Solar PV Integrated Management


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Device to control photovoltaic modules
1) monitor each panel
2) monitor each strings array
3) wireless (no cabling required)
4) integrate monitoring and controls by inverter

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Solar PV Integrated Management

  1. 1. Mario Cesana Camilla Camarri Mario Resadi
  2. 2. Contents • Acronym • System Description • Functionality • Application description • Advantages • Calculated Savings • User Interface • Junction Box • Certifications
  3. 3. Acronym Solar PV module Integrated Management Patent Pending
  4. 4. System Description • SPIM is an electronic device embedded into the PV module Junction Box. • This devices enables the PV module to became an intelligent entity capable to communicate in a wireless network • Each PV module is seen in the network as a single unique node • The network is driven by an external ‘master coordinator’ that is controlling up to 200 PV modules.
  5. 5. Functionality has been designed to: • Monitor and mesure the functional parameters of a every single PV module during operations • Enable the possibility to compare any PV module actual field performances with the expected performances • Stop the power production of any PV module in case it is removed from its original position and reinstalled elsewere. (theft deterrent) • Measure the production of any single PV module regardless of the size of the installation.
  6. 6. Functionality periodically checks and monitors all PV Module electrical parameters, such as: current, voltage, power and temperature. SPIM compares the measured values in the PV field Module with those specified by the manufacturer and in case of failure SPIM informs the Network Master and the customer with a message of Failure Alarm: therefore the user can obtain faster and easy maintenance. PV Module electrical parameters are stored in a database of the HOST controller; these values can be reviewed by the user in any moment and connected to the solar meter of the PV plant: therefore the customer can distinguish the performance of a PV Module from another. During the day the Master Unit automatically checks the presence and integrity of the PV plant and in case of theft gives an alarm. At the same time, the SPIM in the stolen PV Module blocks its functionality and its power supply.
  7. 7. Application Description The system is composed by two units: SLAVE Device MASTER Device Slave device is inserted in a dedicated Junction Box and electrically connected to the PV module that controls. Master device is connected to an HOST system (i.e. Computer/server etc) and it is interfaced by a dedicated User Interface Software, available also as a Web Service appplication. Such a system allows the user to know in any moment the functionality and status of any single PV module in the PV plant.
  8. 8. Application Description: Network S.. S2 S.. S2 S200 S.. S200 S1 S2 S1 S200 S1 BUS RS485 USB/ETH
  9. 9. Device Description: SPIM slave Lenght: 75 mm Width: 80 mm Height: 17 mm V(p): 3,3 V I(p): 50 mA Power: <1% of PV Module Energy: < 0,1% of PV Module Module V(max): 40 V (others upon request) Module V(min): 14 V Module I(max): 9 A System V(max): 1000 V Temp. range: da -40°C a + 85°C Environment: IP 65 UL: V0 In Compliance with 2002/95/CE Powered by the PV module
  10. 10. Device Description: SPIM slave
  11. 11. Device Description : SPIM slave
  12. 12. Device Description :Spim Master Lenght: 150 mm Width: 110 mm Height : 70 mm V(p): 3,3 V I(p): 50 mA Power: 220 V Ca (with ext. Pwr. Supply or other) PC interface: USB 2.0 Nbr of SPIM Slave driven: 200 Temp. range: da -40°C a + 85°C Environment: IP 56 UL: V0 In Compliance with: 2002/95/CE
  13. 13. Device Description: SPIM master
  14. 14. Device Description : SPIM Master
  15. 15. Advantages • No cabling needed to monitor the installation of the all solar plant. • Easy user friendly interface to manage and control the solar plant performances • Faster reset/ maintenance thanks to the ability to pin-point the defective PV module very precisely in the solar plant • Performances control down to the single PV module and ability to compare the real actual values with those specified by the manufacturer, easy documented claim in case of failure • Monitor of the electrical productivity at single PV module level connecting to the solar meter of the PV plant. This makes possible to know and monitor in real time the energy production of the single PV module and of the total PV plant as well • Thefts Deterrent thanks to the prompt inhibition of any functions of PV modules that are removed from their original point of installation
  16. 16. Advantages grants immediate savings with reduction of the reaction times to maintenance, real full time monitoring and management of the energy production, inhibition of functionality in case of theft.
  17. 17. Estimated Savings Assumed scenario: • 1.0 Mw solar Plant • DC voltage 800 V • PV Modules 220Wp 37V Voc. • Each PV module series = 20 PV Modules =4.4 Kwp The application of the SPIM device will virtually reduce to zero the reaction time to identify a potential failing PV module on a series and will cut down the average maintenance times in a half. Assuming a standard defect rate of 0.1%/year on a 5000 PV modules installation we can then forecast 5 maintenance calls/year. Over a 25 year life we can in such a case forecast 125 total maintenance calls. That can be estimated in a saving of about 25 K€ or 0.025 €/Wp
  18. 18. Estimated Savings SPIM can also replace the use of an ‘intelligent’ PV module series end box. That can be replaced with a simple connection device. This change has been estimated in a saving of about 33K€ or 0.033 €/Wp Also the data transmission cabling is not needed anymore with an estimated saving of 0.0025 €/Wp SPIM will also grant the total control in performance of the solar plant so the customer can get this figure in real time. This will give warranty on producibility. This is an estimated saving of 0.05 €/Wp Theft deterrent, can reduce the theft insurance premium. Estimated in 0.02 €/Wp
  19. 19. Estimated Savings Savings Euro/Wp Saving on maintenance calls 0,025 Saving on End string boxes 0,033 Data transmission cabling 0,0025 Warrenty on producibility 0,05 Saving on insurances 0,02 Total savings 0,13
  20. 20. User Interface The control software designed and bundled with the Spim device is easy installable on any Windows based Computer. It enables the user to know in any moment the presence, conditions and functionality on any PV module installed. The programmed monitoring checks automatically the presence and integrity of the PV plant; the electrical parameters are stored in a database and can be reviewed by the user/customer in any moment. The device can be applied to any PV module and it is able to manage any size of solar plant. User interface Software built in Visual Basic 6.0® and running under Windows Xp®.
  21. 21. User Interface
  22. 22. Junction Box is installed into a Junction box with the following caracteristics: Dimensions: 160 x 170 x 29 mm Auto-estinguish rating: UL94-V0 Protection rating: IP 65 UV Rays: f1 Connectors protection rating : IP 67 Designed according to IEC61730
  23. 23. Certifications In compliance with RF standards ETSI EN 300 328 V1.7.1 (2006-10) ETSI EN 301 489-1: 2008 ETSI EN 301 489-17:2008 IEC 61215