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Hiragana culture 1&2


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Hiragana :)

Published in: Education
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Hiragana culture 1&2

  1. 1. Japanese Hiragana Culture
  2. 2. らくご Rakugo Comedian who kneels on a Zabuton and tells interesting funny stories まつり Matsuri Japanese Festival
  3. 3. いただきます itadakimasu Thanks before a meal ごちそうさま gochisosama Thanks after a meal directed at the person who made the meal
  4. 4. ちかてつ chikatetsu Underground subway which is usually privately owned せつぶん setsubun Festival where parents dress as a Devil and where their children throw beans at the devil shouting “Devil Out” “Good Luck Come in”
  5. 5. やま yama Over 60% of Japanese land terrain is mountainous. さくら sakura Sakura is a famous flower in Japan, it blooms for about 2 weeks in which time many Japanese companies and people picnic beneath them and view them.
  6. 6. うどん udon Thick white flour noodles usually served in soup. よろしく yoroshiku Please take care of this. When you present something of importance you say Yoroshiku
  7. 7. えん en Japanese currency is called Yen にほん nihon Japanese call their country Nihon or Nippon
  8. 8. はなび hanabi Flower Fire…. Fire Works always used in Japanese festivals. なら Nara Nara is a famous city in Japan. It once was the old capital of Japan. It is the home of 1000 deers and many old Japanese temples like Todaiji, which is one of the largest wooden structures in the world.
  9. 9. てら tera Japanese Buddhist temple. Most temples in Japan are Buddhist. すごい sugoi Wow.. Japanese say すごい when they see something amazing or wonderful.
  10. 10. どうぞ Dozo Please, There you go! Something you say when you give someone a gift. ふじさん Fujisan Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is also a dormant volcano
  11. 11. りょかん Ryokan Traditional Japanese Inn. Usually are served breakfast in the morning and sleep on a futon. しあつ Shiatsu Shiatsu is a Japanese massage.
  12. 12. みこし Mikoshi Portable Shinto Shrine carried during Japanese festivals. わんわん Wanwan Onamonapia word for a Dog! WanWan!
  13. 13. からて Karate Martial art which means- Empty HandTherefore there are no weapons used in Karate つなみ Tsunami Tidal wave caused by earthquakes that’s epicentre is in the ocean.
  14. 14. のりまき Norimaki Nori means Seaweed and Maki means to roll. Norimaki means seaweed roll. Norimaki is a type of sushi. たけ Take Bamboo which is often grown in Japanese Garden the most famous being in Kyoto
  15. 15. そば Soba Soba is buckwheat noodles which is cooked but served cold with a dipping sauce. You can also fry Soba to make Yakisoba which is a very popular meal. くるま Car The biggest industry in Japan is exporting cars to the world. Most people in Australia drive a Japanese Car.
  16. 16. きもの Kimono Traditional Japanese dress made from Silk. Worn on special occasions like weddings and festivals. べんとう Bentou Traditional Japanese Lunch box is called Obento. All bento contains rice and food is divided into segments.