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Working in the Global Classroom: A Teacher's Journey (#RSCON4)


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Over the past few years, my global connections have transformed the way I learn, the way I teach, and the way I see the world. My global journey started in 2011, when I gave my first ever presentation at #RSCON3, and co-founded The Global Classroom Project community. And this year, it took me to the iEARN 2013 Conference in Qatar, where I shared my experiences on the world stage.

In this session, I will explore how teachers can enrich their students’ learning, broaden perspectives, and transform their teaching practice by connecting beyond their classroom walls. I’m returning to where it all began, exploring the tools, communities, and online networks which helped me connect, learn, share, and collaborate beyond my classroom walls, and helped me become the educator I am today.

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Working in the Global Classroom: A Teacher's Journey (#RSCON4)

  1. 1. • This presentation was given at the Reform Symposium eConference (#RSCON4) on October 12, 2013. • You can watch a recording of the session on YouTube here: zF4&
  2. 2. A World of Stories Comments and advice shared in session: • “As Michael said, start small, just one little idea or connection will lead to many more. Take the leap because there are many people willing to help and offer assistance on all levels. Don't fear failure because we learn from our mistakes! Oh - and make sure you are on Twitter. That's where my journey began!” Karen - @ICT_Integrator • “When someone reaches you to help you out you feel special and that you´re not alone in this journey! Thank you M!” @mariacolussa • “#globalclassroom helped me recognise the power of connecting to people you have never met”
  3. 3. • #globalclassroom strengthened my PLN and made it global ... helped me to know I was not alone. :) • “I love to see the excitement on my students’ faces when they have the opportunity to connect with students worldwide” • “Find someone who is willing to take risks, and start small. You will be surprised” • “Love learning from others... will be connecting with a classroom from Canada this coming week to go ahead and connect with the Global Read Aloud Project to talk about a common book we're reading, Out of Our Mind. Have been connecting through Edmodo this year as well to connect to other classes.” • “My genius hour students felt empowered to ask around the world for chocolate samples. They sent chocolate to others, and received it from Australia, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates”