOm, 2008A1 SIV2/U/ Q0 foe° »[ndbw DçjtÃn½°. ô uenbmhm eOm, 2010A1 009/ Q0 ffo, uNcneÉo Au|gWuaJd. ô tt¾ e·m ]_mjougûm, 2010A104 BAL/O/ N21 _nd#£ÃWo·±, eo ho Hç eodn]w. ô "±W ]_mjou·g°hm, 1992A105 RAM1/S/ Q0 cnaÃWo·±, ocW¿m foecn^oaninZyw. ô IBbêncIç$, 2010A2 PAR1/S/ N6 ]cuaf|c°]oÉ, !joan haX|enZo. ôPo. êncInSI]TuIÞw, 1996A3 AJI/J/ P8 APoXm!an±, tI PducJIjn² ªwfo·tým. ô anJ¨ao, 2008A3 DEV2/S/ P3;1 uZeo »êoXÆtS h|+º³. ô ]nÃoubn®, 2003A3 GOP991/V/ Q0 uKn]nd#£°, IoSn eoctdn/I³. ô ng² e·m $n³, 2010 %cÄo²A3 MUH 09/ N3;1 eoPb°, Fw F° aç¨aoI³ "%uÄn³. ô ]nÃoubn®, 1993A3 MUH 0/9 P8 ®iÅZm AiÅZm, _o AÌcnKoI³ ]n]oI³. ô habw ]_mjou·g°hm, 2008A3 NAZ/K/ Q0 nh± uIn½Æ² !¼naont ISm¼ouÃlm. ô cnJo eOm, 2010A301 JAY92/P/ P9 Pb!an±, Fdo%jw ]WbeÓ·³. ô e·m apUob, 2009A301 PRI/V/ Q0 5ob, F, Fhm ebdÊm "»I³·m J eÆn° uXnèuÄn³. ô anJ¨ao, 2010A301 RAM2/S/ N9 cna° nb±, teæ± hnbn.w. ô h,Zb eOm, 1999A4 RAM91/T/ Q0 cnaNÞ°, !Hubco tXct¼â¿ 5_ẳ. ô---uIcj hnioXy A·nZao, 2010A4 SRE1/V/ N8 [pP°, eo ho en%w en%w. ô hap¸, 1998A8 AJA/S/ P9 APbm ufJ± hwhmIncw, 5Xoo[nw, 5Xoucn[w. ô u^_ob°, 2009B5/ P9 cnPcnPe±Å, F B± uIcj]nWopbw. ô uIcj hnioXy A·nZao, 2009 X X| f n Ö w , a X w , h n ° iyf n Ö w , fn Ö w004/ 32N4;1 uhHan[e°, ]o Iw]{½± Hç ]Tw. ô do]o ]_mjou·g°hm, 1994027.4/ 32P9 uKneo, tI Fw ]_mjoIm ttd~lo. ô Z¸ouWÐyn]TuIÞw, 2009181.43/ 32P8 en»uZe° u]nÊo, B± fnÖenZnedo. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C°$oÊ{½m, 2008181.484 1/ 32P6 BÀ Xp±Q X¿|nZo^bw. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C°$oÊ{½m, 2006232.9/ 32N61 AceoÀn¸uaun° ZoeyhwKaw. ô Uotte° ]_mjougûm, 1996 3
  4. 4. 232.9/ 32N91 B°& ubJ?ohmH Aèw Cèw. ô Uotte° loçpÊm th±, 1999232.9/ 32P8 uPn±Pm Få]lbo² tec/ ancÁ eko. ô uIn½bw ^mjueûm, 2008294.551 2/ 32P0 cn[n#£°, F°, FUo tte£ew. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C°$oÊ{½m, 2000294.592 1/ 32M4;1 ncnbWõ½Xoco, eo tI ueZn±QeoNncw. ô eo tI ncnbWõ½Xoco êncI ç$m, 2004294.592 1/ 32M7;1 ncnbWõ½Xoco, eo tI ueZw [±Å°dw. ô eo tI ncnbWõ½Xoco êncI ç$m, 2003294.592 1/ 32M91;1 ncnbWõ½Xoco, eo tI bÇhw¾ncw. ô eo tI ncnbWõ½Xoco êncI ç$m, 2006294.592 1/ 32N3;2 ncnbWõ½Xoco, eo tI ueZhuÀfw. ô eo tI ncnbWõ½Xoco êncI ç$m, 2009294.5924047/ 32P1 an[eÃWo·±, ocW¿m õngnõKeZmKpX. ô IBb êncI çhmÊm, 2001294.592 504 5/ 32P7 !çugn¿a tt], tI [paZm õnKeXIYnand. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C° $oÊ{½m, 2007294.592 504 5/ 32Q0 NÞufJc°, ]o [paZm õnKeXw. ô eo tI ncnbWõ½Xoco êncI ç$m, 2010305.56880954/ 32P4 uKn]nd°, aná± Ipknje±KeouanNw . ô aná± uKn]nd°, 2004306.44/ 32N4 Dgn ¸XocoÃnSm hn°ioI õngn eoÇnw. ô uIcj õngn C°$oÊ{½m, 1994320.533 095 4/ 32N7 ®p±, Fw tI ^ngoh=w hwLm]coencw. ô Hdpem, 1997340/ 32P8 eoPb»Àc°, F B± obaenG. ô Ioem eOm, 2008398.09/ 32P4;2 õ2e²hdtlïo,F² u^nImudn± ]Twô hoªnÐXdw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2004418.02/ 32L7;2 XÄn°, Fw B±, eoe±¿w. ô uIcj õngn C°$oÊ{½m, 1999491.25/ 32P6 en»uZe° u]nÊo, B± IncI5IcWw. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C°$oÊ{½m, 2006500/ 32N7;1 ]¾nd, tI F eo fnÖ¿ot acefw. ô tI Fw ]¾nd , 1997523.1/ 32N9;1 uIfe° nb±, ]o 5]Õw. ô Uo ho, 1999613/ 32P4 Adeo%½o, ho tI BucnKyc¸nfnÖIvHIº³. ô _oêo, 2004 #g o , I d , h n i o X y w , Pp e N c o ^ w633.58/ 32P5 ®u2man± õ¸yubnKyanb ®j¦·I;tS ufJcW=w hwhmIcW=w. ô tI F^m B± tF, 2005634.973 96/ 32N6 uX·m. ô tI F^m B± tF, 1996658.409 2/ 32Q0 NÞufJc° nb±, tI _o uJX|=w ey2oX|eoIh=w. ô tI _o NÞufJc° nb±, 2010791.430 9/ 32M3;1 uKn]nd#£°, Aã± hooaÆtS udnIw. ô uIcj õngn C°$oÊ{½m, 1983792.03/ 32P8 (R) ]eo^°, So nSIfpuInfw. ô habw ]_mjou·g°hm, 2008801.95/ 32N8 _nd#£°, I+Ê oè]It eof|Z±fw. ô uIcj õngn C°$oÊ{½m,1998808.068 31/ 32P92 cn[oI, Fhm B± X¿%½o. ô ]nÃolhm eOm, 2009808.4/ 32P1 en»uZeõ½Xoco, ho eo KZyfo+w. ô uIcj õngn C°$oÊ{½m, 2001809.892 069 4/ 32Q0 huÐngm, H tI XocÁXçtS cNn¨]Sw. ô tta^o eOm, 2010863 LLO/F/ 32P7;1 ubnh, acoubn e±Knhm BSot eoçÁm, eoe. BfndX. ô Uo ho., 2007891.2103 GAN/M/32L7;1 KwKnuZeo a¿cneoPbw, eoe uXÄn½m f¹c° nb±. ô IlÂm, 1977891.2103 KAL/K09/32P2 ^oeo?a°¸XocoÃnSm, InjoZnh 5hnZw. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C°$oÊ{½m, So Fw 2002 4
  5. 5. 894.8111 KUL/P/ 32P1 !dufJc B³en± t]çan³ Xoçtanko ô Uo ho, 2001915.380 4/ 32M7;3 ®iÅZm AhZm a·boud%É ]nX. ô CñnaoIm ]_mjogowKm ivhm, 1983920.054/ 32P8 uSnWo uPnh^m CÐybotd aiXm ey2oX|º³. ô NoÐ ]_mjougûm, 2008920.71 SHA/ 32Q0 gnPm!an±, So F° e±¿anº³. ô tlbm°u_n, 2010922 MAD/ 32P6 en»uZe° u]nÊo, B± [pa[|nNncy±: PpeoX=w Z±f=w. ô»#XpÞ ¨lob² loh±»m C°$oÊ{½m, 2006923.2 BAV/ 32P0 hPpem Pn±¥° enS/lw _ne. ô IlÂm eOm, 2000923.3 AMA/ 32N9 cnPuKn]nd°, eo Aa±Xyth°. ô an;t_° ]_mjou·g°hm, 1999923.6 NAR/ 32Q0 eoPbnÀm, Fhm [pncnbWdpdn±Xw. ô Fhm F° Uo ]o ubnKw, 2010928 APP/ 32N4 Að, tI ]o ey2oÆw eoa±fIÌw. ô Cw5oÂm eOm, 1994954.83 32P71 cnaNÞ°, !Hubco uIcj Nco^¿ot ASoÙnucJI³. ô uIcj õngn C°$oÊ{½m, 2007 Full text of all Doctoral Dissertations accepted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 1983-2008 can be accessed at the web site: All Research Guides and scholars are requested to check the site as well as the printed draft bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of MGU available at the University Library and provide data for updating the site and the bibliographyBook suggestions can be made using formats available at the MG University Library Websites. List of New Additions duringearlier months also can be had from the library web site.We would like to receive your comments on the titles selected during the month. Your remarks on anybook with content of inferior quality; (Given in writing or as e-mail to can helpus to control the quality of collection development.Please visit library news in sites and for further details. Please participate in the qualitativeimprovement of collection development.Prepared by Technical Section, Mahatma Gandhi University Library, Priyadarsini Hills, Kottayam – 686560, Kerala India.URL:, E-mail: Telephone: 0481 2731018. 5