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2011 (3) feb 1 15


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Published in: Education
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2011 (3) feb 1 15

  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Chattampi Swami: An Intellectual Biography By R Raman Nair and L Sulochana Devi Chattampi Swami (1853-1924) was a unique social and religious reformer. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social, religious, literary and political organizations and movements in Kerala and for the first time gave voice to those who were marginalized. This book is an attempt to understand how the universe of his thought was shaped, how he elevated himself from the ordinary man to a scholar and reformer extraordinary, what values emerge as we study the course of his life, what relation these values have to the life of the common people, what his teaching is, and how much of it is timeless and eternal. The book covers the life of Sree Narayana Guru and his and association with Swami, the unusual friendship of that time which influenced the course of future Kerala History. Chattampi Swami: Intellectual Biography adds new dimensions to our understanding of the extraordinary figure of the late nineteenth century renaissance in India who made knowledge and spirituality integral to the social and democratic endeavor. Documenting the aspects neglected by earlier biographers the authors make a remarkable contribution to our understanding of the man behind the myth. Trivandrum, Centre for South Indian Studies, 2010. (Location: M G University Library, First floor, Shelf No. 923.6 CHA Q0) New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books 1-15 February 2011 Library Science, Yearbook, Philosophy, Buddhism016.020 954/ N4 Sewa Singh Indian library and information science literature (1990-1991). –(R) Concept Publishing, 1994020/ N0;1 Venkatappaiah, Velaga, Dimensions of library and information science: Kamala Ed festschrift. - Concept Publishing, 1990020/ P21.1-P21.2 Sardana, J L, Ed Libraries and information studies in retrospect and prospect. – 2v. – Concept Publishing, 2002020.235 4/ N0 Jayaswal, P K Librarianship and bureaucratic organization: a study in the sociology of library profession in India. – Concept, 1990020.3/ N4 (R) Gupta, O P Comprehensive glossary for library and information science. – Concept Publishing, 1994020.71/ N4 Tejomurty, A, Ed Restructuring of library and information science curriculum. – Concept Publishing, 1994021.209 54/ P1 Mohamed Taher Libraries in India’s national developmental perspective. – Concept Publishing, 2001021.209 54/ P3 Sahib Singh Library and literacy movement for national development. – Concept Publishing, 2003021.64/ N0;2 Konnur, M B Transnational library relations: the Indo-American experience. – Concept Publishing, 1990025.002 85/ N54 Shukla, R K Automation of libraries and information centres using dBase III . – Concept Publishing, 1995025.0602095456/ Agrawal, S P Communication, informatics and librarianship in India. –N2 (R) Concept Publishing, 1992025.0602095456/ Agrawal, S P Subject guide to communication, informatics and librarianshipN2-N4 (R) in India. – Concept Publishing, 1994025.06300954/ N2 Agrawal, S P National information resources for social sciences in India. – Concept Publishing, 1992025.06300954/ N21 Vyas, S D Social science information in India.– Concept Publishing,1992025.063 7/ N6 Verma, S L National information system in education. – Concept, 1996 1
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  3. 3. Theses awarded by M G University264.015015/ Q0 Jincy, O U Qulase d- Marth Maryam: a study on the liturgy of hours for the Praises of Mary based on Ms Tar 27. – MGU, 2010302.234 5/ Q0 huÐngm anou»co fcpc=w 5Xoo[n=w: tSdoeog° ]chyºtj B[ncan·o uIcjpb hnw¾ncoI Nco^ hÀ±õ¿o² Hç ]Tw.ôFw Po Æ, 2010331.012/ Q0 Kuriachen George Impact of organizational climate on job satisfaction – a study among public sector bank employees if Kerala. – MGU, 2010331.881223422/ Q0 Vinod Kumar, C P Trade union movement in Kolar gold mines – a case study.-MGU,2010332.120954830285/ Manoj, P K Technology in banks and its impact on operational efficiency and riskQ0 management with special references to commercial banks in Kerala: an econometric analysis. – MGU, 2010338.47615538/ Q0 Sunil Kumar S Menon Economics of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing industry in Kerala. – MGU, 2010346.548 304 8/ Q0 Salvin Paul Politics of intellectual property rights: a study on patenting biodiversity, traditional knowledge and geographical indications with special reference to Kerala. – MGU, 2010362.042 5/ Q0 Rajee Reghunath Effectiveness of structured teaching and counselling in reducing the burden of caregivers of persons with dementia. – MGU, 2010363.700 954 83/ Q0 Jayasreeamma, K Public awareness and response to environmental problems and sustainable development – a case study of Kuttanadu in Alappuzha district. – MGU, 2010371.928/ Q0 Preena Lynette A study on the functional academic skills and parental involvement of Amritha, E children with mental retardation. – MGU, 2010371.93/ Q0 Varkey, A V A comparative study of the delinquents and normals with respect to their self-concept and locus of control. – MGU, 2010519.24/ Q02 Ancy Joseph Marshal-Olkin distributions and minification processes. – MGU, 2010519.282/ Q0 Susamma Jacob True self-avoiding and restricted random walks. – MGU, 2010530.413/ Q0 Nirmala Joseph Structured studies on some organic compounds. – MGU, 2010530.417 5/ Q0 Sreejith K Pisharady Preparation and characterisation of organic thin films of Anthracene, Carbazole and Oligoaniline for the fabrication of schottky diodes.530.417 5/ Q01 Jochan Joseph Electro-optical studies of some photo conducting compounds.539.602 85/ Q0 Mathew K Varghese Molecular dynamics simulations of some nucleic acids and their complexes. – MGU, 2010570.712/ Q0 Tessy Joseph Effectiveness of multiple intelligence approach on achievement in Kallarackal biology of secondary school students. – MGU, 2010572.512 49/ Q0 George, K J Studies on metal ion absorption (Calcium and Mercury) by certain members of Poaceae and the cation exchange capacity of their roots. – MGU, 2010577.340 954/ Q0 Shijo Joseph Geospatial characterisation of compositional and functional attributes of tropical forest in Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats, India. – MGU, 2010577.63275663/ Q0 Mahesh Mohan Studies on mercury pollution in the Vembanadu Lake. – MGU, 2010597.1764095483/ Dinesh, K Biology, fishery and conservation of Masheers of Chalakudy river,Q0 Kerala. – MGU, 2010614.4323095483/ Sudharmini, S A study of the mosquito profile in the areas of Japanese encephalitisQ0 virus activity with reference to selected districts in Kerala state.658.401 3/ Q0 Mathew Joseph The role of total quality management in ISO 9000 certified manufacturing organizations – a case study of select units in Kerala.662.26/ Q0 Manu, S K Glycidyl azide polymer (GAP) as a high energy polymeric binder for composite solid propellant applications. – MGU, 2010In 823 KAM 09/ Q0 Amstrong Sebastian Kamala Das: the ecofeminist pioneer of Kerala. – MGU, 2010In 823.0093828163/ Susan Varghese The pepper paper people: a portrait of the Syrian Christian communityQ0 as reflected in the works of selected authors. – MGU, 2010812 WIL 09/ Q0 Sujeesh, C K Reconstructing the political unconscious – a reading of the plays of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. – MGU, 2010891.433 RAM 09/ Q0 Rosy P Varghese Ramdarash Mishra ke upanyas: moolyabodh ke pariprekshyah mein.894.81210093561/ Q0 an±KcÊm uPn±Pm adbnj IeoXbotd ªnÐot hvÀcyfnÖw.ô Fw Po Æ, 2010894.8121009357/ Q0 aunPm, tI eo nuSnSo¿njº³ B¿oI adbnj IeoXbo².ô Fw Po Æ, 2010894.8122009/ Q0 cnÀ, Uo adbnj nSIºjo² 5Xo^do%Á Öp h|nXÔyw. ô Fw Po Æ, 2010894.812300936/ Q0 _oÛ, F ho adbnj uneêIjotd #go adbnjw.ô Fw Po Æ, 2010894.8128 JOS 09/ uPnh^m ecKphm hnioXy[±Åw ô ®¾ubco, ancn±, tI ]o Að FÁoeçtS eoa±fwQ0 ASoÙnan·o Hç ]Tw.ô Fw Po Æ, 2010 3
  4. 4. adbnjhnioXyw ô une² , tNcIYA09 355 3/ P2 a¿¼Z°, Po, FUo icoXoè]Ww adbnj¿o². ô IlÂm eOm, 2002A3 LAL2/A/ L6;1 djoXnw_oI AбÃw Alohn¸o. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A3 MAD/M/ M8;2 an[eo%½o aunao. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A3 RAJ91/N/ N4 cnPdKo RntÁ õnew. ô IlÂm eOm, 2004A3 SIM/N/ P9 ttha® ~ou½n !dot unå !ÒIw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A3 VAS1/N/ M0;3 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So nêtI½m. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A3 VAS1/V/ L8;1 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So eodn]bn^. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A3 VAS1/VA/ P2;1 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So encnWho. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A301 MAD/PA/ K4 an[eo%½o ]¸oÆtS aWw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009A301 SET/S/ P7;1 uhH h¸±BIYI³. ô 2 endyw. ô "±W, 2007 eoÇnw, aXw, hn°iyfnÖw, [XX|fnÖw, BucnKyw039.9481202/ 32P9 Kocpgm uNcobo², FUo eoÇnIvHIw. ô houhn eOm, 2009059.94812/ N0;Q0 (R) aunca Cb±e·m 2011. ô adbnj aunca, 2011133.5/ 32P9 ]n0½o, tI uPynXog=w uPynXofnÖ=w. ô ]cog¿m, 2009294.53509548/ 32P8 hZnÀ°]oÉ, t]conSm Z¸oWuIcj¿otd ainu¸^º³. ô5fnÐo ]_mjougûm,2008294.592 204 5/ 32P9 Ahphm XçeW ebnS° cnanbWw. ô IlÂm, 2009301.095 4/ 32P8 uIcj ]Tw. ô ]cog¿m, 2008301.095 4/ 32P9 cnP° Yç·³ ao¿m Nco^w h°iw. ô 5fnÐo ]_mjougûm, 2009303.33/ 32P1 ]cuaf|c°, Fw ]o, hÄn thw_± 11 Ìm ufgw. ô ]cog¿m, 2001320/ 32P4 !¼o·B°, So ]o, FUo od]nâI;tS cn{pbw. ô ]cog¿m, 2004320.954 83/ 32P9 anjeob, F»m Uo uIcjw: cn{¿oÌÉ Hç louÃn±½m. ô ]cog¿m, 2009332.109 54/ 32P1 uZecnP°, So tI Pºtj ttIteSoÆÁ _n¥I³. ô ]cog¿m, 2001333.7/ 32P6 u^n$±, uPn® t_Ènao @WoX ¨ao; eoe ]o tI uZe°. ô Iv¾±u]nboÂm, 2006333.72/ 32P8 u^n$±, uPn® t_Ènao ®Xdnjo¿¿otÁXotc ]coÙoXo eoÇnw. ô ]cog¿m, 2008333.793 2/ 32P1 õn¾c°, tI tteZzXo cwKt¿ AÌõe]nTº³. ô ]cog¿m, 2001335.4/ 32P3 uen³^m, tPnnY° an±Oot ep1w enbo%uÄn³. ô ]cog¿m, 2003335.422/ 32Q0 an±Om, In³ IÅ{Wo$m anot^u$n; eoe B± cna°nb±.ô th± u^n± hv¿m CÐy° $Uphm, 2010338.19/ 32P6 un±t_±KmôuinUmPm, ½tS õ¸Ww ½tS n½o²; eoe Fw ]o ]cuaf|c°. ô Iv¾±u]nboÂm, titd 2006338.954 83/ 32Q0 !¼o·B°, So ]o, FUo uIcjw: !Xob Au|gWº³·m Hcn®Jw. ô ]cog¿m, 2010346.54830469162/ 32P6 ANzX°, F ®ÈtÃcobncw AбhwÙn ZpPd5Tº;w.ô ]cog¿m, 2006350/ 32P4 !¼o·B°, So ]o, FUo A[oIncw, 5Xoucn[w, Pn[o]Xyw. ô ]cog¿m, 2004362.1/ 32P1 fnÐ!anco, F°, eoe BucnKy=w ASoÙnnefyº;w. ô ]cog¿m, 2001362.109 548 3/ 32P1 AceoÀ°, tI ]o, FUo uIcj BucnKyanJI ô !Xob ÎÊn¾oud·m. ô ]cog¿m, 2001 4
  5. 5. Full text of all Doctoral Dissertations accepted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 1983-2008 can be accessed at the web site: All Research Guides and scholars are requested to check the site as well as the printed draft bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of MGU available at the University Library and provide data for updating the site and the bibliographyBook suggestions can be made using formats available at the MG University Library Websites. List of New Additions duringearlier months also can be had from the library web site.We would like to receive your comments on the titles selected during the month. Your remarks on anybook with content of inferior quality; (Given in writing or as e-mail to can helpus to control the quality of collection development.Please visit library news in sites and for further details. Please participate in the qualitativeimprovement of collection development.Prepared by Technical Section, Mahatma Gandhi University Library, Priyadarsini Hills, Kottayam – 686560, Kerala India.URL:, E-mail: Telephone: 0481 2731018. 5