Quiet times 4.9.12


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Quiet times 4.9.12

  1. 1. This weeks Quiet Times: April 9-13, 2012 THE MOST EXCELLENT WAYMONDAYPraise the Lord for what He has beenteaching us through His Word!! Thisweek we will examine the two greatestcommandments as described by Jesus.Examine Matthew 22:34-40 and Mark12:28-34. Jesus quotes Deut.6:5 andLev. 19:18 and is the first to combinethese two texts to summarize the lawinto the two greatest commandments!He also mentions something we are touse to fully love the Lord that the text inDeut. 6 does not mention. What is it?What does this tell you about how to love the Lord? Read and apply Galatians5:13-15 today. Do something for your neighbor to show love - something thatyou would like done to you today. Praise God for the opportunities that He givesto us!!!TUESDAYToday we are going to read Deut. 6-7. There are so many awesome and amazinglessons to learn in these passages! As you read chapter 6 ask yourself: “how is achild of God to show the proper fear of the Lord?” What did the Lord tell them toteach their children in verses 20-25? Do you see how this testimony applies toyou and your need to share the Gospel? The lessons in chapter 7 may not be aseasy to see, but as you read, contemplate how God has called us to be differentfrom those in the world. How is this connected to what we read in James 4:1-10?We are to be set apart from the world through our obedience to God. Why are weto do this according to Deut.7: 6-11? What is our motivation today? Make aposter with 2Corinthians 5:14-15 and hang it somewhere you can see it! Sharewith someone else how the Lord delivered you! Share His love and deliverancewith as many as possible.WEDNESDAYRead Deut. 8-10 today. As you read the text, notice what the Lord stresses to Hischildren. In verses 1 through 5, why was it important for God’s children to betested the way they were? Does this remind you of what we read in Hebrews12? Do you see how beneficial it is to be disciplined (loved) by the Lord? How is
  2. 2. your attitude when you are disciplined? Take note of how God tells the Israelitesto remember their blessings. What will happen to them if they forget the Lord?Have you noticed as you read these chapters how many times the Lord tells themto remember Him? In chapter 9 why was God going to give the Israelites thisgreat promised land? What kind of attitude was the Lord warning them about inverse 4? (Read Titus 3 and see that this applies to us as well). In Deut. 10:12ff,can you see the two greatest commandments? Who are we to love above allelse? How are we to treat others around us? Why? Meditate on verses 12 and13 throughout the day and impress them on your heart.THURSDAYRead Deut. 11. What is God calling His children to do? Notice how the elementsof loving, fearing and obeying God are repeated again and again? God says to Hispeople in verse 26, “see I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse...”Describe what the blessing is and what the curse of God is? Remember from lastweek what happened to Israel as a nation when they forgot the love and power ofGod (Numbers 13-14)? Israel did not obey (love) the Lord therefore they brokefaith, they did not obey the two greatest commandments and it devastated themas a nation. Pray to the Lord to constantly open your eyes to see His blessings inyour life. Be prepared to see wonderful things that you may not have seen beforeand be prepared as God reminds you of His love for you!!FRIDAYWhat happens to a church that does not love the Lord with all their inner being?What happens if we forget our first love? Read Revelation 2:1-7 and see. Thechurch at Ephesus had some great qualities. What were they? What happened tothem? What was the Spirit convicting them of? What was going to be theiroutcome if they did not repent? What would be their blessing if they listened andwhat would be their curse if they did not? Now read Ephesians 3:14-20. Knowingwhat the Ephesians were being convicted of in Revelation 2, you can appreciatewhy Paul prayed for them the way he did. Look at Rev.2:17-19 in particular. Whatdid they need to grow in their understanding of? Pray as Paul did: that we, as achurch, will grow continuously in our understanding and appreciation of God’sawesome love for each and every one of us!!