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Presented during the ICC Career-U non-traditional careers camp for high school students July 2009

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Career - U

  1. 1.  Traditional Careers are those that are generally held by one gender or the other › Nurses are female › Welders are male  Non-Traditional Careers are those being held by a gender that would not generally be engaged in that career › A female welder › A male nurse
  2. 2.  Non-traditional and traditional careers for men and women are generally assigned according to stereotypes.  These stereotypes are generally held worldwide or are universal.  What are some jobs traditionally held by males? › Why are they traditionally male?  What are some jobs traditionally held by females? › Why are they traditionally female?
  3. 3. Our Male Our Female Character Character
  4. 4.  Often there are incentives to enter non- traditional careers. › Scholarships, hiring quotas, incentives for the companies  It might be a career that best uses your individual talents.  Salaries may be better  Often employers prefer non-traditional employees
  5. 5.  There are many more careers considered to be non-traditional for women than for men.  More and more careers are becoming a viable option for women today.
  6. 6.  It is not to force anyone into a career in which they are not interested.  It is not to force women into careers just because no women are in those careers, and the same for men.  IT IS: AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLORE POSSIBLE CAREERS YOU MAY NOT HAVE CONSIDERED BEFORE IN ORDER TO FIND YOUR LIFE’S PASSION
  7. 7.  What level of education is required?  What are the salary possibilities for me?  What is the job market like in this area?  Is this a career I might have to relocate in order to follow?  What are the advancement opportunities like in this career?  What academic courses are required?  What are the physical demands of this career?
  8. 8.  I hope you will explore different careers  I hope you will ask questions and learn about some new careers  I hope you will begin to find a career pathway that you feel you can really enjoy  I HOPE YOU WILL DEVELOP THE CONFIDENCE TO NOT SETTLE FOR A CAREER YOU ARE GOOD AT PERFORMING, BUT RATHER CHOOSE ONE YOU ARE THE GREATEST AT PERFORMING!
  9. 9. Marcus Simmons Tech Prep Coordinator Itawamba Community College (662) 620-5136