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M-Star™ School Expert System


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M-Star™ is an Education E-governance Expert System with focus on the requirements of individual users of the system and addresses each of them in a personalized manner, specific to their needs.

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M-Star™ School Expert System

  1. 1. Network of Exclusive Technologies
  2. 2. Network of Exclusive Technologies A well managed school is reputable and viable M-StarTM School Expert System Promotes educational and economic viability in schools using  Research  Analytics and  Latest technology
  3. 3. Network of Exclusive Technologies The benefits of a good reputation A School builds reputation for its academic & extra-curricular programs, And eventually celebrates success resulting in  Excellent reputation,  Growing popularity and  Better quality of applicants
  4. 4. Network of Exclusive Technologies SES Modules include  Payroll  Exams & Results  Purchase  Fee Management  Scheduler  Financials  Time Office Maintenance  Health  Transport and more...  Admission  HRM  Attendance  Inventory  Circular  Library  Dormitory  MIS Reports  Dynamic Querying System
  5. 5. Network of Exclusive Technologies What is M-StarTM M-Star™ is an Education E-governance Expert System with focus on the requirements of individual users of the system and addresses each of them in a personalized manner, specific to their needs. It acts as the ECG (electro cardiogram) of an educational system, by providing the right direction at the right time to an individual.
  6. 6. Network of Exclusive Technologies M-StarTM Stakeholder Benefits
  7. 7. Network of Exclusive Technologies OmVcard – The smart card of SES M-Star™ is propelled by revolutionary e-Governance architecture and is driven by a unique card, referred as OmVcard. The OMV (Online Multi-Doman Value) Card acts as a binding tool, integrating all the elements and all the services of the educational domain onto one single platform, and is accessible through highly secure user- based identity.
  8. 8. Network of Exclusive Technologies Benefits of OmVcard  The unique features of OmVcard are  Provides unique ID to every user (institution & outside campus)  Multi-purpose card for Library, Exam Hall Ticket, Student Election, Canteen, Fee, etc.  Secure access depending on user/role  Tracks usage of services (transactions/ movements)  Monitors attendance pattern of student / employee attendance  Downloads complete student transcripts & employee records  Maintains health information for ready access in emergencies  Supports cashless transactions (e-purse)  Responsibilities can be added, deleted, updated centrally for an individual or group
  9. 9. Network of Exclusive Technologies M-StarTM SES can cater from “1 to N” institutions From “1-N” users From one location to multi-locations Every educational system of the world embedded within Schools, Colleges, Universities Residential, Public, Private Clusters to Vocational Technical, Medical, Agricultural, Pharmacy, etc. From Bare Minimum – Advanced ICT environment From Rural to District to State to Country Public, Institutions and Administrative or Regulatory bodies Caters to the needs of an individual, throughout his lifecycle, from Pre-Delivery to Birth to Career Scalability
  10. 10. Network of Exclusive Technologies Ecosystem
  11. 11. Network of Exclusive Technologies Schools in India Clients M-StarTM SES is adequately equipped to meet the needs of various categories of schools. The proprietary technology that builds the system suits all the listed schools and can be customized further Seventy schools across India have successfully implemented the system. Schools of different categories can adopt this system including  Play Schools  Kindergarten  Nursery  Residential Schools  International Schools  Play Schools  Kindergarten  Nursery  Residential Schools  International Schools
  12. 12. Network of Exclusive Technologies School Districts & Educational Institutions in USA  Virtual Middle & High schools  Unified School Districts  Consolidated School Districts  Private Schools designed for academically competitive independent learners. For instance Home, Private, Parochial & International Students Institutions in china  MGRM Net Ltd. established a Partnership with International Consortium for University Exchanges (ICUE), China. This permits facilitating high-quality instructional experiences through M-StarTM LSP to Chinese students intending to enter top 100 US universities. M-Governance for Government  MGRM's M-Governance & M-StarTM systems to be implemented nationwide
  13. 13. Network of Exclusive Technologies MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management) MGRM is a diversified, multi-sector group with over two decades of research experience in evolving proprietary technologies which are used to create products and solutions having global applicability in multiple domains. The MGRM team has created revolutionary technologies in different domains and translated these into business opportunities. MGRM has a footprint across 6 continents and numerous countries and enjoys the patronage of millions of clients and corporate customers. Comprehensive Solution Footprint of M-StarTM Product Suite
  14. 14. Network of Exclusive Technologies Would you like to know more? MGRM Net Ltd is India’s leading IT Product Company established in 1998 offering related IT services. MGRM Net markets and implements the state of the art e- Governance Systems and Services licensed by its technology parent, MGRM Holding, Inc. Our product range includes leading-edge education expert systems, education E-governance systems and countrywide E-governance solutions. Our products popularly branded as M-Star and M-Gov are developed on the patented concepts of Delivery to Development and Multi-Completeness Solutions. 304, My Home Sarovar Plaza, Secretariat Road, Hyderabad - 500063, India P : +91 9177755331 E : Contact Us