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Business Plan Watch Industry Presentation 08 2008 Mc


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Monaco Business Plan pitch competition

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Business Plan Watch Industry Presentation 08 2008 Mc

  1. 1. CREADIGOSA THE LUXURY ECO-WATCH Business Plan Pitch – September, 2008 Business Presentation (c) Michel Grand, September 2008.
  3. 3. Part 1: THE IDEA Relaunching the old and forgotten time- pieces in an Eco-trendy and luxury style… Creating a new combination of old and new Hi-tech watches, with the Eco-friendly label! CREADIGOSA
  4. 4. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH The needs and feelings to be filled • People wants to be exceptional • Rebirth the past traditions • Desire of Accessories • Showing-off Wealth & Success Can’t play golf, can’t play tennis, can’t do so many things with a wrist watch...and need more services! CREADIGOSA
  5. 5. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Why Monaco? • Did an MBA there • City of luxury product’s consumption • Best pool of wealthy people in need of services and top luxury watches • MC means boats, luxury, charity and environment initiatives... • Best potential for growth and employment opportunities from the start-up The best place to start a boutique of luxury watches and services that will be the first Eco-friendly watches in the world...the best place to attract customers and create a buzz worldwide! CREADIGOSA
  7. 7. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH The offer, what we offer Style of Life... • Classical Villa • Classical Car • Classical Suit • And then…the Classical Watch We are a manufacturer of time-pieces that relaunch old and traditional products set into a combination of revisited old trend and new technologies without harming the environment. We are reinventing the forgotten values and the pride that comes with owning a spectacular, Eco & traditional time-piece… CREADIGOSA
  8. 8. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Our Business Model • Outsourced manufacturing • In-house design • High-end distributors only and own trendy boutiques • Hospitality services • Celebrities endorsements on a volunteer basis • A coefficient of 6 Time is not our selling point: Art, Luxury, Tradition, Ecological and uniqueness is... CREADIGOSA
  9. 9. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Features – Functions –Benefits I We are transforming authenticity and emotion into a luxury master piece of Art & Envy… • Complications • Urban/interior materials • No lubricants, No animal’s material • Only recyclable and natural materials • Noble wood and precious stones We are offering a lifetime investment opportunity in personal image, style and wealth preservation for customers and their next generations… Tasting environmental luxury! CREADIGOSA
  10. 10. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH The product I – the first collection “Urban Chic”TM Imagine a mix of urban materials and complications...the “three 8s”TM of the day represented as cadrans to be giving you the time of doing what... “Sleep, work and play”(R) • City and date • Inversed numbers • Ceramic • Concrete • CREADIGOSA
  11. 11. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH “URBAN CHIC” – the three 8s collection Men Women • Light white concrete • Light pure concrete • Pink Italian ceramic • Black Italian ceramic • Complicated & skelett  • Complicated & skelett  movement mouvement • White gold screws • Yellow gold screws • Silver writings • Gold writings • Small size • Big size • 2 chains – neck & weight – • 1 golden chain white gold The box will be in concrete with wooden sides and metal locks and feature, to give it a  Urban style. CREADIGOSA
  12. 12. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Where we are...where we go The following collections/ideas based on themes… • Arabian (Gold, sand) • Mountain (Rocks, wood) • Sea (Boat materials) CREADIGOSA
  13. 13. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Where we are...where we go The Good old days are reviving… • Niche Market in the high-end product’s market • Specialist’s recognition • Market saturation on wristwatches CREADIGOSA
  14. 14. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Effective & Creative Marketing solutions • Co-branding with reknown suits makers and high-end clothing houses • Concierge services • Grooming services ”By offering pocket watches as gifts to tastfully selected influencial public personnalities, we will be ”seen” and desired by the conservative and wealthy people of Monaco” CREADIGOSA
  15. 15. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH The competition analysis is promising... The few competitors in the market are “passive” (Omega, Bovet, Breguet, Patek Phillipe, Vacheron Constantin) COMPETITORS US • Large capital • Customized STRENGHTS product/flexibility • Strong brand name • Innovation/uniqueness • Reputation • Focus on art/design • Strong presence • SCM & distribution • Promotions • Functionality • No known brand name WEAKNESSES • Out of reach/price • Start-up • Lower amount of capital CREADIGOSA
  16. 16. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH Our Team Building a pole of highly skilled, flexible and multi-tasks entrepreneurs of Monaco: Trinity management fulfilled with… A Marketing Director, a Financial Director, A Creative Director and constant advisors from existing brands in the industry. CREADIGOSA
  17. 17. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH But what’s more for Monaco Creating a network of services within the principality from the watch company to local players: Electric transportations • Individual and by foot deliveries • Events organisation • Repairs • Lifestyle focused • Environment sponsorships • CREADIGOSA
  19. 19. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH The Financial Projections • Estimated industry turnover 2008: 16B (CH) • Increase in sales estimated at 16,20% • Estimated sales for the first year: 50 pces • Average cost: 10,000.- EUROs • Average selling price: 60,000.- EUROs Revenues: Year 1 / Year 2 / Year 3 300,000 3,399,000 4,378,000 EUROs (5 pieces) (55 pieces) (69 pieces) Estimated Net Income margin: 27% (as of year 2) CREADIGOSA
  20. 20. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH The Milestones • Positive feedbacks • Development stage • Work part of MBA’s classes' projects • Personal and strong contacts made with top leaders in the industry The funding will be used for the setup of the brand and the launch of the first product. Additional funding will be requested if the opportunity to acquire a old and troubled manufacturer arise. This will have the advantage to retain the “savoir-faire” and own a traditional and historical brand to ease market penetration. CREADIGOSA
  21. 21. EXCEPTIONALITY IN A WATCH What else would you like to know? Thank you for your attention and welcome to a new and exceptionally innovative venture… CREADIGOSA