Aids conference reader slides


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Aids conference reader slides

  1. 1. #MGHangoutReader commentsSA AIDS Conference
  2. 2. • Dan GleebitsMEC of Health Sicelo Gqobana in Eastern Capein March 2012:"The government has declared 2012 as the“Year of Action” and I can assure youHonourable Members, we have taken decisiveactions already in some areas. "
  3. 3. • Mothapo EldredGood-luck with that, rural Black School SGBswill dismiss that as taboo.
  4. 4. • Ml66ukPrepex might be safer than "traditional"circumcision, but it wont help stop mengetting HIV.
  5. 5. • Phillipa from Twitter:Definitely support contraception made moreavailable to teenagers, but Im worried aboutcrossing the health-education divideThe Pill is not a smartie, girls need propercheckups, will school nurses be trained in these?