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Jellyfish l Mari Carmen


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Jellyfish l Mari Carmen

Published in: Education
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Jellyfish l Mari Carmen

  1. 1. jellyfish
  2. 2. jellyfish They are marine animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria; They are pelagic, gelatinous body , shaped like a bell hanging a tubular handle, the mouth and at the lower end, sometimes prolonged by long tentacles loaded with stinging cells. Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years.
  3. 3. Jellyfish To move through the water it is driven by rhythmic contractions of its entire body; it drinks water, which is introduced into the cavity and expels it, using it as a " propeller”. Jellyfish have tentacles formed by stinging cells, which used to capture prey and as a defense. These cells contain a capsule with a toxic filament. Upon contact with a dam, the filaments are ejected and inject venom.
  4. 4. Jellyfish Jellyfish populations are expanding globally as a result of overfishing of their natural predators and the availability of excessive nutrients. When marine ecosystems become disturbed jellyfish can proliferate
  5. 5. jellyfish Some types of jellyfish are bioluminescent. Jellyfish use their bioluminescence to warn predators of their toxicity. An example of bioluminescent jellyfish is the hydromedusa crystal jelly (Aequorea victoria) .
  6. 6. By: Mari Carmen
  7. 7. By: Mari Carmen