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Works Portfolio

  1. 1. design portfol i o Portfolio Michael S. Great AIA, LEED AP Works 2002-2009 Warner Pacific College Gymnasium-Portland Or, Design Co-Lead. Rollin Street 209 unit Condominium-Seattle Wa, Design Lead. Davis Eight Lofts-Portland Or, Design Lead. Backbridge Lofts-Portland Or, Design Lead. Mirabella Portland Senior Housing-Portland Or, Design Co-Lead. SkyLakes Medical Center-Klamath Falls Or, Design Lead. Living Building-Seattle Wa, Design Lead. Vestas Americas-North American Corporate Headquarters-Portland Or, Design Co-Lead. Nmac Block 23-Portland Or, Design Lead. Salishan Spa-Gleneden Beach Or, Design Lead. Rockwood Max Station-Gresham Or, Design Lead. Dallas Urban Revision “NetZero” Housing competition-Dallas Tx, Design Co-Lead. Courtyard Housing-Portland Or, Design Lead. Integrating Habitats -Urban Ecotones Design Competition-Portland Or, Design Co-Lead.
  2. 2. building types Contents Higher Education Housing Medical Sustainable Office Hospitality Transportation Competitions
  3. 3. knights athletic facility Higher Education (design intent) One goal for the new 39,000 sf, basketball facility was to give the school a new “athletic” public face. In response the new 1,200 seat addition was sited along s.e. Division Street a major arterial in the neighborhood. The building has two distinct facades, the west elevation opens up to the college with large expanses of glass and integrated sunshades. While the south is composed of a true panelized brick system and designed to be a billboard to the street while shielding spectators from the southern sun. The expansion brings together various spaces vital to a modern NCAA basketball venue, including an athletic director’s office, coaches and staff offices, four team rooms, two referee’s rooms, trainer’s room, weight room, classrooms, ticket booth, concessions area, hall of fame and various student or public spaces. the expansion gives the college a new “athletic” public face Knights Athletic Facility Warner Pacific College Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design co-lead, 3d form explorations, client presentations, design packages, material Design Co-Lead selection, cad drawings
  4. 4. rollin street flats (design intent) A 208 unit, 400,000sf residential building designed for South Lake Union in Seattle. Housing A neighborhood characterized by low rise commercial and urban brick warehouses. Rollin St. was designed to be a modern interpretation of these surrounding structures. Dark elongated brick create a composition of bold, high-relief frames, These frames are set within a field of light-colored square brick. They are eroded in response to the urban density to the south and the sites solar exposure, creating a “shell” protecting the largely glazed wall behind. These brick “frames” provide outdoor decks where needed for livability of residents, and a buffer between urban exterior and quiet interior. Another prominent feature of the project is the glazed vertical shaft at the entry. Designed to express the vertical circulation of the residential tower, while scaling the mass created by a 360’ façade along Westlake also known as Rollin St. form gives every resident a view of Puget Sound Rollin Street Flats Denny Way and Westlake Ave. N Seattle, Washington (project responsibilities) Finished in 2009 design lead, client presentations, design review packages, material selection, con- Design Lead struction documents, construction administration, details, 3d model exploration
  5. 5. davis eight lofts (design intent) Housing This 94,000 sf, 58 unit residential project began as an attempt to integrate the modern form of a contemporary building with the existing historical context along Portland’s north park blocks. Its design combined the architecture of the two buildings on site while infusing them with modern materials such as metal panel and glass. The metal panel be- comes the dominate material of the south elevation. Its form creates unit balconies as it shades the interior from summer sun. As the metal panel approaches the north elevation it transition to large expanses of glass. The architecture attempts to fold in materials and aesthetics from the past to enrich the new. borrows materials from the historic to enrich the new Davis Eight Lofts Nw Davis St. and Nw 8th Ave. Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design lead, client presentations, design packages, material selection, model cre- Design Lead ated in form-z
  6. 6. backbridge lofts (design intent) Housing A projected LEED Platinum residential project Backbridge Lofts consists of 35 resi- dential units and 4 town homes. Its massing is composed of simple modern volumes and folding planes with a material palette of cedar siding and smooth stucco, these help to maintain scale within a single family residential context. Its sunken courtyard is designed to hide the residents 30+ cars from the street while creating a vegetated open space for residents to relax and play. Composed of grass pavers and swales this courtyard space also treats and/or retain all storm water on site. composed of simple modern volumes Backbridge Lofts N Williams Ave. & Ne Fremont St. Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design lead, client presentations, design review packages, 3d design explorations, Design Lead construction drawings
  7. 7. mirabella pdx (final) nw corner (final) sw corner (final) se corner (final) ne corner (design intent) Housing Located in the emerging South Waterfront district of Portland. This projected LEED platinum 224 unit urban senior housing community was designed to respond to its urban surroundings. The adjacent neighborhood park was invited to cross the street and into a open entry court. The overall mass of the building is stepped up gradu- ally from the park through the podium and up the tower, creating multiple outdoors amenities for residents. A diverse palette of materials was used in concert with a varied vertical pattern of balconies creating residential units with multiple layouts. This variation adds character and playfulness to the facade, all elements that many high rise residential projects in the neighborhood lacked. varied vertical pattern of balconies Mirabella Portland Sw Bond Ave. & Sw Curry St. Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Completion in 2011 design co-lead, client presentations, design review packages, 3d design explora- Design Lead tions, material selection, construction drawings.
  8. 8. skylakes center (design intent) Medical The primary design goal of this 116 inpatient bed expansion to Skylakes Medical Center was to unify the new facility with the existing while simplifying way finding. The 120,000sft expansion is placed at the parking lot edge to create a new public face to the hospital while providing an improved entry sequence. The gaps between the new and old buildings are captured as internal courtyards, providing the healing power of a natural environment to all patients. The hospital is one of the first to use 100% outside ventilation air, and the only to utilize a geothermal heat source to provide all the facilities heating needs. create a new public face to the hospital Skylakes Medical Center Daggett Ave. Klamath Falls, Oregon (project responsibilities) Finished in 2007 design lead, client presentations, 3D graphics created in form-z, construction docu- Design Lead ments
  9. 9. living building -Wind Rose Chart/Site Overlay wind turbines -wind diverter (design intent) Sustainable A design study for a 85 story/1.7 million sqft condominium/hotel point tower specifi- -PV panels -Sun shade Wind turbines -Near vertical core Each unit has a cally designed for the climate of the pacific northwest. Using site specific characteris- for energy storage balcony in the trees tics to influence the overall form and function of the project. Shaped to harness both Wind diverter sun and wind energy while putting units at the 55 floor in a tree canopy. It attempts to combine the best of the suburbs within the framework of an urban setting. Based Vertical Influences on the Living Building Challenge and incorporating sustainable concepts such as, pv Buildings shape is a response to wind -Tower emerges within urban context, then responds panels, wind turbines, living walls, stack effect heating & cooling, dual glazed walls, to environmental influences direction at site Outdoor plaza as it rises Planted outdoor and modular materials. spaces Form, Function and Wind Typical Living Spaces at Tower shaped to harness both sun and wind energy Living Building Study 80 Story, Mixed-Use Building Seattle, Washington (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design lead, client presentations, 3D modeling and visualization, models created in Design Lead sketchup, material selection, diagramming.
  10. 10. vestas vame (design intent) Office A 300,000 sqft, 19 story North American Headquarters building for Vestas Wind Energy. Designed to be an alternative energy catalyst for the region, meant to house all of Vestas operations while also attracting other alternative energy companies to the region. The internal organization of the building is designed to encourage the ac- cidental interactions that nurture collaboration. Designed to support specific corporate requirements while also integrating common sense sustainability. The tower is oriented in an optimum east/west configuration, blocking much of the suns energy at the low angles near sunrise and sunset. A form designed to take advantage of its site near the Willamette River, folding and bending as touches the rivers edge, improving the opportunity for views up and down the valley. folds and changes as it contacts the rivers edge Vestas Americas Headquarters Corporate Office Building Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design co-lead, client presentations, 3D modeling and visualization, models created Design Co-Lead in sketchup, material selection, diagramming.
  11. 11. nmac block 2 3 (design intent) Office A terminal studio project meant to explore how architecture can reference past context while accommodating an innovative program for sports medicine/physical therapy. The site chosen was Portland’s South Waterfront district, a place with a rich history of ship dismantling and construction, centered around the existing Zidell facility. The program developed from a seemingly natural expansion of an established institu- tion. Taking the nearby Oregon Health Sciences University, combined with a future aerial tram connection to create an urban laboratory for physical therapy and sports medicine in South Waterfront. Project published in Arcade 2002 a place with a rich history of ship dismantling NMac Block 23 OHSU Physical Therapy Education Extension Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Unbuilt-Terminal Project design lead, presentations, 3D modeling and visualization, material selection, Design Lead diagramming, 2d drawings, masterplanning, user groups discussions.
  12. 12. salishan spa (design intent) Hospitality Salishan Spa was designed to take full advantage of its spectacular site overlooking Siletz Bay. Each space frames views of the landscape so that visitors are treated to a variety of stunning natural views as they move through the spa. The use of natural materials and the simplicity of the design compliment the natural backdrop. These elements are intended to submerge visitors in to the natural beauty of Siletz Bay. The 8,000 square foot, full-service spa includes 8 individual treatment rooms, 4 saunas, 3 hot pools, light therapy room and a salon. DESIGN AWARDS: International Interior Design Association Honor Award 2005; Gold Key Finalist 2006 submerge visitors into the natural beauty of Siletz Bay Salishan Spa Salishan Resort (project responsibilities) Gleneden Beach, Oregon Finished in 2007 design co-lead, client presentations, 3D modeling and visualization, material selec- Design Co-Lead tion, diagramming.
  13. 13. rockwood m a x (design intent) Transportation The goal for Tri-met and this new Max train station was to energize the surround- ing community through thoughtful place making. The Rockwood station as all Max stations is designed to meet all the regular safety requirements while infusing whimsy and imagination. The design took Rockwoods resilient agricultural past combined with its “rocky soil” forced us to look deep within the earth itself for inspiration. Using the natural folding and heaving of the tectonic plates as a metaphor for this change. As a result the station platform seems to fold up from the ground, creating shelter from the elements and protection from the traffic all around. the station platform seems to fold up from the ground Rockwood Max Station Tri-Met station Gresham, Oregon (project responsibilities) In Design design lead, 3D modeling and visualization, material selection, diagramming. Design Lead
  14. 14. dallas competition (design intent) Competitions This competition entry attempts to be a catalyst for downtown Dallas Texas, bringing community together. Transforming an entire district into a true mixed-use urban experience. Similar to water cutting a vegetated lifeline through an open expanse of rocky desert, it hopes to erode existing social barriers to the vitality and livability of urban life. Composed of live/work units, retail, office and a learning center which gives insight into the many sustainable concepts including vertical urban farms, wind power, inte- grated pv panels, and rainwater collection. The design escapes the constraints of the city grid as rotates slightly in response to solar and wind considerations. . rotates off the city grid in response to solar and wind Dallas Competition Entry Re:vision Dallas, Texas (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design co-lead, client presentations, 3D modeling and visualization, material selec- Design Co-Lead tion, diagramming.
  15. 15. competition entry courtyard housing (design intent) Competitions The design concept of this competition entry was to reinvent courtyard housing within the context of northwest regionalism, while integrating people and nature. It seems the current courtyard housing vernacular was inherited from warmer southern regions and there for ignores the inherent environmental qualities of the northwest. This design set out to exemplify these critical elements of the northwest experience, attempting to put more emphasis on trees, dense vegetation, and the desire of resi- dents to experience the natural environment in everyday life. an integration of people and nature Courtyard Housing Competition Entry City of Portland Portland, Oregon (project responsibilities) Unbuilt design lead, 3D modeling and visualization, rendering, diagramming, presentation, Design Lead 2d drawings
  16. 16. Urban Ecotones Metro-Integrating Habitats Commercial Development Portland, Oregon competition-First Place Winner Competitions integrating habitats
  17. 17. 23savior housing Ballard Housing Ballard Housing Normal, Illinois Competition China Housing Other Projects Burnside Bridgehead proposal Burnside Bridgehead proposal Gateway Office Warner Pacific Auditorium John Street Housing Florist block concept