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A Study to identify the Eclipse testing Culture


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Published in: Technology
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A Study to identify the Eclipse testing Culture

  1. 1. A Study to identify the testingculture of the Eclipse community Do you know I know what To know best practices Let’s do a Eclipse testing works for me… and pitfalls… That would study to shed best practices? Most of the be great! some light! time… But two friends do it differently… Let’s CONTRIBUTE and PARTICIPATE! Oh! Good to Good know! Yes! And we contributed! Ah! Happy END Participate to identify testing best practices and pitfalls! What is the study’s aim? What happens to the data? The study aims to shed light on the testing culture All individual interviews will be treated as within the Eclipse community, and to identify best confidential. The results will be shared with practices and pitfalls. The results of the study will participants, and some anonymized information be compiled and made available, and form a may be used in academic papers or other foundation for improving testing within Eclipse. publications. Who are we looking for? How to participate? We are looking for Eclipse plug-in developers and The study involves participating at an one hour testers, as well as for developers and testers of Rich interview, in most cases done via phone or Skype. Client Platform applications. Interested? Send an email to What happens to the tests during a refactoring? Is continuous integration enough? When to use PDE tests? Where do I find test guidelines? How to test plug-ins? What about acceptance testing? Integration Testing? When can I stop testing? Who is responsible for testing? Which tools should I use? Is unit testing enough? Who conducts the research? Michaela Greiler & Arie van Deursen The research is promoted by the Software Engineering Group at the Delft University of Technology. The study is, designed by Michaela Greiler and Arie van Deursen. Software Engineering Research Group Delft University of Technology