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2011 belle


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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2011 belle

  1. 1. 2011 Member EventBelle of Saint Louis Dinner Cruise
  2. 2. Huck Finn ain’t got nothing on us! This is the paddle boat that meandered us all down the river.
  3. 3. You can see that the weather was great for our ride on the Spirit of Jefferson.
  4. 4. There were wonderful views all up and down the river, the company made it that much better!
  5. 5. As we we’re waiting to board, the socializing couldn’t wait!
  6. 6. And the crowd kept getting bigger, RDIA filled the boat! There was nearly 100% participation for this great event!
  7. 7. Can you name this brand?
  8. 8. Someone just got another idea!
  9. 9. Great friends and great Kentucky cooking!
  10. 10. Hope to See you Next Year2012 RDIA Annual MeetingSummer 2012, Orlando, FL