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Recently, Katy Dubina and Chris McKinley presented on behalf of the Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB) at the recent Blackbaud Conference (BBcon 2013). The session addressed busting organizational silos through maintaining a razor sharp donor focus. Having a donor focus, and perspective, at all times can be a tool to busting down silos. Byproducts can be increased growth and retention through improved-integrated marketing strategies and implementation.

The session focused on 4 primary needs in order to bust silos:
1. Ability (to deliver)
2. Coordination
3. Cooperation
4. Connection

Unfortunately, there is video embedded within the deck that is not enabled.
Katy Dubina is the Director of Digital Marketing at CDR Fundraising and Chris McKinley is the VP of Strategy at Grizzard Communications Group

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IMAB BBcon 2013: Donors in Focus

  1. 1. Donors in Focus Improve Donor Engagement PRESENTED BY KATY DUBINA AND CHRIS MCKINLEY 10/14/2013 #bbcon 1
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION ROLE CALL 10/14/2013 #bbcon 2
  3. 3. DONOR FOCUS What you should know about donors Why they give again 1. Donors give because they like to give • Joy of Giving 2. Giving is personal • Significance of their role 3. Donor development is relational • Confidence their gift 4. Frequency and Call-to-Actions of meant and helped • Offer is clear and giving communications plays significant role again is easy 10/14/2013 #bbcon 3
  4. 4. HOW TO GET THEM TO GIVE AGAIN Meaningful and relevant communications and experiences 10/14/2013 #bbcon 1. Speak to the donor, for the donor and about them 2. Appeal to their emotions and quantify their impact 3. Be interesting and provide new information 4. Express need for their continued involvement 5. Be consistent across channels 6. Make it easy to give 4
  5. 5. DONOR FOCUS New Donors Loyal Donors Sustaining donors Lapsed donors Non-donors 10/14/2013 #bbcon 1. Speak to the donor, for the donor and about them 2. Appeal to their emotions and quantify their impact 3. Be interesting and provide new information 4. Express need for their continued involvement 5. Be consistent across channels 6. Make it easy to give 5
  6. 6. ORGANIZATIONAL SILOS AFFECT YOUR DONORS • Many times, the greatest threat and challenge facing a non-profit organization and their ability to embrace an integrated multi-channel approach is, in fact, the non-profit organization itself. I run this PROGRAM! It is my NAME! Major Gift Officers don’t want us talking to those donors. 10/14/2013 #bbcon 6
  7. 7. FOUR ATTRIBUTES OF ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS • Ability - What limitations restrict your abilities to execute and deliver integrated campaigns? • Coordination - Are you coordinating efforts and communications across internal teams? • Cooperation - Do you cooperate across departments or business units? • Connection - Are you making a clear connection with each individual supporter? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 7
  8. 8. Before you can create a consistent and clear experience for your donors, you must first achieve these attributes internally at your organization. Cooperation Coordination Connection 10/14/2013 #bbcon 8 Ability
  9. 9. ABILITY 10/14/2013 #bbcon 9
  10. 10. ABILITY • Many things affect our ability to perform Where do your challenges lie? - 10/14/2013 Budget Staff and resources Infrastructure or technology limitations Consolidated data #bbcon 10
  11. 11. ABILITY • Challenge: - Expense and revenue budgets crossing departments make investment justification difficult • Donor Impact: - Opportunity cost in delaying or missing campaigns - Organization may not have best balance of quality vs. quantity of donors - Missed opportunities in donor stewardship and cultivation • Solution: - Prove the case to go multi-channel - Look at campaign results as a whole - Test! • Donor Impact - Regular, consistent communications - Improved performance, response and donor value 10/14/2013 #bbcon 11
  12. 12. ABILITY • Making the Case - Donors contributing in more than one channel have a significantly higher donor value 10/14/2013 #bbcon 12
  13. 13. ABILITY • Justify the Investment - If the “donor” belongs to the organization, not just one department, who gets credit for a gift? How are costs justified? - Investment or “touch” may occur in one channel, but response occurs in another channel • Bookending emails • Targeted Display and Retargeting • Cookie Matching - Attribution or Understanding? • Do you have the infrastructure in place to correctly attribute impact of every marketing dollar spent? • Or, will leadership understand that the multiple components of the campaign will improve donor value and retention, so worth the investment? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 13
  14. 14. ABILITY • Justify the Investment - Begin by taking an integrated view of campaigns and performance - Email + direct mail DM Campaign alone generates $10,000 of Revenue. e-Mail Campaign alone generates $1,000 of Revenue. Unified integrated campaigns generate $13,800 of Revenue. Some of the DM lift should be credited to the e-Mail touch. 10/14/2013 #bbcon 14
  15. 15. ABILITY • Justify the Investment - Take it a couple steps further… Email Email Telemarketing Telemarketing #bbcon Ads Direct Mail 10/14/2013 Direct Mail Direct Mail Email 15 $
  16. 16. ABILITY • Justify the Investment - And a few more… - As you can see, the number of channels can grow significantly and drive responses in a variety of channels. It’s vital to have systems in place to understand and attribute expense and response 10/14/2013 #bbcon 16
  17. 17. ABILITY • Challenge: - Your online CRM and offline database of record are not synchronized - In email you create ask strings based on last online gift while in direct mail you rely on last direct mail gift • Donor Impact: - Inconsistent ask amounts - Lower campaign performance or response • Solution: - Ideally – synchronize your databases - Alternately – at least sync transactional history to account for all historic performance - Understand donor behavior and earmark revenue attribution • Donor Impact - Consistency and clarity - Increased campaign response 10/14/2013 #bbcon 17
  18. 18. ABILITY • Example – Pre & Post email messages with direct mail appeal • Synchronized data sets: - Use your CRM tool to craft dynamic, personalized ask strings in your emails and landing pages to match ask amounts in direct mail • No data sync - Manually craft ask strings on email appeals and landing pages so donors at least fall into proper range • In practice: An organization had online transactions updating offline database, but CRM was not populated with DM data. - Manual ask string ranges created in email to match DM • $20, $40, $60, $80: Avg gift: $37.80 • $60, $80, $100, $120 : Avg gift: $101.40 • $120, $200, $280, $360: Avg gift: $118.00 • $240, $480, $720, $840 segment: Avg gift: $416.67 10/14/2013 #bbcon 18
  19. 19. COOPERATION 10/14/2013 #bbcon 19
  20. 20. COOPERATION • the process of working together to the same end - 10/14/2013 collaboration, combined efforts, teamwork, partnerships, liaisons, coordination, synergy, and compromise #bbcon 20
  21. 21. COOPERATION • Challenge: - Form and function don’t always align or share the same goals, budgets or motivations - Current processes and timelines may present barriers for cooperation • Donor Impact: - Communications and the channels used to distribute may seem disjointed to a donor - Create confusion, disinterest and lack of action • Solution: - Shared vision can be the biggest catalyst for better cooperation - Integrated development of communications planning is a must - Co-develop tools to inform implementation • Donor Impact - Engaged, fluid and personal interactions that guide supporters to clear callto-actions 10/14/2013 #bbcon 21
  22. 22. SHARED VISION • Solution: - 10/14/2013 Vision and strategy are both important, but both are not the same priority Vision with a common goal is priority; “begin with the end in mind” Strategy development based upon interconnected parts and KPIs Predefine success metrics to meet goal • Engage new audiences • Retain active donor base • Grow major giving revenue • Increase prospects for planned giving program #bbcon 22
  23. 23. INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT • Solutions: - Develop an integrated sharing environment • Create committees and identify key stakeholders • Purpose is to promote sharing of information such as: – communications strategies and calendars – analysis to support strategies that impact goals – Centralize information repositories for better sharing – and map out potential donor experiences • Results: • Maximizes productivity and minimizes frustrations • Can reveal a clear vision of the donor experience, experience gaps and potential changes required as they relate to the donor and goals • Collaboration is catalyst of innovation and can ONLY enhance donor focused experiences 10/14/2013 #bbcon 23
  24. 24. CO-DEVELOP TOOLS FOR IMPLEMENTATION • Integrated: - Calendars Donor audiences matrix, cross tabbing with communication tactics Analytics that are meaningful to inform stakeholder strategies Budget planning processes Implementation plans with collaboration points Develop: - Optimize text, mobile images for small screens - Consider frequency of communications being sent and the relationship of how and when donors give 10/14/2013 #bbcon 24
  25. 25. 29
  26. 26. COORDINATION 10/14/2013 #bbcon 36
  27. 27. COORDINATION • Challenge: - Your direct mail program mails an “annual fund” appeal in October - Your email communications focus on “hunger awareness” in October • Donor Impact: - Confusion, uncertainty, what is their donation supporting? • Solution: - Coordinate your messaging themes and calendars • Donor Impact - Consistency, clarity 10/14/2013 #bbcon 37
  28. 28. COORDINATION • Coordinated Calendar and Content - Coordinate across internal teams to plan direct mail, email, public relations, social media calendars - Does the content on your website homepage reference all current campaigns? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 38
  29. 29. COORDINATION • Universal Content - Use a common design scheme across all media - Meet regularly to coordinate content and campaign elements 10/14/2013 #bbcon 39
  30. 30. Christian Appalachian Project Direct Mail 10/14/2013 #bbcon 40
  31. 31. Christian Appalachian Project Landing Page Email Template 10/14/2013 #bbcon 41
  32. 32. Christian Appalachian Project Display and Facebook Ads 10/14/2013 #bbcon 42
  33. 33. COORDINATION • Coordination of calendars - In the example above, coordination was key to manage campaign schedules was critical to getting the campaign launched and tracked Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Display targeting - initial Display targeting - more urgency Facebook custom audience Direct Mail Pre-Email Follow Up Email SEM • Setup for success - Each component of the campaign was set up for results tracking to assist in response attribution - Use unique URLs, forms and tracking codes to properly track responses 10/14/2013 #bbcon 43
  34. 34. CONNECTION 10/14/2013 #bbcon 44
  35. 35. CONNECTION 1. Donors ultimately give to people (or animals), not to organizations. 2. This is relational and not transactional 10/14/2013 #bbcon 45
  36. 36. CONNECTION • Challenge: - Silos can starve the donor of the experiences that connects them to your mission • Donor Impact: - Donor begins to view you as junk mail, spam – a waste of their time • Solution: - Multichannel strategies allow more impressions and a two-way dialog Connect messaging online with the messaging your sending offline Anchor personal acknowledgement of their support in communications Create messaging links across mediums to form a campaign with clear call-toactions • More complex campaigns focus on audience to offer strategies • Donor Impact - Successful personal connection to the donors enables a welcomed future relationship - Increased sense of affirmation and dedication - Adds credibility to your organization and mission - Provides alternative means of communicating with donors and allows them to communicate directly with you 10/14/2013 #bbcon 47
  37. 37. CONNECTION Connect the Donor Experience with the Goals Lightbox/Banners SMS DM Appeal ON Appeal Telemarketing Website PPC Retargeting SEARCH 10/14/2013 #bbcon 48
  38. 38. INTEGRATION 10/14/2013 #bbcon 49 4 9
  40. 40. MESSAGE TESTING FOR MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOC. Four separate taglines were scored on the following attributes (5 pt. scale): ‣ ‣ ‣ 10/14/2013 Expression of Need Emotional Resonance Donation likelihood #bbcon 52 5 2
  41. 41. MESSAGE TESTING "This tagline communicates a need for help." Help Kids Win the Fight against Muscle Disease 1.17 Help Kids Live Stronger. Better. Longer. 1.10 More Research. Better Treatments. Stronger Kids. 1.09 Make a Muscle, Make a Difference 0.67 0.00 10/14/2013 #bbcon 53 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 5 3
  42. 42. MESSAGE TESTING "This tagline resonates with me at an emotional level." Help Kids Win the Fight against Muscle Disease 0.89 Help Kids Live Stronger. Better. Longer. 0.88 More Research. Better Treatments. Stronger Kids. 0.85 Make a Muscle, Make a Difference 0.46 0.00 10/14/2013 #bbcon 54 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 5 4
  43. 43. MESSAGE TESTING "I would likely make a donation." Help Kids Win the Fight against Muscle Disease 0.74 Help Kids Live Stronger. Better. Longer. 0.70 More Research. Better Treatments. Stronger Kids. 0.67 Make a Muscle, Make a Difference 0.44 0.00 10/14/2013 #bbcon 55 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 5 5
  44. 44. "I would likely make a donation." Help Kids Win the Fight Against Muscle Disease 0.74 Make a Muscle. Make a Difference. 0.44 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0
  45. 45. "I would likely make a donation." Help Kids Live Stronger. Better. Longer. 0.70 Make a Muscle. Make a Difference. 0.44 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0
  46. 46. "I would likely make a donation." More Research. Better Treatments. Stronger Kids. 0.67 Make a Muscle. Make a Difference. 0.44 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0
  47. 47. EXERCISES • Identify Challenge - What is the potential negative donor impact? • What attributes are necessary to tackle challenge? - Cooperation Coordination Connection Ability • Craft a solution incorporating relevant attributes • How does this solution improve donor focus or experience? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 60 6 0
  48. 48. 4 SCENARIOS Cooperation Coordination Ability Connected 10/14/2013 #bbcon 61
  49. 49. SCENARIO ONE The Situation: A human services charity decides to undergo a website redesign project. The organization is comprised of internal departments handing development, media relations, communication, programs and volunteers. In tackling a website redesign project, it is important to ensure necessary content is presented that achieves each departments’ goals, as well as the web visitors needs when accessing the site. What organization attributes are related to this project and how will the organization work together to achieve the best design, content strategy and web experience for their staff, stakeholders and various audiences? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 62
  50. 50. SCENARIO TWO The Situation: A nonprofit organization has recently begun investing heavily in acquiring sustaining donors. While one-time and sustaining donations all contribute to the individual fundraising budget within development, different team members manage the budgets, cultivation and communications for one-time givers versus sustainers. The marketing channels used to drive sustaining gifts include direct mail, online, telemarketing and direct response television. Onetime gifts are mostly driven through direct mail and online, yet experience a lift when investment occurs in telemarketing and DRTV. All digital efforts, including efforts to acquire and reactivate sustainers fall in the one-time budget, but the revenue associated with sustainers is tracked under the sustainer line item. What organizational attributes are related to this project? What challenges may the nonprofit face with this approach? How is the donor impacted? What may be a good path forward in achieving the best mix of onetime and sustaining donors for this organization? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 63
  51. 51. SCENARIO THREE The Situation: Your working in the development department managing the annual fund and acquisition programs within the Direct Response department. You have many friends in the Marketing Communications department because they manage the content on the website and send out the organization email including enewsletters, science updates from research department and e-appeals. Communications usually get sent to the whole file. In the past there was very little collaboration between the two departments because of separate budgets and different departmental goals, however, the CEO continues to increase the direct response revenue goals, but never increases expense spending budgets. In December, Acme Pharmacy has donated $100,000 in a matching fund challenge. To top it off, the VP of Marcom just quit because her partner just won the lottery. December is pretty busy already. Identify the opportunities to boost donor engagement, increasing fundraising effectiveness and developing a are related to this project and how will the organization work together to achieve the best design, content strategy and web experience for their staff, stakeholders and various audiences? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 64
  52. 52. SCENARIO FOUR The Situation: You’re the account director on a brand new national account. The offline fundraising program has consistently experienced declining growth -- 22% from 2011 to 2012 and 20% decline the year before. Overall, the organization is making has been meeting its budget until just this year, despite the decline of the offline program. Finance is upset and leadership is beginning to question the value of the offline program and is looking to your for answers. You may lose the account before long if you cannot make a case. Identify the potential problem areas as it relates to donor experience and the appropriate stakeholders needing to be involved in order to develop a plan to address problems. After stakeholders are identified, each member of the team should take on one of the roles. 1. What are the things you want to know the most to identify problem areas? 2. Who are your stakeholders? 3. What is the case and the approach you’re going to present to the CEO and Finance? 10/14/2013 #bbcon 65
  53. 53. THE INTEGRATED MARKETING ADVISORY BOARD • • Promoting active discussion of integrated marketing in the nonprofit sector Sign up to find inspiration through: • Case studies • Fresh ideas • Practical tips Twitter: @TheIMAB 10/14/2013 #bbcon 66
  54. 54. THANK YOU AND QUESTIONS ? #DONORFOCUS 10/14/2013 #bbcon 67