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Content curation


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content curation

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Content curation

  1. 1. Make Sharing Easy - Content Curation Session Materials - Guhlin - @mguhlin
  2. 2. Make Sharing Easy - Content CurationIdentify Organize Share Session Materials -
  3. 3. The Short Version1. Lots of content coming at you from everywhere! Session Materials - You need to get organized the digital way. Paper,folders, forget those! Tech is ubiquitous...use it!3. Now that you’re organized, you want to share it.
  4. 4. Session Materials are Online! Session Materials - video content for YOU!
  5. 5. Extra video content for YOU! Session Materials -
  6. 6. Session Materials - an iPad? Make Your Own Magazine with Flipboard!
  7. 7. Source: Session Materials -
  8. 8. Session Materials - not share what you’re learning, while you’re learning it, with others?
  9. 9. Make Sharing Easy - Content CurationIdentify Organize Share Session Materials -
  10. 10. Make Sharing Easy - Content CurationIdentify Organize Share Session Materials -
  11. 11. Organizing On my Mobile DeviceIdentify Organize Share Session Materials - ReadItLater (a.ka. Pocket)
  12. 12. the read/write web is a massive Session Materials - playground of information bits that are shared, remixed openly into a fluid and participatory tapestry.Source: --Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, Wikinomics
  13. 13. Session Materials - Source: Source: - Get a Social Media DashboardTake advantage of tools like
  14. 14. Session Materials - Source: Source: - Figure Out HashtagsHashtags are everywhere
  15. 15. Tip - Make ConnectionsStart with another’s experience, book quotes, blogentry, series of tweets, and make a connection. Session Materials - .com http://www.diigo Source: Source:
  16. 16. Tip - Build Your Virtual SpaceBuild your virtual spaces using free web services. Session Materials - Source: Source:
  17. 17. Session Materials - Source: Source: - “Divert the FlowTake advantage of social networking/media tools tohelp others see what you are learning from/about.
  18. 18. See you online!•• Session Materials -•• Connect with “mguhlin” on any or all of elearning platforms and/or media tools: