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Footprint saisd 5steps

  1. 1. Managing Your Digital Footprint Session Materials - of this presentation adapted from Dean Shareski’s presentation online at: Miguel Guhlin
  2. 2. Sharing Ideas Online Session Materials - You can also find session resources here! Tweet about the session with this hashtag: #saisdemedia
  3. 3. Watch-Reflect-Share Session Materials - Source: Source: we role models for electronic/socialmedia use for our children and students?
  4. 4. Source: Goals for Today Session Materials -
  5. 5. Session Materials - Source: Define what SAISD means byelectronic media.
  6. 6. Session Materials - Review inappropriate uses of social media.
  7. 7. Session Materials - Share SAISDs approach to electronic, or social, media.
  8. 8. Session Materials - Make confident connections with social media.
  9. 9. Session Materials -’s get started! Source:
  10. 10. Session Materials - Source: Clearly define what SAISD means byelectronic media.
  11. 11. The New Permanent Record Session Materials -
  12. 12. Session Materials -
  13. 13. what’s in your’s? Session Materials - Source:
  14. 14. Session Materials - Have you "googled" yourself lately?what does the internet say about you?
  15. 15. Session Materials - media: what is it?Electronic media includes all forms of socialmedia, such as but not limited to, text messaging,instant messaging, electronic mail (e- mail), weblogs (blogs), electronic forums (chat rooms),video- sharing Web sites, editorial commentsposted on the Internet, and social network sites.Electronic media also includes but is not limited toall forms of telecommunication, such as landlines,cell phones, and Web-based applications.Source: SAISD Board Policy - DH Local
  16. 16. Miguel’s examples http: guhl //m tSession Materials -
  17. 17. Session Materials - mguhlin on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Plurk
  18. 18. Session Materials - Source: media facilitates communication...but how could we use it in schools?
  19. 19. Facebook in Math Classroom for Data Collection Session Materials - Source:“By understanding how students may be positively using thesenetworking technologies in their daily lives and where the as yetunrecognized educational opportunities are, we can help makeschools even more relevant, connected and meaningful to kids."Source: Science Daily -
  20. 20. Why use Facebook? Session Materials -“The main reason is Facebook has 500million+ users. This is a tool that mostparents know how to use and use on aconsistent basis.Why struggle to make parents visit yourwebsite or blog when you can meet themin a place they already visit online?” Matt Gomez, Texas Kindergarten Teacher Read more online at reasoning
  21. 21. Forbid Access or Allow Access? Session Materials - The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity. - Winston Churchhill
  22. 22. The Games School Districts PlaySession Materials -
  23. 23. What Research Says....Session Materials -
  24. 24. What’s possible if we don’t block and ban?Session Materials -
  25. 25. Perhaps, we gain access to greatresources? Session Materials - Videos Available on YouTubeVideos also accessible here -
  26. 26. School as a Place to Develop Virtual Social Skills Session Materials - June 2011,Consumer Reportsestimated that about7.5 million people whouse Facebook areyounger than 13."For some teens andtweens, social mediais the primary waythey interact socially,rather than at the mallor a friends house. Source:
  27. 27. Session Materials - graduate all of our studentsand prepare them for successin higher education.How can social media use in highschool prepare students for college?
  28. 28. Session Materials - Use at University Level...not unlike High School?
  29. 29. Source: Session Materials -
  30. 30. Source: Materials -
  31. 31. Source: Session Materials -
  32. 32. Session Materials - Source: over 67 million kids using social media(e.g. Facebook), can we afford to remain silentor ignore these social media as educators?
  33. 33. How can social media use in high Session Materials - prepare students for work? Source:
  34. 34. How can social media use in high Session Materials - prepare students for life? Those who cannot claim computers as their own tool for exploring the world never grasp the power of technology...They are controlled by technology asadults--just [they were]...controlled [by] them as students.Toward Digital Equity: Bridging the Divide in Education Editors: Gwen Solomon, Nancy J. Allen, and Paul Resta
  35. 35. Session Materials - Review inappropriate uses of social media.
  36. 36. Session Materials - this the kind of behavior to showcase via social media?
  37. 37. Session Materials - are watching what you do on social networks....
  38. 38. and, so are others....Session Materials -
  39. 39. Session Materials - grants exemption from punishment for those who receive a sext and either report or destroy it within 48 hours. Effective September 1, individuals found sexting could be charged with a misdemeanor and required to enroll in an educational program about sexting’s criminal, emotional and psychological damages, including cyberbullying. Source:
  40. 40. Session Materials - media use can be positive...but we have to decidehow we, as educators, are going to use it and get support from our organization.
  41. 41. Session Materials - Share SAISDs approach to electronic, or social, media.
  42. 42. Five Fundamental Beliefs Session Materials - • Every student can learn and achieve at high levels. • We are responsible for theCopy of this the DIPis available online education and safety of everyat session materials. student. • We are responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the school system. • Everyone should be treated with respect. • People support what they help create.
  43. 43. Session Materials -
  44. 44. Critical Reminder #1 Session Materials - Source: Use must be in support of education and research, aswell as consistent with the educational and/or job objectives of SAISD. Source: Administrative Procedure: D5- Employee Acceptable Use
  45. 45. Critical Reminder #2 Session Materials - Source: Source: Use of wireless PC cards (e.g. AT&T, Spring, Clear) or internetservices not provided by SAISD with students are a violation of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
  46. 46. Email...Like a Postcard: Session Materials - Open to Everyone Source: mail (email)transmissions and other use ofthe electronic communicationssystem is NOT consideredprivate.Designated District staff can To:be authorized to monitor such • New and Existing Teacherscommunication at any time to • Studentsensure appropriate use. • Parents • VisitorsSource: D5-Employee Acceptable Use Policy Image Source:
  47. 47. SAISD Board Policy Session Materials - In  accordance  with  administra0ve  procedures,  a  cer0fied  or  licensed  employee,  or  any  other  employee   designated  in  wri0ng  by  the  Superintendent  or  a   campus  principal  may  use  electronic  media  [social   media]  to  communicate  with  currently  enrolled   students  about  ma;ers  within  the  scope  of  the   employee’s  professional  responsibili8es.     All  other  employees  are  prohibited  from  using   electronic  media  to  communicate  with  students  who   are  currently  enrolled  in  the  District. Source:  Board  Policy  DH  Local  -­‐  Electronic  Media
  48. 48. District “Approved” Social Session Materials - Media Tools (some  of  them,  anyways...if  you’d  like  to   see  one  not  listed  here,  follow  the   Electronic  Resources  Process  at   hBp:// Teachers  Only
  49. 49. Session Materials - a role model when using electronic or social media, someone that everyone can look up to for appropriate use.
  50. 50. Social Media Use Expectations Session Materials - Source: Comply  with  all  state,  federal,  local  policies,  administra0ve  regula0ons   and  Code  of  Ethics  and  Standard  Prac0ces  for  Texas  Educators,   including  FERPA,  Public  Informa0on  Act,  Copyright  law,  as  well  as  other   prohibi0ons  in  Policy  DF,  EFE,  CPC,  and  FL).
  51. 51. Social Media Expectations Session Materials - Source: Avoid  discussions  about  anything  unrelated  to  classwork,  homework,  tests  and  content  outside  the  scope  of  your  work   as  a  professional  educator  and  teacher  interac0ng  with   student(s).
  52. 52. Social Media Expectations Session Materials - Teacher District and Student Community Source: Keep  your  social  media  interac0ons  for  work  online  public  and   accessible  by  anyone.  Be  transparent  and  open.
  53. 53. Social Media Expectations Session Materials - Source: Please dont tweet at my child or me anymore. Thank you! ParentAvoid  “friending”  students.  Be  aware  that  upon  wri;en  request  from  a   parent  or  student,  you  will  "stop  following"  or  “un-­‐friend”  students   with  whom  you  may  be  communica0ng.
  54. 54. Social Media Expectations Session Materials - Other = Only Me and/or Friends Only Update  your  privacy  seUngs  for  PERSONAL  accounts.
  55. 55. Social Media Expectations Session Materials - Open  up  viewing  access  in  social  media  Facebook  Pages,  blogs  and   wikis.  Ques0ons?  Don’t  be  afraid  to  ask.
  56. 56. Session Materials - Make confident connections with social media.
  57. 57. Session Materials - #1 - Use social network to build your ProfessionalLearning Network (PLN).
  58. 58. Session Materials - #2 - Participate in discussions online with othereducators via #EdChat on Twitter.
  59. 59. Session Materials - Use Twitter search to find your favorite hashtags. Notice the RSS feed available...blend that into your Moodle or wiki.Tip #3 - Use search engines and RSS feeds toshowcase Twitter or Facebook content on yourdistrict Moodle or wiki.
  60. 60. Session Materials - Hashtag search Below is a list of my tweets. Another Hashtag search This could be a hashtag you are using with your students or other professionals to share content.This is where anyone who hasever "retweeted" content Ive Tip: Be sure to check first thatshared will appear. the hashtag isnt being used by someone else already! Tip #4 - Take advantage of tools like and to keep personal and work accounts separate from each other.
  61. 61. Session Materials - #5 - If determined to use social media with yourstudents, check out what others are doing first andthen educate your supervisor.
  62. 62. A lot more tips online at.... Session Materials -