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Youth on the move project


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Youth on the move project

  1. 1. Youth On The Move Owner : Janice Brown Interviewer: Malcolm Gladden Business & Society Management: 100 Instructor: Jennifer Fleury-Lawson
  2. 2.  “Youth On The Move” started by Janice Brown Janice Brown is my Mommy we met in 1993 September 2nd about 2 AM, when she birthed me into this world. From their she has been in my life as much as I been in hers. Youth On The Move is a transportation company, in the sorts of a bus company that picks up children and adults and bring them to the designated destination of their choice.Introduction
  3. 3.  Janice was a simple single women providing for her family, she had first worked in Connecticut but soon got tired of working in Connecticut. She wanted to do something that was closer to her loves (Children) , her inspiration then casted her to start her own business of transportation. One important factor was that she need transportation for her kids. Youth On The Move was started in 2000 and continues till today.Getting Started
  4. 4.  Janice Brown was very smart before starting her own business she just didn’t just go into the entrepreneurs world without the knowledge for her to succeed. She had prior to starting the business had ran residential programs for the state of Massachusetts and for the stat of Connecticut. Then by doing this she had learn how to set up her own business, now all that had to be done was the leg work to get her business on the map. But it didn’t stop their, she then had to coordinate with the registry of motor vehicles to make sure that all the licenses were in the proper condition for her business to succeed and also to have best safety for her and the children. In the beginning she had partnered with another bus company were she learned how to be a trainer to train her future and now employees. With all that happened and what she learned from her experiences , she had took that knowledge and used it to expand her business.Background in the Business
  5. 5. - Janice had first started her business in the LLC (Limited Liability Company) the book describes such a process as creation of the government to have the company taxed like a sole proprietorship , they also have personal assets protected also: Limited liability, Choice of taxation, Flexible ownership rules, Flexible distribution of profit and losses, Operating flexibility. But later on she wanted to have a incorporated business because it opened more doors because it takes her out of the business but a LLC she is in the business but when you are incorporated you have more decision making . She like that experience so she made her business like it.Structure Of The Business
  6. 6.  As a business owner you learn a lot about yourself what you can and cant do. Also being successful in your business its one of the best of the successes you can get, also when a business owner you learn how to put a little fluff into what you do to make everything better. One critical success factor is having one on one relationships with your customers so that they know they are at home when they step in or out of her vehicles. Ms Janice told me “the Best way to the customer is through their hearts “What are your Successes
  7. 7.  Ms brown stated that being women was a great challenge for her because as we know it is still today a mans world and women arent taken serious so over the years she has been fighting to earn the respect that men are given automatically Financing the company in the beginning was a great fight as expressed through Ms Brown, she had to get money that she didn’t have at the time she really had to put her entrepreneurs hat on to make money as a new owner and also well providing for her family. Another challenge was finding good enough employees to represent the company as she was in the main office bring in the customers she had to find good employees to express her same ideas. The most challenging aspect as Ms Janice expressed was not having enough time to do the works in one day, plus you work long days and long hours. Ms Janice overcame sum of these challenges by hiring more people and growing her business.What are Your Challenges
  8. 8.  Since Ms Janice has a bus company a constant flaw is the uprising price of gas, with the price going up the price of transportation might be affected. Also the cost of car insurance since the American economy is going thru a period in which every thing is in chaos it is always in the back of her mind to watch out for.Fatal Flaws
  9. 9.  Ms Janice is looking to stay in the business for another five years, she hopes to find an arena that will hold the business financially for the next five years. She hopes to have her business in one market instead of being in four five markets, she wants to concentrate on that market and exploit it.Future
  10. 10.  “If you have an idea run with it because theyre could be someone out there that could benefit from your idea, no ideas is stupid , reach for the stars and then pick you assort those and arrange them in your business.”Advice
  11. 11.  What is your Slogan, if any ?Pick up your kids when you can’t. What makes you happy with your Business?Seeing the smiles of the many children and adults that I pick up and then finishing the job by bringing them to their destination. Who is your favorite son? Malcolm Lawrence Gladden if you could go back and choose again to go thru all the trials and tribulations of starting a business would you do it, why ? Yes, I would because it made me a better person that I am today, I wouldn’t of have learned the same things staying at the job that I didn’t like going to work everyday just doing it for the paycheck. My thought process is why not do what you love.Extra Questions
  12. 12.  I knew a lot from growing up when my mom started the business and saw her fight for what she believed in, I love her because of it. She has taught me never to give up and to keep fighting for your dream no matter what happens. She has also touched me in the since that doing in what you believe in takes dedication and hard work. Something that can not be taught only earned.What I Learn