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Hood Branded Environments Credentials 04.25.12

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Hood Deck 033012

  1. 1. The Experience is Everything : Hood Capabilities 2012
  2. 2. The experience is everything.Digital innovation has trained us to expectexactly what we want, when and wherewe want it. And consumers increasinglyexpect all contacts with brands, across allchannels, on-line, in-store or in-hand, tobe consistent and coordinated.Successful brands are marrying the keyelements of marketing, customer interaction,design, engineering and technology into aseamless brand experience.For retailers, that includes multi-channelinteractive displays, mobile apps, Wi-Fisolutions, social media, loyalty apps andanalytics, all operating in real time.Exciting stuff. But easier said than done.Brands and retailers need help navigatingthis evolving world.Welcome to Hood. 2
  3. 3. A newbreed ofretail experiencedesign. For more than two decades, Hood has been designing retail environments, kiosks, exhibits, experiential installations, and museum displays with one goal: to make brand experiences that people love. Today, we’re creating a new breed of retail experience design – a company innovating at the intersection of retail environmental design and digital technology. We employ a disciplined ‘engineered design’ process where consumer insights, design, technology and architecture are fused with interactive, multichannel media and marketing. We thrive on complex assignments, and take pride in our creative solutions that drive shoppers from consideration, to purchase, to brand advocacy. 3
  4. 4. Ourcapabilities. Types of projects Multi-Channel Interactive Displays Pop-Up Stores Trade Show Exhibits Museum Fixtures Corporate Marketing Centers Mobile Marketers Experiential Events Services we provide Consumer Insights & Strategy User Experience Design Environmental Design Software Development Engineering Manufacturing & Fabrication Installation Global Sourcing Logistics Device Monitoring Data Management & Security Data Analytics & Reporting Project Management & Integration 4
  5. 5. Clients we’ve worked with.Agilent Technologies Fuego PG&EAffymetrix Fujitsu Rosetta StoneAnchorage Museum Grace Baking SanyoAriba Hewlett-Packard Seattle’s BestAkeena Solar IBM Smithsonian InstitutionCharles Schultz Museum Intuit SonyCharles Schwab LeapFrog SpinVoxChabot Observatory Levi Strauss & Co. Stanford University, Cantor Arts CenterCisco Logitech Miller-Coors Sun MicrosystemsClif Bar NanaWall The Republic of TeaDavid Copperfield National Geographic UCSFDisney Niebaum-Coppola Wild Planet ToysElekta Oakland Museum of California Zoom 5
  6. 6. Samples of our work experience.Retail Exhibits Museums Kiosks ExperientialSony PlayStation: SpinVox Coppola Winery Museum LeapFrog: Anchorage MuseumSWAS Fuego Oakland Museum of California Times Square Pop-up Coors:Nintendo: Elekta Zoom: AT&T Park Party DeckWorld Store Vending Cisco: ImpacLevi’s: Mobile MarketerFlagship StoreLeapFrog:SWAS 6
  7. 7. hoodretail 7
  8. 8. Sony PlayStationAs the market for hand-held games continues to grow, Sony’s objective was tocreate a store-within-a-store concept that would elevate their PS3 game consoleand activate the customer experience in a big box store format. Hood created aretail experience design that engages gamers with the core PS3 product while alsopromoting peripheral accessories. The plug-and-play design of the fixture allowsSony to quickly change-out their product offering. Interactive touch screen displayssupport the pre-sale of new games. The equipment-bay built into the end-capalong with in-line raceways supports future upgrades with minimal retrofit. 8
  9. 9. SonyPlayStationactivating thebrand experiencein a big box storeenvironment 9
  10. 10. SonyPlayStation 10
  11. 11. NintendoHood was commissioned by Nintendo to design their World Store, located inNew York’s Rockefeller Plaza, where Nintendo premiers their newest games,accessories and apparel. The Hood solution included wide-open gaming decksthat allow families and friends to play new releases together, as well as stationsstaged in the front store windows to generate buzz by pedestrians passing by.Mezzanine level display cases bring the Nintendo brand story to life, sharing achronological history of the company and the excitement Nintendo gameshave generated over the years. 11
  12. 12. Nintendowide-open gamingdecks allow for playof new releases withfriends and family 12
  13. 13. Levi’sHood partnered with Levi’s to create one of the first ever applications of digitaltechnology in a retail environment. The venue was the Levi’s flagship store onUnion Square in San Francisco. The objective was to create a state-of-the-artexperience that makes shopping for Levi’s jeans more personal, more fun, andmore cutting-edge. Hood designed kiosks equipped with green screen technologythat took precision measurements and delivered custom made jeans to buyers injust three weeks. Personal purchase history was also stored at a number ofin-store kiosks to encourage return visits. 13
  14. 14. LeapFrogHood worked with LeapFrog to design a store-within-a-store at the Toys ‘R’ Us inNew York Times Square. The objective was a hands-on experience that would engagekids and their parents in the breadth and depth of LeapFrog’s educational series ofproducts. Our solution included age-appropriate interactive stations, each giving kidsand parents alike a one-on-one experience with each product. Our partnership withLeapFrog spans a wide range of assignments including the design of their corporatemarketing show room, LeapFrog’s marketing teleconferencing center, as well as their30,000 square foot showroom at the International Toy Center in New York. 14
  15. 15. hoodexhibits 15
  16. 16. SpinVoxA leading voice-to-text technology provider, England-based SpinVox needed abreakthrough design concept for their relatively small booth at the annual CTIAwireless trade show. With the help of London-based design company, Freestate,Hood’s innovative and colorful design created a huge splash for SpinVox thatdrew attention around the hall, generated traffic to their booth, and resulted inthousands of qualified sales leads. SpinVox was the buzz of CTIA in both 2009and 2010 and walked away with Best-of-Show in a 20x20 booth space two yearsstraight. 16
  17. 17. SpinVoxbest-of-show ina 20x20 booth spacetwo years straight 17
  18. 18. FuegoFuego markets a line of very high-end state-of-the-art outdoor barbeques.Our assignment was to create a trade show destination that would show casetheir product line in an environment that had the feel of a sophisticated urbansetting. Using sustainable materials and HD video technology, Hood created aunique design that emulates a magical outdoor environment, including a digitallyproduced sky that provides a dawn-to-dusk day with moving clouds, flying birdsand falling leaves. 18
  19. 19. Fuego emulating amagical outdoor environment 19
  20. 20. ElektaElekta is a Swedish company that provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery,related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and braindisorders. Elekta’s aggressive expansion of 2 to 3 new companies per year requireda flexible exhibit design to allow for necessary expansion of product offeringsin a trade show environment. The Hood plug-and-play solution has doubled thelife of Elekta’s typical trade show exhibit saving the company millions in propertyadditions and lighting change-outs that would normally be required. 20
  21. 21. ImpacImpac is an integrated software system marketed by Elekta, a leader in clinicalsolutions for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders. The Impac system isused by hospitals for tracking medications for oncology patients. Our assignmentwas to create a trade show exhibit that would help establish the Impac brandidentity and convey leadership in the industry. The Hood solution brought Impac’slogo into three dimensions spanning 40’ across the show floor. The exhibitstructure and six double-sided workstations were bathed in simulated sunlightproduced by a special 6400-Kelvin lighting system. Reflective white surfacescreated a clean and inviting atmosphere. 21
  22. 22. hoodmuseums 22
  23. 23. Coppola Winery MuseumThe objective of our assignment with the Coppola Winery Museum was to skillfullychoreograph the behind-the-scenes moments of what all goes into making FrancisFord Coppola’s movies. Hood worked closely with the museum curator and thein-house designer on this project to achieve a presentation style that flowed withthe classic Geyserville location and documented Francis Ford Coppola’s illustriouscareer. Memorabilia, props and movie awards are showcased elegantly in mahoganycases, from Robert Duvall’s cowboy boots and cavalry hat from Apocalypse Now, toprops and costumes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. 23
  24. 24. Coppola WineryMuseum skillfully choregraphedbehind-the-scenes moments
  25. 25. CoppolaWineryMuseum 25
  26. 26. Oakland MuseumOne of the Bay Area’s largest museums, the Oakland Museum of California, hasa spectacular collection of modern artists along with California history and naturalsciences. Hood worked closely with their conservation team to create state-of-the-arthermetically sealed cases that maximize the view of each artifact with minimalvisual obstructions. 26
  27. 27. OaklandMuseum hermeticallysealed cases with minimal visual obstruction 27
  28. 28. hoodkiosks 28
  29. 29. LeapFrogHood partnered with LeapFrog to create a 1,500 square foot pop-up store at theToys ‘R’ Us location in New York Times Square. To create excitement and buzz,life-size dimensional foam-cut characters were designed to greet children near aseven-foot tall pyramid of giant toy building blocks. We created product display anddemo stations for LeapFrog’s entire line of products including essential elementsof brand identity and product information so children and parents can not onlyexperience and learn about LeapFrog’s products, but also feel a more emotionalconnection to the LeapFrog brand. 29
  30. 30. ZoomHood was commissioned by Zoom Systems to create custom design exteriors fortheir line of automated self serve retail stores that combine convenience of onlineshopping with the immediate gratification of traditional brick and mortar retail. 30
  31. 31. hoodexperiential 31
  32. 32. Anchorage MuseumHood played a key role in the engineering and construction of many of the venueswithin the Anchorage Museum Discovery Center. Included in our larger assignmentwas the design of an experiential gallery where kids and their parents can learnabout the principles of physics in a fun, interactive way. Our solution included activedisplays that give museum goers memorable ways to experience the principles ofenergy, force and motion. 32
  33. 33. Anchorage Museum experiential gallery to learn the principles of physics
  34. 34. CoorsMiller Coors engaged Hood to create a point of destination for Giants fans atAT&T Park that both enhances the fan experience and underscores the Coors Litebrand. The Hood solution was a more ‘cush’ lookout for Giants fans to enjoy thegame from right field. The design includes an under floor heating system to keepfans warm and cozy on those typical foggy San Francisco nights. Padded bar stoolsadd more comfortable seating for ticket holders, while the deck has freestandingspace for fans to mingle as they enjoy their Coors Lite. 34
  35. 35. Coors helping Coors enhance thefan experience 35
  36. 36. CiscoCisco Systems partnered with Hood to create a mobile exhibit designed to puttheir AVVID Express ‘show on the road.’ Through the use of a custom-designedmobile unit, Cisco can now bring product demonstrations directly to customers.The mobile environment was built to withstand extreme climate changes whilesecurely housing fragile equipment. Precise engineering resulted in a climatecontrolled, road-ready presentation theater and training center on wheels. 36
  37. 37. Ciscocustom designed mobile exhibit 37
  38. 38. The Hood approach.We listen to your needs and operationalstrategies.We listen to consumers to understandtheir mindset and the conditions that drivepurchase.We study your brand and its relationship tothe market.We cultivate a personal collaboration withyour team.We bring best-of-breed resources to yourproject.We adapt quickly to a changing landscape.We ultimately create retail experiencesthat capture your vision, nurture your brand,and deliver profits to your bottom-line. 38
  39. 39. Dave Hood Mike Goefft President & CEO EVP, Sales and Marketing 1001 Canal Boulevard, Suite C 1001 Canal Boulevard, Suite C Point Richmond, CA 94804 Point Richmond, CA 94804 phone: 510.965.9999 phone: 415.722.3586email: dhood@hoodexhibits.com email: mgoefft@hoodexhibits.com www.hoodexhibits.com www.hoodexhibits.com