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Yunus Carrim Hangout- reader questions


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Yunus Carrim Hangout- reader questions

  1. 1. #MGHangout: Yunus Carrim Reader questions and comments
  2. 2. Are you effective in Communication and ineffective in emblezzling Tax payers Money? -Nate Bovungana on Twitter
  3. 3. When will the buffering stop? -Sarah Britten on Twitter.
  4. 4. Remember, you can tweet us @mailandguardian if you have any questions for the minister.
  5. 5. "We are one of the countries with the highest per minute cost for cellular connectivity. What is the government going to do about the monopoly Vodacom and MTN has over this?” -Beens from Gauteng
  6. 6. BACK-UP QUESTIONS: Is there a lasting solution for the woes which has plagued the SABC in recent years? - Facebook: Rodrique E. George
  7. 7. I would ask why the state has no competition with for example bad deliver from parastatals like Telkom. Why not open up the competition for other companies and better pricing and delivery. -Website: Marthinus
  8. 8. @mailandguardian What vision does he have for his department? -Thenjiwe on Twitter
  9. 9. Verbal Question: Why is the price of one meg of data cheaper in Kenya than in Africa? And when will we reach price parity with our neighbours in the North? -Geoff Cohen: CEO of
  10. 10. Verbal Question: What specific interventions does the Ministry, working together with the SABC and its Board, have in mind to resolve the systemic problems the SABC has had and continues to have iro its funding model which has proved to have significant and detrimental implications for both its financial sustainability and, most importantly, the fulfilment of its mandate. -Sekoetlane Phamodi: campaign co-ordinator for Save our SABC
  11. 11. Caller Questions Tech writer Nafisa Akabor Hi Verashni and hello Minister. According to a survey from, South African's pay more than 4x the global average for broadband access; we are ranked 63 out of 64 countries. Are there any plans to make broadband more accessible to everyone? •
  12. 12. Daniel Acton from Google “It feels like we’ve been talking about Local Loop Unbundling for some time. Could you perhaps give us some idea for the size and complexity of the issues around LLU?”