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4K Research in PSNC

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2011_12_4K research in PSNC

  1. 1. 4K Research in PSNCCinegrid International Workshop, 7 Dec 2011Maciej Głowiak – mac@man.poznan.plA.Binczewski, M.Strozyk, B.Idzikowski, P.Ostapowicz
  2. 2. 4K Node in PoznańPSNC - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center• Timeline – 4K node started in 2008 – 3D installation in 2010• Research – Software • Streaming • Codecs • Visualization – Hardware • Live 4K• Cooperation – Universities and Research Institutes – Film schools – Artists
  3. 3. Stereoscopic 4K 3D Node - PSNC Stereoscopic HD TV LG 47LD950 projection system 2x SONY SRX-T105 4K projectors Content storage (48TB) HDMI and distribution center Video converter 3x SUN Fire x4540 BlackMagic HDLink3D Two synchronized 4K Content Stereoscopic HD-SDI (R3D) Cinematografic Camera HD/4K HD/4K RED One 4K Content Streaming Two synchronized Post-production station (TIFF, J2K, (JPEG2000 Stereoscopic 4K Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro MXF, DCP or JPEG) 8xHD-SDI and Adobe Production Analog etc.) supported by Neo3D or digital 8ch Sound Graphics AES 10GbE PIONIER workstation EBU 4K Live extension system For software real-time Optical network For RED One camera JPEG decoding (Frame grabber) RED Rocket accelerated Sound mixing system Tascam DM-3200 HD/4K +AES/EBU active Content JBL loudspeakers Professional 3D rigFor 2x RED One 4K cameras JPEG2000 4K Decoder intoPIX SYX-JP4K with 2x Pristine4 HD/4K Streaming D-Cinema To or from Packages Other Nodes (MXF/DCP) JPEG2000 4K Encoder 8xHD-SDI HD live cameras HPDMNet Streaming Server With HDSDI 1080 output intoPIX SYX-JP4K CineGrid SONY PMW EX3 and Panasonic AG-3DA1 GLIF 4K Player GEANT HD stereo Player … 4K LCD 56” monitor Content storage and retrieving (TIFF, J2K, MXF, DCP, etc.) Doremi DSV-J2 Astro DM-3400 + digital sound HD/4K live 2D or 3D streaming
  4. 4. New deployments 2011• 132MPix wall (15K x 8.6K) – 64 Full HD LCDs – 2 PC with ATI cards – For presentation scientific visualization • Molecular structures (bio- and nanotechnology) • Geografical data – SAGE, Vitrall, etc. GPU accelerated cluster (in progress) 160TFlops in total, about 220 nodes 2x AMD 12-core per node nVidia Tesla M2070 acceleration Infiniband QDR FatTree Applications: radioastronomy, physics, visualizations
  5. 5. 4K & 4K3D post-production– HD, 4K and 4K 3D– 1 man dedicated to 4K & 3D– PLATON HDTV Team cooperation– Adobe Premiere • Native RED (R3D) file support– Cineform Neo3D (plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro): • Useful tools for 3D picture corrections • Stereo encoded files • Simple switching between presentation formats (side-by-side, upper- lower, separate eyes and many more) • Working in real time • Support for hardware preview
  6. 6. Playback and streaming• Started from DOREMI DSV-J2 + MB4K – 4K and HD3D – No support for 4K 3D (RGB 444) – DCP creation quite complex – Not sufficient Flow Free Commercial Hardware software software OpenJPEG Kakadu (SDK) – >500$ intoPIX PRISTINE4 Kakadu CineAsset (Pro) - $4.000 Barco DCPB2000TIFF J2K ImageMagic/GraphicsMagick Easy DCP - €3.000 OpenCube DCP (€20.000) CUJ2K OpenCube - €1.000 Doremi DMS-2000 (€90.000) … NTT J2K 4K codecJ2K ASDCPLib MXF Free MXFWAV Easy DCP (trial) Mastering station: CineAsset - $4.000 OpenCube DCP (€20.000) Easy DCP - €3.000 Doremi DMS-2000 (€90.000) Open Cinema Tools OpenCube - €1.000 Clipster DVSMXF DCP Easy DCP (trial) or more…
  7. 7. 4K 3D streaming client-server and player development– One modular application for three purposes: • Inexpensive solution (e.g for research and experiments) – Open source – JPEG software decompression – Cheap equipment (PC + software/GPU codec) • Professional solution (e.g. for digital cinemas) – DCI compliant – JPEG2000 hardware acceleration (Pristine4) – Cooperation with hardware vendor (intoPIX) • 4K (3D) live streaming – Use of Future Internet networks (IPv6, dedicated multimedia data stream switching) JPEG Streaming Streaming Server RTP Client HD/4K JPEG 2D/3D 2000
  8. 8. Streaming Server• Streaming Server – Streaming stereo 4K + audio – Various video codecs (intra-frame) • JPEG • JPEG2000 • Use of other containers (such as MXF/DCP) – Testing behaviour of codecs depending on compression rate and network parameters – Transport: single stream RTP/RTSP up to 1 Gbit/s – IPv6 enabled – Experimental Data Stream Switching network – Open source, Linux – Testing various streaming libraries (gstreamer, live555, own implementation, etc.)
  9. 9. „Low cost” playback and streaming fps JPEG software decompression (4K 3D) c • Implementation Thrds – Multithread C++ application (DirectX 10), no GPU acceleration. – Integration of libturbo-jpeg for software JPEG decompression – JPEG decompression for ~50 fps in 4K (Intel Core i7 960) – 4K 3D (2x 24fps in 4096x2160) – Up to 1Gbit/s for 70-90 compression ratio – 2 x ATI FirePro v8800 each for displaying 2 x 4K (passive 3D) Streaming client and JPEG player for 4K 3D Multithreaded JPEG decoderPre-encoded libturbo-jpeg (4K video) 4x DVI Decompressed JPEG files Compressed Data queue FireGL v8800 Data queue render Frame libturbo-jpegRTP network … FireGL v8800Streaming of (4K video) JPEG files libturbo-jpeg 4x DVI Network
  10. 10. Streaming client and player: JPEG2000 hardware decoder • intoPIX Pristine4 solution – SkyMicro MerlinIP board with FPGA Virtex5 – J2K encoding, decoding, streaming – 4K 3D using two sync. cards • New applications basing on Pristine4 SDK – 4K 3D streaming module – IPv6 – Multicast IPv4, IPv6 – Testing Future Internet networks (IPv6 implemented in PSNC) – Network QoS measurement, QoE evaluation 8x HD-SDI (4x dual link) 4x SDI-3G Storage and Streaming Server Network (RTP) 4x SDI-3G 8x HD-SDI (4x dual link) Streaming Streaming client 4K 3D live server (4x SDI-3G)2x HD / 4K Cameras In 3D Rig
  11. 11. intoPIX to SONY SRX• intoPIX Pristine4 connections Infiniband HDSDI Panel Pristine4 3G 3G 3G 3G HD-SDI Dual HD-SDI w/Sound
  12. 12. intoPIX to 2x SONY SRX (3D)• intoPIX Pristine4 connections (3D) Infiniband Infiniband Pristine4 Pristine4 HDSDI Panel HDSDI Panel 3G 3G 3G 3G sync HD-SDI Dual HD-SDI HD-SDI w/Sound Dual
  13. 13. Hardware development • Hardware development team – Group of 3 engineers – Development of FPGA and electronic devices • Ready to make necessary devices, e.g.: 4K3D HDSDI switch (single/dual/3G) DOREMIintoPIX Player Player
  14. 14. 4K live interface for RED One (prototype) Lack of 4K live output! Transfer 4K signal to PC hi-speed interface (USB, Ethernet) RED One built-in live output in 720p only Decoding and debayerization RED Rocket Low level hardware development for grabbing 4K live content Various output options: Catching R3D stream from ATAPI HD SDI RED Rocket Breakoutbox interface Showing 4K using graphics card Encoding using intoPIX Pristine4 Real-time processing on FPGA chip (JPEG2000) and network streaming A real CF storage For simultanous storage Purposes (optional) 4x HD-SDI Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Graphics card (480 Mbps) ATI v8800 JPEG2000 Encoder CF Header ATAPI Frame Grabber PC with (Intopix)RED One 4K camera („True IDE” CF Card simulation) RED Rocket Network streaming
  15. 15. 4K live interface for RED One• Schedule – Proof of concept – mid 2011 • Presented on TNC2011 in Prague and Cinegrid@Amsterdam – Prototype • Virtex6 evaluation kit • Change from CF/ATAPI to SATA • Change from USB to 1Gbit Ethernet • Several problems to be resolved (SATA) • Should be done 1Q2012 – Final device • Dedicated board with Virtex6 • Planned 3Q2012 – Open question • RED Epic support? • We believe yes, however it’s not tested yet and will need some testing
  16. 16. Demonstrations 2010/2011Streaming 4K and 4K3D JPEG2000 4K (intoPIX RTP) JPEG 4K3D (software decoding) JPEG2000 4K3D (intoPIX SDK)From Poznań,PL to: Colchester,GB (regular) Vilnius,LT (TNC2010) Geneve,CH (GLIF2010,HPDMNet) Prague, CZ (TNC2011) Amsterdam,NL (Cinegrid)
  17. 17. Cinegrid @ Amsterdam 2011 Case study• Aim: – to demonstrate JPEG2000 4K 3D streaming (Poznan-Amsterdam) – using intoPIX Pristine4 system – to provide 4K projectors for other demonstrations• Things to do (1): 1. To do the working version of software: • No 4K 3D functionality in Pristine4 • Unexpected bugs – live555 library failed on 64-bit systems! – No sound buffer implementation in intoPIX SDK (fixed quickly) • Fully functional software ready day before conference! – Tests with Univ. of Essex
  18. 18. Cinegrid @ Amsterdam 2011 Case study – things to do• Things to do (2) 2. To move 2 SONY Projectors 900 km • Rent a van and drive • Pack all equipment and not to forget about anything important • Set up and run on place
  19. 19. Cinegrid@Amsterdam 2011 Case study• Things to do (3) 3. Establish network connection • Network to the venue? No problem… • For compressed 4K 3D we need just 1GbE 4. Convert video content • Wrong colors in Holland Festival 4K 3D piece (Mullova) • Another conversion took a lot of time – graphics magick in several processes • intoPIX had correct content on IBC fairs – Brought 1h before screening  
  20. 20. Conclusions: Learning by doing• To do the demonstration – Good planning – Can’t foresee all problems – Need of some luck – A lot of preparation and work – Relax Cinegrid@Amsterdam
  21. 21. Thank you