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Quiet times 10.17.11


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Published in: Spiritual
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Quiet times 10.17.11

  1. 1. This week’s Quiet Times: October 17-21, 2011<br />The Forgiving Life<br />107953937000MONDAY <br />This week, we will be focusing on forgiveness from the human perspective. We will be looking at four people and their remarkable display of forgiveness. Friday’s quiet time will deal with you personally, as we conclude on living the forgiving life. Let us look at the story of Joseph, Israel’s devoted son. Read Genesis 37,39-45, focus especially on chapter 37, which deals with Joseph’s brothers and their mistreatment of him and chapter 45, which deals with Joseph’s act of forgiveness towards his humbled brothers. What caused Joseph’s brothers to hate him so much? Write down all their reasons for hating Joseph. What plans did his brothers have for Joseph. What did they do him? From chapters 39-43, what do you notice about the kind of man Joseph was? Why did the Lord bless him? From chapter 45, what do you learn about Joseph’s attitude towards his brother who mistreated him? How is Joseph like Christ? Write Matthew 6:12 on an index card and memorize it. Be made aware of how you forgive. Will you be like Joseph, your brother?<br /> <br />TUESDAY <br />Today, we will be looking at Stephen, a true servant of the Lord. Read Acts chapter 6. What was happening within the growing church? What did the apostles propose to the church to solve this problem of favoritism? Why did the church choose Stephen to be one of the overseers to the daily distribution of food? What does this chapter tell you about Stephen’s reputation? Write down his characteristics. It is interesting to know the name “Stephen” signifies a crown. Now read Acts chapter 7. What else do you notice about Stephen? Was he afraid of defending the Gospel? Write down the godly qualities of Stephen from chapter 7. Why were the Sanhedrin moved to rage? How did Stephen respond to his raging executioners? Does Stephen’s statement sound familiar? Who said a similar statement? You may want to resort to a concordance for help. Write Matthew 6:14 on an index card and memorize it. Will you be like Stephen, your brother? <br />  <br />WEDNESDAY <br />Today, we will be looking at a father’s attitude towards his bitter son. Read Luke 15:11-32. How did the older brother behave towards the welcoming his younger brother? What did the father do when he learned that his son was angry and out in the field? Whom did the older son boast about? Do you think that this older son has never sinned against his father? Do you think he was being completely truthful in his claims of himself? Although the older son was negative towards his brother and dad, how did his father respond? How would the world respond to such disrespect and bitterness? How would you respond to such disrespect and bitterness? Who is this ‘father’ figuratively representing? Write Ephesians 4:32 on an index card and memorize it. Will you be like God, your Father? <br />  <br />THURSDAY <br />Today, we will be looking at the Lord’s attitude towards his merciless executioners. Read Luke 23:26-34. Sounds familiar? Remember Tuesday’s lesson? Well, now we know from where Stephen got his forgiving attitude in Acts 7:60! Rightly did Jesus say in Luke 6:40, “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.” What was the first statement that came out of Jesus’ mouth after He was fastened to the cross? Who was He praying for? When was the last time you prayed this way for those who have wronged you? When was the last time you pleaded with God for mercy on behalf of your debtors? How have you reacted towards those who have verbally or emotionally crucified you? Write Colossians 3:12, 13 on an index card and memorize it. Will you be like Jesus, your Lord? <br /> <br />FRIDAY <br />This has been a challenging week, hasn’t it? Forgiveness is what the Cross is truly about. Look up in a concordance the word “forgiveness” and you will see Jesus, His blood and His message (the gospel)! Read Matthew 18:21-35. In verse 22, what is Christ teaching here regarding forgiveness? What does this tell you about God’s mercy towards you? Who does the “king” represent? Who are the servants? The thousands of talents represent what? How about the hundred denarii (pence)? Which debt is the greater? Why did God call the servant wicked? How does this relate to you? Can the debt of sin ever be paid in full without Christ? Therefore, what does verse 34 mean? Does this mean his punishment is only temporary? What is the wages of sin? How are we to forgive our brother? Are you like the king or like the unmerciful servant? Read Matthew 6:12. Write Matthew 6:15 on an index card and memorize it. Will you be as this King? <br />