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Badging Economies in the Classroom: A Course Badging Workshop


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Deck from "Badging Economies in the Classroom: A Course Badging Workshop"
Deakin University 14 November 2014
Mike Goudzwaard and Michael Evans
For workshop content and notes see:
CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Badging Economies in the Classroom: A Course Badging Workshop

  1. 1. Badging Economies in the Classroom: A Course Badging Workshop Michael Evans Neukom Fellow Deakin University 14 November 2014 Dartmouth College Mike Goudzwaard Instructional Designer Dartmouth College Available under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 license:
  2. 2. I. Introductions 1. Mike and Michael 2. You! 3. Badging Economies 4. A Dartmouth example
  3. 3. How do we communicate skills, knowledge, and accomplishments… …that are not obvious from other records?
  4. 4. Digital Media Analysis Complete in-class workshop Complete supervised assignment Complete collaborative assignment AND evaluate Mediathread
  5. 5. Digital Scholarship Design a project plan in consultation with instructor Complete response memos on three out of five topics (earns progress badges) Keep a project journal Report project results in a Mediathread composition
  6. 6. Issues to consider • What problem do they solve? – Communication – Motivation – Certification • How to integrate? • Grading vs. competency • LMS vs. manual • How to validate/provide evidence? • Portfolios • How to evaluate? • Student uptake • Motivation
  7. 7. II. Course Design and Badge Design 1. Form 4 groups 2. Each group selects ONE challenge topic from the table 3. Talk/Discuss/Argue/Debate the topic in your group 4. After 10 minutes, 1-2 people from each group will share out the key points from their group discussion
  8. 8. III. Badge Slam! 1. Pick one current problem that a badge (or badges) might solve 2. As a class, work through the Guiding Badge Questions (GBQs) for that badge (This is surprisingly challenging!) 3. Break into groups and repeat the GBQs for a current problem/badge in your group
  9. 9. IV. The Pitch 1. You have 10 minutes to break into your groups and create a 1-2 minute pitch for the badge(s) you designed in Badge Slam! 2. After 10 minutes of preparation, each group will pitch their badge(s) to the rest of the workshop, providing justifications of their badge(s) as a solution to a problem
  10. 10. Feedback (and Badge!) Feedback link to claim badge:
  11. 11. Thank you! Question(s) not answered? More to say? Mike Goudzwaard: Michael Evans: