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Freedom to Succeed - Dwell in Possibility


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Keynote for Lonestar Technology Integration Academy 2012 (#txtia12).

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Freedom to Succeed - Dwell in Possibility

  1. 1. Dwell in Possibility #txtia1 GuhlinMore online at
  2. 2. Session materials are here!
  3. 3. Dwell in Possibility - Share Your Thoughts with each other (and, a global audience!)Twitter#txtia1 o
  4. 4. For the less Twitter-inclined...
  5. 5. what has been your most powerful learning experience?
  6. 6. what has been your most powerful learning experience?
  7. 7. what has been your most powerful learning experience?
  8. 8. "School. . .wasnt much back then, either. The teachers didnt care.No personal warmth or contact. No encouragement," his bitter smilestriking, a result of his longing for education, "meant most of us[brothers, sisters] ended up in manual labor jobs.""I joined the military early at 18, and Ive come out alright. . . ." andlooking over at me, he said again with the force of experience,"Education is the one thing they cant take away from you! So studyhard!, because if you dont, youll miss the boat!" Source: Garbed in Silver,
  9. 9. My journey....
  10. 10. “As a thirteen year old, I had a profound fear of computers. Id attended CampChip-A-Bit at Trinity University, and aside from enjoying playing Outpost on anApple //+, I hated programming.”When my father expressed his decision to buy me a computer, my mompromptly challenged him, "Hes terrible in math. Hes not going to grow up tobe a programmer."
  11. 11. Learning Conversations via Electronic Bulletin Board Services (BBSs) Embedding images BASIC with MultiScribe WP MISC-UT Balancing Checkbooks with VisiCalcDownloading Spreadsheet software The role of the SIG-OP trader That Apple //e and a 300 baud modem gave me access to a community of minds...and, I spent time writing in BBS forums, exploring new software and how it could facilitate communication, essentially, learning to be social online before I turned 18.
  12. 12. none of this happened in school Source:
  13. 13. = limitless learningRead the poem online at possibilities
  14. 14. Think - Pair - TweetHow have you allowed technology to change who you are and what you do? #txtia1
  15. 15. How have you allowed technology to change who you are and what you do? Mandy Pels, Argyle ISD
  16. 16. Human beings are social animals. Our lives depend on otherhumans...Our connections to others are key to not only oursurvival, but also to our happiness and the success of ourcareers. Source:
  17. 17. how successful would we be in separating our teens from the devices that connect them?
  18. 18. =to what degree do mobile devices enable us to be more human than schools have allowed us to be in the past?
  19. 19. A recent survey of 25 technology directors in U.S. school districts revealed that every single one was testing or using the iPad in schools. Within five years, they expect to have more tablets per student than computers – a total of one iPad per six students, compared to the current 10 students per computer. In schools, tablet has become synonymous with iPad. ad yiP h ?” “W Source: iPads Expected to Outnumber Computers in Schools Within 5 Years
  20. 20. Source:
  21. 21. lets get started...
  22. 22. 1. dwell in possibility
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Top 5 Technologies Changing the Education Ecosystem (Bill Rust, Gartner Group, TCEA2012 Presentation to System Administrators) Personally-owned devices - BYOT/BYOD2. Change in primary device form factor3. Multiple devices - Device and OS agnostic solutions.4. Customer intimacy on par with operational efficiency...Infrastructure folks will have to work harder to support these new technologies.5. Opportunities to change and refine the organization and delivery of instruction.
  25. 25. Personally-owned devices - BYOT/BYOD
  26. 26. in primary device form factor
  27. 27. Source:
  28. 28. 4. Support new devices. BYOT will never be a solution for schools that continue to focus on standardization of hardware and applications. Source: Scott Meech, The Future of Ed-Tech is Bring Your Own Device
  29. 29.
  30. 30. The iPad is the consumers choice...and we are powerless to stop this avalanche. --Bill Rust, Gartner GroupDon’t worry, he was skiing with a group. They rescued him.Are you learning by yourself or in a group?
  31. 31. Think - Pair - Tweet what does the term “post-digital school”(ubiquitous access to technology changing your life and work) mean in the context of conversations you are having in your school or district? #txtia1
  32. 32. what does the term“post-digital school mean for you?"
  33. 33. post-digital school? It marks the transition fromthe era where we’re excitedby the shiny new digital toys that we have, and start to become excited by the changes that these shinynot-so-new toys are making in the way we live, in the objects we have around us. Source:
  34. 34. post-digital school? “I see great potential for tablets to function as teaching tools for both medical education and with patients.The capability to show patients theirresults, radiology studies and teachingaides is invaluable in the patient-centered medical home models.Integration of tablets with other devices(stethoscopes, imaging) and the to carry a multitude oftextbooks and instant journal accessshould accelerate the revolution inmedical education already occurring.”
  35. 35. post-digital school?To allow or not to allow personal smartphones and other mobilecomputing devices into the healthcare setting? Thats one thoughtbecoming less of a question and more a reality check as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives become imperative for CMIOs and IT departments.Its no longer an option, Jason W. Zeller, director of information security andrisk management at Kaiser Permanente Source:
  36. 36.
  37. 37. cant afford a 1:1 on top ofeverything you already do, but we arestarting to learn that there are a lot of things you can stop doing when you become a post-digital school. (Source:
  38. 38. boards spend countless hours figuring outhow to formulate policies limiting the use of cellphones, iPods, and Internet access in schoolbuildings...they must stop seeing these changes asthreats and instead identify the opportunities theypresent. Source: Philip Schlechty’s Leading for Learning
  39. 39. Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Interpreted by Karen Cator, U.S. Department of Education
  40. 40. Source: is growing increasingly difficult to controlcreation of globally viewed content.
  41. 41. Image Source: "We’ve reached a point wheretechnology is simple and boring enough to be socially useful and interesting." --Clay Shirky
  42. 42. Source: The Big Bang Theory, Season 5, Episode 12 Source: Philip Schlechty’s Leading for Learning
  43. 43. Source: The Big Bang Theory, Season 5, Episode 12Parents, teachers, and religious leaders no longercontrol young peoples access to information andknowledge. Source: Philip Schlechty’s Leading for Learning
  44. 44. Source: over 67 million kids using social media (e.g.Facebook), how can we make learning possible whereour children spend their time?
  45. 45. June 2011,Consumer Reportsestimated that about 7.5million people who useFacebook are youngerthan 13."For some teens andtweens, social mediais the primary waythey interact socially,rather than at the mallor a friends house.Source:
  46. 46. Educators must learn to take into accountand exploit for positive ends the socialnetworking available on the Internet.Educators must not allow fear of the harmthat can be done by these developmentsto divert attention from their efforts toinvent ways to exploit the good.Source: Philip Schlechty’s Leading for Learning
  47. 47. 43% 57%"Leaders must become more comfortable talking openly aboutschool and the complex and occasionally contentious issuesthey face."
  48. 48. The 30 Year Rulewhen you look back30 years from now,will the obstaclesyou set up against 28%using technology inyour home, your 72%classroom, standup to the test oftime?#txtia1
  49. 49. How can social media use in high schoolprepare students for life? Those who cannot claim computers as their own tool for exploring the world never grasp the power of technology... They are controlled by technology as adults--just [they were]...controlled [by] them as students. Toward Digital Equity: Bridging the Divide in Education Editors: Gwen Solomon, Nancy J. Allen, and Paul Resta
  50. 50. Leaders must become more comfortable talking openly abouttheir school and the complex and occasionally contentiousissues they face.
  51. 51. or, another way to putstop playing whack-a-
  52. 52. are you leveraging mobile technologies students and schools have available?
  53. 53. How would your students communicate theirmessage?“By understanding how students may be positively using thesenetworking technologies in their daily lives and where the as yetunrecognized educational opportunities are, we can help makeschools even more relevant, connected and meaningful to kids." Source: Science Daily -
  54. 54. Image Source:“No school rises above it’s leadership.”
  55. 55. make communication possible
  56. 56. big.jpgwhat conversations are you having in your school and community?
  57. 57. conversations over coffee“Coffee with the Principals” is a way for parents who have childrenin the school district to be informed of new activities that areplanned for students and provide updates on ongoing activities.
  58. 58. one story of how to get there Read the rest of the story online at
  59. 59. Your job isn’t to strike people out, it’s to help them “put the ball in play.” how do these combine?Tip #1 - You must first set a vision of whats possible in play.
  60. 60. Build a star team by focusing on strengths, not weaknesses. #2 - Identify needs that can be met by strategic use of staff and technologies available.
  61. 61. Each failure provides insight in how to #3 - Acknowledge past efforts that failed to be implemented fully.
  62. 62. Everyone loves success, especially those who are paying for it. Steinbrenner, far left, sits in the owners box with, from left, her husband Felix Lopez, an unidentified woman, her fatherGeorge Steinbrenner, principal owner of the New York Yankees, brother Hank Steinbrenner and Clyde King, former generalmanager during a spring training baseball game against the Univeristy of South Florida in this Feb. 29, 2008 file photo, in Tampa,Fla.Tip #4 - Connect with powerful stakeholders.
  63. 63. Mutual purpose can begin with a commitment to common goals.Tip #5 - Align the plan with state and national goals.
  64. 64. Ask yourself what you really want for yourself, for others and the organization. Tip #6 - Run to the “resistors.”
  65. 65. Build mutual respect and mutual purpose, or you may just be wasting your time. #7 - Be transparent in your communications.
  66. 66. Session Materials - manage your learning and share that.
  67. 67. and share that.3. manage your learning Session Materials -
  68. 68. Session Materials - curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of contenton the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around aspecific theme.The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. Acontent curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant toshare with their community. Source:
  69. 69. 3 top tools content curationSession Materials -
  70. 70. Session Materials - - EverNote -
  71. 71. Session Materials - - Pinterest -
  72. 72. Session Materials - #2 - Pinterest -
  73. 73. Session Materials - #3 - Diigo -
  74. 74. Session Materials - top 3 content consumptiontools on mobile devices
  75. 75. Zite#1 - Zite - Session Materials -
  76. 76. Flipboard Session Materials - - Flipboard -
  77. 77. News360 Session Materials - - News360 -
  78. 78. top 2 Session Materials - other approachesSource: Tweet your “Aha!” moments2) Blog your learning conversations. Silence = Invisibility...don’t be invisible!
  79. 79. whats ahead?Session Materials -
  80. 80. Not this...I hope.Session Materials -
  81. 81. when the world is changing at light-speed, only yourcommitment to sharing what youre learningendures...don’t be afraid to dwell in possibility. Session Materials - communications = vulnerable,authentic, transparent, human.