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SEM Test Development Center

  1. 1. Test Development SEM Bench Tester Development for Structural & Functional Test
  2. 2. Full development service - customer oriented – The Test Solution Development Laboratory is a strategic part of the services that SEM (Servicesfor Electronic Manufacturing) offers to Customers. The skills of our team of Engineers are based on 15 years of experience, maturedwithin IBM and Celestica history.The services proposed support different market segments ranging from medical to electronics and military, telecom and consumer.Availability of skilled resources and wide span of markets and applications we served make SEM the ideal partner forCustomers, looking for integrated assemblies, test services and a customized stand alone test solutions.Our offer covers both the structural test (InCircuit with bed of nails and Flying probe, Boundary Scan, X-Ray, AOI) and the functionaltest (digital, analogue and RF). The services are completed by DFM and DFT analysis. “Test oriented” project development Our analysis skill and experience applied to customer data develop and release a detailed product testability report providing suggestions / feedbacks and project modifications to obtain and optimize test process efficiency. Testability analysis ( DFT ): - Physical DFT that perform physical access verification to allow strong structural test development ( In Circuit and Boundary Scan ) -Electrical DFT that perform electrical access verification to allow strong electrical test development ( logical, JTAG, data bus... ) Available Development SFTW and Technique: • Test way Optical Inspection “AOI” Automatic Optical inspection capability includes a various set of verifications like component presence, correct positioning, polarity, but also solder joint analysis, correct shape verification, missing solder or shorts. AOI is performed on prototypes, before product is stable enough to develop structural test. On high volume production AOI is used when accessibility of board under test cannot be achieved with a different methodology. Available Equipment: • Orbotech AOI X-Ray Inspection “5DX” X-Ray test is performed to verify solder joint . Specifically fo BGA components and sockets, since here optical inspection is not possible. X-Ray test is based on laminography technique and provide the capability to verify solder joints on both sides of the board in one test run. High efficiency can be achieved on fine pitch components and on all BGA families. Available Equipment : • Agilent 5DX
  3. 3. Flying Probe TestFlying probe testing provides extreme flexibility for prototypes electricalverification. This method is specifically suited for low volume production, orproducts that are not stable enough to justify investments in structural test( InCircuit Test ).Flying Probe Test is based on card design files.It is also very helpful to repair defective boards in particular conditions, like:- line & field return with obsole test process / instruments- manufacturing line at different site.Available Equipment:• Scorpion FLS 550 – (4+2 shuttle, 8+2 probes, 4+2 cameras)InCircuit Test on Agilent platformBed of Nails Test or In Circuit Test on Agilent platform provide test capabilityfor different card complexity, up to 5.000 nodes.Our competence on this platform is excellent.We can provide integrated test solutions embedding functional test, Bscan,PLL and Flash programming, PLD and RAM with variable data ( VPD or MACAddress ).Our fixture design methodology allows dual access and dual contact stadium,LED test, and very complex mechanical access to the board.Available Equipment :• HP 3070 series 3 with 5176 pins (2x) and HP 3070 series 1 with 2184 pins• Software development is done for Unix and Win based test equipmentsInCircuit Test on Teradyne platformBed of Nails test or In Circuit Test on Teradyne platform provide test capabilityon high complexity card up to 7.000 nodes on the LX version.This platform allows fully integrated test development for functional test, Bscanconverted from the Goepel platform, Oscillators, PLL, Flash programming, PLDand RAM with variable data ( VPD or MAC Address ).Mechanical fixture design allows dual level access, through connector, Scan Flexmethodology and dual side contacting, even on 18mils pads diameter.Available Equipment :• TS124, 228x, Stinger, Z18xxBoundary Scan Test on Goepel platformBoundary Scan test is based on IEEE. Access to board under test access isdone via 4/5 wire bus commonly know as JTAG.Almost all the electronic devices available on the market are now designed toallow JTAG access. Bscan test is commonly used in conjunction with structuraltest to increase test coverage.Our experience is based on communication and IT applications and allows us todevelop test sequences, able to verify/test and program a wide set ofcomponents. Test sequence can be integrated to InCircuitTest, functional test,or can be implemented on dedicated bench testers.Available Equipment and Technique :• Goepel Development Sw and conversion/integration to ICT ( Teradyne )• Boundary Scan test bench
  4. 4. Functional Test SEM Engineering Team offers and develops high quality turn key test solutions. The Team is focused and flexibly driven by customer needs, to provide dedicated solutions fully satisfying all kind of specific requests. The design of the test solution is achieved by cooperation and synergy of the whole team throughout software, electronic, system and mechanical engineers competencies. TV test platform Functional test development covers different technology areas based on the experience grown on the following sectors: Information Technology, with dedicated experience on Server Storage solutions ( Database ). Data Communication cards for electronic and optoelectronic devices, based on bench testers in compliance with standards MSA 10Gbit/s – 300pin, XFP e Xenpak. Consumer devices with experience on POS testing, Flat screen and Set Top Boxes. Power supply test for subset of or full unit verification. High frequency devices, with experience on GSM-UMTS and RF. Electrical stress test performed at ambient temperature or into climatic chambers environment, at single card level, at sub-assembly level or / with dedicated interfacing solution. POS test station To complete the portfolio description, SEM test development team provides fully integrated turn key test solutions for the following areas: Mechanical development for test bench fixtures and for all tools related to manufacturing environment. Software development in Windows and Linux environments, using C and LabView languages driven with sequencers like Test Stand or third party packages. Interface boards electronic design for test benches or emulation of the necessary functions to exercise / test the final product. The experience grown through years of development of very diversified Power Supply unit test applications, allows SEM team to be able to offer virtually all the available test methodologies, making sure that the test bench optimization will include the quality of deliverables, minimization of test time and capital investment. Projects include imaging techniques for stress cameras testing, as well as display systems and development of a standard control chart, that have been recognized by international customers.Optical Fiber test with thermal stress Test Development SEM Via Lecco, 61 - 20059 Vimercate – Mi. Tel. +39.039.639.1 Web site: Reference: Ing. Leonardo Bonanomi – Tel. +39.039. 639.4778 – 5443 Info e-mail: