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Running on empty


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By Mike Smith Lessons from the widow in 2 Kings chapter 4.

Published in: Spiritual

Running on empty

  1. 1. 2 Kings 4
  2. 2. Introduction: •Have your ever felt like you were running on empty? •In our text, 2 Kings 4: •A man died •Left his wife penniless •She had no husband/money/food •She had two sons, the creditors were about to take as slaves… •In her emptiness she learned something about nothing!
  3. 3. Introduction: • Empty is the key word in this story. • Elisha sent her to get more emptiness. She had a lot of emptiness but not enough! • He’s saying, I want you to see what God can do with emptiness. • Story continues… God fills all the emptiness! What happens next? v.6 b • God meets the various needs of His people. He never fails! Mt. 6:33
  4. 4. Spiritual Application: • Premise: If you are not experiencing God’s presence in your life, it may be that you’re not empty enough! • In John 6 “Empty stomachs” • Four plans: One chosen • Take the little boy’s lunch, and demonstrate that little is much when God is in it! • Showing the multitudes that only God can fill their emptiness.
  5. 5. Spiritual Application: • In John 2 God filled some empty water pots at a wedding feast. • The joy the world has to offer is only temporary! It always runs out, and you’re left feeling empty. • “The best day you’ll ever spend in sin is the 1st day”. Heb. 11:25; Prov. 14:13; 20:17 • But Jesus gives a miraculous joy that never ends! The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows • Are you experiencing intimacy with Christ on a daily basis? If not, it may be you’re not empty enough!
  6. 6. Intimacy with Christ is poured into a vessel that has been: • Emptied of sin - Is. 59:1-2 • Intimacy is an impossibility if we harbor sin in our lives. • Before this intimacy can flow like oil, there must be recognition of sin, confession of sin, and forsaking of sin. Ps. 66:18 • Not sinless perfection, but that you don’t have an ongoing sin in your life that you’ve just learned to tolerate.
  7. 7. Intimacy with Christ is poured into a vessel that has been: • Emptied of Self • Total and complete surrender and intimacy with Christ go hand in hand. What happens when a Christian empties self? • They are filled w/ Spiritual understanding! Jn. 7:17 • Nothing blinds your spiritual vision like self-will. • Nothing clears spiritual blindness like total surrender! Galatians 2:20; 6:14
  8. 8. What happens when a Christian empties self? • They are filled with joy! – Jn. 15:10 -11 Yes, total surrender and joy go hand in hand! • There’s no joy in being a half-hearted Christian. • Make a total surrender of self to God and you’ll have joy unspeakable!
  9. 9. Intimacy with Christ is poured into a vessel that has been: What happens when a Christian is emptied of self? • They are filled with God’s intimate presence! John 14:21 The oil of intimacy is only poured into a vessel that has been emptied of sin, emptied of self and… • Emptied of Substitutes – Don’t try to substitute, service for surrender or work for worship, Martha becomes a Mary when she drops her “to do list” and falls at the feet of Jesus! Luke 10:38-42
  10. 10. Conclusion: • Running on empty? • Empty yourself of sin, self, and all the substitutes! • Then ask God to fill you and use you!