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2012 ppt for careers_website


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2012 ppt for careers_website

  1. 1. EXPLORE! Explore new Career Opportunities with Pronto Insurance!We are sure you will like what you see!
  2. 2. MEET OUR PEOPLE! Some things are hard tobelieve unless you hear it for yourself! That’s why we wouldlove for you to “Meet our People” and see what actual Pronto Insurance Employees have to say about the place they work!
  3. 3. GETTING HIRED! Every application process is different, but the first step is always to show your interest by submitting your online application! We hope to hear from you soon!
  4. 4. ON-GOING TRAINING! Year round our In-House team of Training Professionals are working hard toward creating &implementing new training sessions to keep all ouremployees competitive andalways ahead of the game!
  5. 5. GREAT WORK LIFE BALANCE! This is just one of the many perks of working at Pronto Insurance! We value our employees & we show it!
  6. 6. SUPPORTING INNOVATION! Here at Pronto you arenot only paid to perform daily routines, you are rewarded for forwardthinking & results driven performance!It’s what takes us to the next level of success!
  7. 7. UNIQUE WORK ENVIRONMENT! Bright. Unique. Dedicated. Hard Working. Results Driven. With such a dynamic group of co-workers it is easy to be inspired & reach new personal heights every day!
  8. 8. FASTER ADVANCEMENT!Here you never have to worryabout being in the exact same place for years. We strive to give every employee the opportunity to realize their full potential!Fast growing company means Faster Advancement!