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Common goals,uncommonapproaches


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A demo preso I did entirely in Keynote on iPad, saved to the cloud via WebDav/Otixo, and now trying that out on Slideshare

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Common goals,uncommonapproaches

  1. 1. Common Goals, Uncommon Approaches Guhlin, Director of Technology Operations
  2. 2. goals for todays meeting
  3. 3. clarify my role
  4. 4. share a decision-making process (not this one)
  5. 5. set goals...and, focus.
  6. 6. lets get started...
  7. 7. clarify my role
  8. 8. communicate
  9. 9. mutualrespect.jpgdevelop mutual respect
  10. 10. develop mutual purpose
  11. 11. share a decision-making process (not this one)
  12. 12. confusion arises when we dont decide.... command consult consensus vote
  13. 13. who will do what by whenwill I check-back with you or will you check-in with me?
  14. 14. set goals...and, focus.
  15. 15. reliable, nimble infrastructure
  16. 16. learners to achieve technology- enhanced instructional objectives