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The Global Classroom Project is envisaged as an online education community where teachers and students can connect, share, learn and collaborate on a global stage.

Over the course of the past two years, this vision has been brought to life by a team of dedicated educators around the world.

In the course of 2011-12, we hosted over 15 major global projects, and saw our education network grow to include over 300 teachers, and several thousand students. Our project blog and wiki have become vibrant spaces for sharing teachers’ global projects, and our Facebook and Skype groups have proved to be extremely valuable spaces for teachers to connect, and build global friendships.

This presentation hosted several major project announcements, and marked the official launch of Global Classroom 2012-13.

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  • Effective global collaboration is about the people , not the technology Sharing ideas & professional practice helps transform global connections into powerful learning experiences Creating a global community requires vision, grassroots leadership, and a global collaborative effort.
  • Effective global collaboration is about the people , not the technology Sharing ideas & professional practice helps transform global connections into powerful learning experiences Creating a global community requires vision, grassroots leadership, and a global collaborative effort.
  • Global Classroom Stories & Launch (#GlobalEd12)

    1. The Global Classroom ProjectStories & Project Launch 2012-13 Bhaktapur, Nepal Beirut, Lebanon Bucharest, Romania Michael Graffin (@mgraffin) - Australia Govinda Panthy, Nepal Effie Kyrikakis, Greece Lin-Lin Tan, Taiwan Sebastian Panakal, India Karen Stadler, South Africa
    2. Session RecordingThis presentation was held on November 16, 2012 as part of the Global Education Conference 2012.It was recorded, and you can watch the presentation in BlackBoard Collaborate by following this link:
    3. Aims of the Session• To provide an overview of the origins, history, and the community spaces which define the The Global Classroom Project• To enable international teachers to showcase their #globalclassroom projects and experiences• Introduce you to Govinda Panthy and the SAV School, Nepal• Mark the official launch of Global Classroom 2012-13 Magic Skype Moment at #ACEC2012. Skyping with @SAVSchool, Nepal
    4. The Story So FarGlobal Classroom 2011-12 ran from October 2011- June 2012, hostingover 15 major projects, and helping connect teachers worldwide.Highlights included presenting at the Global Education Conference 2011,and establishing the monthly #globalclassroom Twitter Chats.Global Classroom 2012-13 launches today at #GlobalEdCon12 • 42 Countries • 6 Continents • 330+ Teachers • 1/3 Active Members in 2011-12
    5. Our Community Spaces"Were building the online spaces where teachers can engage in global conversations with teachers around the world"Contact Directories for our K-3, Grades 4-6, and 7-12 Teachers
    6. "Global Classroom is about encouraging global connections and conversations between teachers and students around the world ...” Steve Sherman We invite teachers to:•Join a project / Flat Stanley exchange•Establish connections with teachers and classes in other countries via blogging, penpal,or skype exchanges•Share, build and promote their own global projects via our blog and wiki•Join as a teacher mentor, assisting teachers with project design, best practice, etc
    7. Stories from the Global ClassroomAustraliaNepalGreeceIndiaTaiwanSouth Africa
    8. Michael Graffin - @mgraffinPerth, Western Australia A story of Connecting, Mentoring, and Learning - Globally
    9. Learning with Technology @ the SAV School, NepalAn introduction to the Internet Google Hangout with Mars Science Connecting with the World via Skype Laboratory (Curiosity) EngineerCONNECTSkype: govinda_prasad_panthyTwitter: @SAVSchoolEmail: gopisu@gmail.comFacebook: www.facebook/gpanthy
    10. Govinda P. Panthy, SAV School, Nepal Ive found the Global Classroom project very much beneficial to bring the whole world to the classroom. Many new people, many new projects, many new ideas, great assistance in learning; fun and worthy. More than that Ive opportunity to learn to integrate EdTech in teaching. It gives opportunity to have direct contact to the teachers and students. Lucky the EdTech users! GC project is a great tool to integrate students into global education and enrich our teaching experiences with the help of dedicated teachers across the globe.Find Out More:http://savschool.wordpress.com
    11. Winners Education, Athens GreeceEffie Kyrikakis, Academic Director Global Classroom is a group of educators committed to facilitate learning through collaboration and technology. Being part of this community has opened to our classes and students a window to the world! Skyping with the USA bal Project Thought Glo The Sunny Presenting Greek poetry at UNESCO Innovation Days WorldFriends Project, on Scratch
    12. Sebastian Panakal Kerala, IndiaThanks to Michael Graffin of Global Classroom, who convinced our FinanceMinister of the power of ICT enabled teaching: a rural school in a remote villagewas granted a handsome fund for a Multi-Media Lab.Global Classroom has been a boon to us in Kerala, thanks to the teams cross-cultural connections and trans-disciplinary learning. Train Online Online Video: Zero to Hero Twitter: @sebastianpanaka
    13. Keralas Global ClassroomThank you Global Classroom!A team of three teenagers have started anonline English Language Training Centre in amembers home.•Accepting a honorarium to cover theirexpenses, the team connects weekly withschools abroad on Skype and has a culturalexchange where everyone actively participate.•They engage online English teachers fromabroad to volunteer at the training centre.Parents oversee management, making it acosy family affair.•They blog to promote their business whiledeveloping language skills. Now studentsmanage as Moms produce the potted plantcontainer the students used to make!
    14. The Global Classroom Project 2011-2012 in TaiwanLin-Lin Tan, For Students: It enables students to have distinct direct contact with peers/teachers of other nations in order to gain new perspective about the world they live in.Involved In:•Skype lessons•Global Lunch Table Project•Sunny Thought Project•Oddizzi Class Pals
    15. It provides teachers with various choices of projects in orderto integrate students into international education andenriches our teaching experiences.Teachers around the world in the Skypegroup (Global Classroom) are dedicatedand help one another in the platform.This creates sense of belonging. It is a whole new way to bring the world to the classroom.
    16. South Africa joins the Global ClassroomKaren StadlerICT Co-ordinator - Elkanah House Senior Primary, Cape Town • Students should make global connections so that they can gain a better understanding of their place in the world - a balanced perspective. • Through inquiry and meaningful connections, learning outside of the classroom is optimised. • Teachers should make the connections first - theyll soon want to include their students - and colleagues! • Fun - this is an important part of learning too, especially at foundation and intermediate level. @ICT_Integrator
    17. Highlights of the past year 1. My own project: 2. Our Grade 6s reading their stories Crazy Crazes to the 6th Graders from the Vonsild School in Denmark 3. Our Skype chat with a 6th Grade class in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA 4.The Global Classroom Memento 5. Our Skype Scrapbook chat with a Year 2 class in Margaret River, Western Australia 6. An impromptu Skype with Govinda Prasanthy Prasad and a Grade 5 class from Nepal.
    18. Its all about the students! Sarah Abigail TyraMatthew
    19. Lessons Learnt• Global collaboration is about empowering people and building community, not about the latest technology• By sharing ideas, and professional support, we can help teachers transform their teaching practice.• Teachers, working together, are capable of turning dreams into reality.
    20. Goals for 2012-13We will be:•Exploring new ways to better engage and support primary ANDsecondary teachers engagement in global collaboration•Expanding, and improving our online collaboration spaces•Experimenting with ways to better include teachers and students fromnon-English speaking countries and less privileged economic situations.•Building a promotional & fundraising partnership with Open WorldCause and Govinda Panthys SAV School in Nepal
    21. Global Classroom Lead TeachersThis project was made possible through the efforts, creativity, and activeinvolvement of teachers around the world.Wed like to officially recognise: Australia / New Zealand: Anne Mirtschin, Rob Sbaglia, Kimberley Rivett Asia: Jennifer Fenton, Linlin Tan, Tasha Cowdy, Govinda Panthy Europe: Effie Kyrikakis, Cristina Milos, Tom Sale, Rawya Shatila, Clive Elsmore, Stefan Nielsen Africa: Karen Stadler, Brenda Hallowes Americas: Lu Bodeman, Claudia Ozceta, Deb Frazier, Tina Schmidt, Kyle Dunbar, Louise Morgan, Laurie Renton, Julie Simmons, Theresa Allen, Jen Hollis Smith
    22. Global Classroom 2012-13 Launch Edmodo Penpals The Global Classroom Crazy Crazes Scrapbooks Flat Friends &The Malala Project Mascot Exchanges Christmas Around the World And more in the pipeline ....
    23. Questions, Thoughts, Comments?
    24. Find Us OnlineTwitter: @GCPorganisersGoogle Group: (2011-12): globalclassroom2011-12.wikispaces.comWiki (2012-13): globalclassroom2012-13.wikispaces.comBlog:
    25. The Global Classroom Project Co-FoundersMichael Graffin is a third year relief (substitute) teacher in Perth, WesternAustralia. He has yet to teach a class of his own, but takes pride in his role inleading the creation of the Global Classroom community. He still has no idea wherethis project will ultimately take him, but is happy to go along for the ride.Michael blogs at, and tweets as @mgraffin.Deb Frazier, from Ohio, USA, is currently teaching and learning with 20 veryexcited first graders who love learning as much as she does! She began herteaching career as a special education teacher/intervention specialist, and finds herspecial education background a true blessing working in the early years!Deb blogs at, and tweets as @Deb_Frazier.