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2011 (4) feb 15 28

  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Ritual as Ideology: Text and Context in Teyyam Chandran T V Teyyam, the spectacular ritual dance widely performed in North India, Kerala, has its distinct forms of visual and verbal expression. However, what was once expressed through the distinctly indigenous forms of this religious “other” no longer remains the same, as the specificities of meaning and messages as encoded in the whole structure of its ritual performance were leveled out and superceded by the ideological laundering of caste Hinduism. The study looks into the specific cultural formation of Teyyam – it re-frames and interprets various myths of the mother goddesses and hero- deities by situating them in the historical conditions in which they originated. Based on study at a micro structural level, the book explores from a sociological perspective how the ritual functions as ideology, apart from its cultic or religious significance. It also unfolds and explains the gender disparity between the archetypal Female Devourer and her Male Victims, the recurrent motifs in the myths related to various manifestations of the Terrible Mother in Teyyam. The books has contemporary significance in the face of cultural authoritarianism that in its design of appropriation attributes the village pantheon of every “little tradition” to canonical Hinduism, a process that has been so rife in today’s cultural politics. New Delhi, IGNCA, 2006. Location: MGU Central Library, First Floor, Shelf No. 793.319 548 3/ P6 New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books 15-28 February 2011 Yearbook, Philosophy, Religion052/ Q1 (R) Chandran, P V Mathrubhumi yearbook plus 2011. – Mathrubhumi, 2011059.94812/ P8;Q1 (R) NÞ°, ]o eo, FUo anJ¨ao Cb±e%m 8hm 2011. ô anJ¨ao, 2011111.6/ N6;1 Nataraja guru Experiencing one-world. – D K Printworld, 2009115/ P9 Priyadarshini Patnaik, Ed Time in Indian cultures. – D K Printworld, 2009121/ P9 Uma Chattopadhyay Dishonoured by philosophers: upamana in Indian epistemology. – D K Printworld, 2009154.63/ P9 Nandlal Vanvari Dreams. – D K Printworld, 2009181.4/ P81 Purushottama Bilimoria Sabdapramana: word and knowledge as testimony in Indian philosophy. – D K Printworld, 2008181.452/ P9 Nitya Chaitanya Yati Living the science of harmonious union: principles and practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sastra. – D K Printworld, 2009201.61/ P9 Baidyanath Saraswathi Voice of God. – D K Printworld, 2009203.4/ P9 George Praseed Sacrifice and cosmos: yajna and the Eucharist in dialogue. – Decent Books, 2009203.509 54/ P9 Malville, John McKim Pilgrimage: sacred landscape and self-organized complexity. – D K Printworld, 2009261.245/ Q0 Arvind Sharma Christianity for Hindus. – D K Printworld, 2010294.309 5/ P7;1 Bhupender Heera Impact of Buddhism on socio-religious life of the Asian people. – Decent Books, 2007294.309 541/ N5 Bimal Chandra Buddhism and socio-economic life of Eastern India: with Mohapatra special reference to Bengal and Orissa. –D K Printworld, 2009294.309 548 7/ N4 Hiremath, R C Buddhism in Karnataka. – D K Printworld, 2002294.521 13/ P8 Buhnemann, Gudrun Tantric forms of Ganesa: according to Vidyarnavatantra. – D K Printworld, 2008 1
  2. 2. 294.53509548/ P9 Geetha Rajagopal Music rituals in the temples of South India. – D K , 2009294.53850954/ P9(R) Kogata, R N Indian marriage: customs and rituals.–D K Printworld,2009294.551 3/ P9;1 Furlinger, Ernst The touch of Sakti: a study in non-dualistic Trika Saivism of Kashmir. – D K Printworld, 2009294.592 120 46/ P9 Braj Bihari Chaubey, Ed The Asvalayana samhita of the Rg Veda. – 2v. – Indira(R) Gandhi National Centre for Arts, 2009294.592 18/ P9 Rama Venkataraman Dramatic version of seven major Upanishads.- D K, 2009294.592 404 6/ P9 Panda, N C Bhagavad-Gita: a new exposition in a broader spectrum. – D K Printworld, 2009297.284 5/ P9 Arvind Sharma Islam and Hindus. – D K Printworld, 2009 Social sciences, Science, Arts, Biography, History303.482 540 5/ P4 Anupa Pande, Ed Cultural interface of India with Asia: religion. Art and architecture. – D K Printworld, 2004306.095 451/ P9 Sharma, D D Cultural history of Uttarakhand. – D K Printworld, 2009359.009 54/ P8 Sugandha Evolution of maritime strategy and national security of India. – Decent Books, 2008372.7/ P81 Haylock, Derek Understanding mathematics for young children. – Sage, 2009509.34/ P9;1 Sadasiva Biswal Vedic science and technology. – D K Printworld, 2009547.122 6/ N9 Beer, Paul D Supramolecular chemistry. – OUP, 1999704.948 940 3/ N7;1 Bunce, Fredrick W A dictionary of Buddhist and Hindu iconography. – D K(R) Printworld, 2001709.54/ P6 (R) Sharma, R C, Ed Indian art treasures: Suresh Neotier collection.- Mosaic Books, 2006709.54/ P7 Gupta, S P Elements of Indian art: including temple architecture, iconography and iconometry. – D K Printworld, 2007726.209 54/ P8 Bunce, Fredrick W The Mosques of the Indian subcontinent: their development and iconography. – D K Printworld, 2008793.319 548 3/ P6 Chandran, T V Ritual as ideology: text and context in teyyam. – D K Printworld, 2006891.2105 NAR/N/ P6 Narayana Guru Narayanaguroh laghukrtayah. – D K Printworld, 2008920 GAN:297/ N4;1 McDonough, Sheila Gandhi’s responses to Islam. – D K Printworld, 1994922/ P8 Avadhesh Kumar Singh The voice of women: Gargi to Gangasati. – D K , 2009922/ P9 Sethu Ramaswamy They spoke with God: saints of Tamizhaham. – D K, 2009934/ P8 Singh, G P Historicity of Rama and Krsna. – D K Printworld, 2008954/ P8 Bharat Gupt India: a cultural decline or revival. – D K Printworld, 2008954/ P92 Singh, G P Perspectives on Indian history, historiography and philosophy of history. – D K Printworld, 2009 eoZynõynhw, nuSnSoeoÇnw, fnÖw370.15/ 32P8 !çugn¿a°, ]o eo eouKnSm¾oÆw eoZynõynh=w. ô ]cog¿m, 2008370.605 483/ 32P0 AufnIm ao^ uIcj eoZynõynh IÅpg° louÃn±½m.ô ]cog¿m, 2000370.954 83/ 32P5;1 KuWgm, tI F° eoZynõynh¿ot cn{pbw. ô ]cog¿m, 2005370.954 83/ 32P51 uIcj eoZynõynhw. ô uIcj eoZynõynh haoXo, 2005370.954 83/ 32P7;1 cuaf°, tI Fw eoZynõynh ]coe±¿¿om Hcn®Jw.ô]cog¿m, 2008370.954 83/ 32P9 uIcjw: eoZynõynh¿ot ]S=I³.ô ]cog¿m, 2009372.357/ 32P4 [p[c°, tI, FUo. icoXYç. ô]cog¿m, 2004372.357 044/ 32P6 [p[c°, tI, FUo. AloÆÁXot BÀwô1. ô ]cog¿m, 2009398.209/ 32P8 eo¤¸Xoco, Fw eo nS° IdI³ nS° ]nåI³. ô "±B, 2008398.209 5483/ 32P6 cna!an±, Ik&½w eo ¦XoiyhnKcw. ô houhn eOm, 2006398.209 548 3/ 32P8 Pb°, Po eS·° epcIYI³. ô houhn eOm, 2008494.81202854678/ 32P9 »oX, So eo, FUo. tth_± adbnjw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 2
  3. 3. 500/ 32P4 uKn]onY°, tI fnÖ¿ot IojoenXodoëtS. ô ]cog¿m, 2004500/ 32P53 ncnbW°, ho ]o fnÖu_n[w ÎÊn1IjoëtS. ô ]cog¿m, 2005500/ 32P54 fnÖu_n[=w uIcj h°i=w. ô ]cog¿m, 2005500/ 32P55 AceoÀ°, tI ]o, FUo fnÖ=w I]SfnÖ=w. ô ]cog¿m, 2005503/ 32P9 (R) foef¹c°, Fw, FUo. fnÖIvHIw. ô ]cog¿m, 2009506.054 83/ 32P3 ]cog¿m ]oÁo½ n+Xm e±gº³. ô ]cog¿m,2003506.054 83/ 32P4 !¼o·B°, So ]o od]nâI³ hap]º³. ô ]cog¿m, 2004507.24/ 32P6 f¹cncnbW°, FwF° GÊ=w »Àcanb ]¿m ]cp¸Wº³. ô ]cog¿m, 2006509/ 32P7;1 _±W², tP Uo fnÖw Nco^¿o²; eoe. Fw ho ¸XocoÃnS m. ô 4 endyw. ô ]cog¿m, 2007509/ 32P8;1 foef¹c°, Fw, FUo fnÖNco^w PpeNco^ºjoëtS. ô ]cog¿m, 2008509.54/ 32P1 Pn±¥°, tI B± BuKnje²·cW=w CÐy° fnÖhnu¹XoI cwK=w. ô ] cog¿m, 2001 uPynXofnÖw, PpefnÖw, BucnKyfnÖw, hwKpXw523.1/ 32P9 Aq³ KC± anu¿tÆnç IojoenXo². ô ]cog¿m, 2009523.92/ 32P4 ]n0½o, tI I?hwXcWw: hvcÇY¿om Hç Aj=uIn². ô ]cog¿m, 2004530.022 2/ 32P5 Xnü ]Znõ° õvXoI¿ot IY. ô ]cog¿m, 2005530.11/ 32P6 aunPm uIna¿m ¦°$pÌw Bu]¸oIXÆw. ô ]cog¿m, 2006541.24/ 32P8 AceoÀn¸°, ho ]o 5]Õ¿ot CwoII³. ô ]cog¿m, 2008550/ 32P8 cnaNÞ°, tI ¨ao ½tS XlenSm. ô ]cog¿m, 2008572.86/ 32P9 foef¹c°, Fw Pp° ®X² Ppunw etc. ô ]cog¿m, 2009572.863 3/ 32P4 foef¹c°, Fw Ppet cihyw uXSo: Uo F° F Cc½ tidoOot IY. ô ]cog¿m, 2004591.4/ 32P6 uKn]nd#£ In±We± Ppeo%, Ppeo·n° AÌeZo%. ô ]cog¿m, 2006598.072 34/ 32P9 CÛúU° ]¸oI;tS AZm¦X 5]Õw: ]¸oocp¸W¿om Hç B®Jw. ô ]cog¿m, 2009608/ 32P8 (R) hoªn±Y°, ]o udnIw anÊoalo» I1]oSo¿º³. ô houhn, 2008610/ 32P1 õn¾c°, tI, eoe. BucnKy=w BuKnje²·cW=w. ô ]cog¿m, 2001613.04/ 32P1 GdobnÅ eoPb° Rº;uSH"Sobnb Hç udnIw. ô ]cog¿m, 2001613.704 6/ 32P8 h|naoo [p[c° ubnKÆw [yn=w. ô houhn eOm, 2008614.432 3/ 32P8 eoPb!an±, tI, FUo. tInH!Py ucnKº³: aÐm ®X² No%°Yob etc. ô ] cog¿m, 2008615.329 565 4/ 32N8 cepÞ°, ]o tI t]ohodoot IY. ô ]cog¿m, 1998615.535/ 32P9 [p[c°, Fw tI 5#Xo NoIoe. ô houhn eOm, 2009616.025 2/ 32P9 ]cuaf|c°, ho F° 5YaI]g ô Hcn®Jw. ô ]cog¿m, 2009780/ 32P4 uPn±Pm Fhm u]n³ h|cº;tS fnÖw. ô ]cog¿m, 2004782.14095483/ 32P4 [p!an±, tI adbnj hwKpXnSINco^w. ô "±B, 2004 3
  4. 4. _ndhnioXyw, hnioXyw, bn^neoecWw808.068:500/ 32P8 ]n0½o, tI anugnSm uNnZo·nw. ô ]cog¿m, 2008808.068:59544/ 32P9 eoPbdKo, tI ed tåÁ "åIn±. ô ]cog¿m, 2009808.068:632951/ 32P8 foeZnhm, Fhm an¿° aBocu·hm. ô ]cog¿m, 2008808.068 1/ 32P73 eo¤ncnbW°, tI GXnÌw nS°]nåI³. ô "±B, 2007808.068 1/ 32P8;1 a¿¼Z°, ]o RnoeotSƾm. ô ]cog¿m, 2008808.068 1/ 32P93 cnLe°, Æ tI uÝi·o. ô ]cog¿m, 2009808.068 3/ 32P04 hodo°t¾boÊm, tlnu_nåw ofnfdõ=w; !cnJyn tI tI 5uanZm. ô ] tteuSybmÊm cog¿m, 2000808.068 31/ 32P21 háyn ln= a¼ a¼; eoe Idn ffo!an±. ô IdoIn, 2002808.068 31/ 32P32 háyn ln= D/w a¿c=w; eoe Idn ffo!an±. ô IdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P33 aaX ]n¾y FÈnw hvPyw. ô IdoIn ]_mjougûm, 2003808.068 31/ 32P34 ainuf|Xn uZeo Hç FÐotÐoÌ t]®!½o; eoe h·lobn. ô IdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P35 enÆ nboì Hç «çjot IY; eoe enhÐo f¹cncnbW°. ô IdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P36 háyn ln= uInd_n; eoe enhÐo f¹cncnbW°. ôIdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P37 enÆ nboì Nplnw uÝioXn ISoÆçXm; eoe enhÐo f¹cncnbW°. ô IdoIn , 2003808.068 31/ 32P38 enÆ nboì abo² ]pdo·CI³m; eoe enhÐo f¹cncnbW°. ô IdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P391 háyn ln= aÈƪ ªaw; eoe Idn ffo!an±. ô IdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P392 enÆ nboì anÔoI ]n^º³m; eoe enhÐo f¹cncnbW°. ô IdoIn, 2003808.068 31/ 32P63 #£!an±, tI tI Hç !aoj·Y. ô ]cog¿m, 2006808.068 31/ 32P83 bXnc, F° Po Ft "·;w pÆw. ô ]cog¿m, 2008808.068 31/ 32P91 foeZnhm, Fhm enbo»nêw enbo»nêw Xpcn¿ !ÒIw.ô]cog¿m, 2009833 KAF/T/ 32P9 InD, Wn°hm eoNncW; eoe eo ceo!an±. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009891.443 ASA/P/32P3;1 Bfn"±BnuZeo 5Ya5XoXo; eoe. ]o an[e°]oÉ. ô IlÂm, 2009891.73 BEL/H/ 32P8 t_dnub^m, F uinbmSo uSnbmSo; !cnJyn Da%½o. ô ]cog¿m, 2008915.404/ 32Q0 KwKn[c°, So eè CÐytb InWnw. ô ]cog¿m, 2010915.481 04/ 32P8 hNpÞ°, Fw, Fw Al_o·Sdotd ]eokt·n½ncº³. ô ]cog¿m, 2008915.496 04/ 32P8 cnaNÞ°, Fw tI BZottIdnh bn^. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 PpeNco^w, Nco^w923.2 NAM/ 32P7 uKneoÀÃojj, ]o C Fw Fhm ¸XocoÃnSm. ô F° _o Êo, 2007923.2 VIS/ 32P9 eof|nYuaun°, eo Ind¿otnÃw anbn¿ ¨±ÅI³. ô IlÂm, 2009 4
  5. 5. 923.6 PRA/ 32P4 5õnIc°nb±, Fhm 5Xo_ªXÆtS KnYI³: Fhm 5õnIc°nbçtS cNI³. ô ] cog¿m, 2004923.637 CAR/ 32P8 cXo uaun° ul»² Inû®. ô ]cog¿m, 2008925.008 2/ 32P8 ca, tI fnÖepYobotd t]®IçKI³. ô ]cog¿m, 2008925.3 BOH/ 32N8 cnaNÞ° nb±, ho Po p²hm u_n±: han[u5aobnb AüfnÖÇ° .ô ]cog¿m, 1998925.3 EDI/ 32P6 cnPufJc°, tI F° FUoh®. ô ]cog¿m, 2006925.3 SCH/ 32N7 aunPm uIna¿m F±eo° u¸nUoM±. ô ]cog¿m, 1997925.4 PAU/ 32P1 Pn±¥°, tI B± dohm u]njoMm. ô ]cog¿m, 2001928/ 32P3 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So uÝinZcºujntS. ô IlÂm, 2009928 MAD/ 32M9;1 an[eo%½o e±gº³% ®Äm. ô IlÂm, 2009934.01/ 32P4 C±^n° i_p_m ttháe nKcoIX. ô ]cog¿m, 2004954.83/ 32P7 KuWgm, tI F°, FUo. AÄXn¾m ]oÁo½ uIcjw: Nod ocp¸Wº³m. ô ] cog¿m, 2007 Full text of all Doctoral Dissertations accepted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 1983-2008 can be accessed at the web site: http://www.mgutheses.org All Research Guides and scholars are requested to check the site as well as the printed draft bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of MGU available at the University Library and provide data for updating the site and the bibliographyBook suggestions can be made using formats available at the MG University Library Websites.List of New Additions during earlier months also can be had from the library site. We would liketo receive your comments on the titles selected during the month. Your remarks on any bookwith content of inferior quality; can help us to improve the quality of future selections. Pleasevisit library news in sites mgu.ernet. in and mgu.net.trc for further details. Please participate inthe qualitative improvement of collection development.Prepared by Technical Section, Mahatma Gandhi University Library, Priyadarsini Hills, Kottayam –686560, Kerala India. URL: mgu.ernet.in, E-mail: mgulib@yahoo.com. Telephone: 0481 2731018. 5