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SEM Brochure

  1. 1. Services for Electronic Manufacturing Solutions for the Electronic Market Supply Chain Management Test Solutions Prototyping Design Manufacturing Material Analysis LaboratoryPlant: Via Lecco, 61 - 20059 Vimercate (Mi) – ItalyPhone: +39 039639.1Fax: +39 039639. 5032Internet:
  2. 2. After Market Services Logistics Test Analysis Design Prototyping Manufacturing and Solutions Laboratory Customer Distribution ServiceSEM – Services for Electronic Manufacturing – is a Leader in Italy in the market of theElectronic Services. The Company is part of the "Bartolini Progetti S.r.l." Group and, togetherwith the main partner Company Bartolini AMES S.r.l. (After Market Electronic Services), makes acomplete and unique pole of integrated technological and logistic services.The Company is markedly characterized by design and engineering capabilities, flexibility,responsiveness and usage of state of the art IT tools and processes. Furthermore our SupplyChain exploits the long lasting relationship with the main global supplier of electronic technology.These characteristics are the result of the path covered starting from 1964, as integral part ofglobal Companies like IBM (1964 – 2000) and Celestica (2000 – 2006).The SEM plant is 20 Km far from downtown Milan, close to the highway "Tangenziale Est", in avery convenient position with respect to all Milan airports and the main european highways. Design Turn key solutions Hardware and software design Layout design (Cadence, Mentor) Electric simulation and signal integrity (digital, analog, RF) Mechanical design (Pro-E, AutoCad) Thermal simulation (Flotherm)
  3. 3. After Market Services Logistics Test AnalysisDesign Prototyping Manufacturing and Solutions Laboratory Customer Distribution Service Manufacturing Services Development of new processes (SMT / PIH, optoelectronic devices, naked die devices, RF boards, rework processes) Products optimization (DFM analysis using Valor tool, DFT analysis using Fabmaster and TestWay, AVL expansion analysis) Prototypes manufacturing Board assembly (SMT/PIH, optoelectronic and RF) System assembly and Testi Test Solutions Development of software and fixtures for InCircuit Test Development of custom functional test equipments (digital, analog, Power supplies, RF, TV cameras and displays) Structural test solutions (X-Ray, AOI, Boundary Scan) Design for Testability (DFT) • Logical analysis (TestWayTM) • Physical analysis (FabmasterTM) Laboratory analyses Chemical and technological analyses (ICP-OES, spectrometry, FTIR e UV-VIS Spectrophotometry, DSC, TGA,DMA,TMA, rheometry) Shock and vibrations analyses Failure analysis (XPS / SEM / acoustic / FTIR microscopy, metallographic specimens preparation, Xray-Fluorescence) Dimensional measurements Surface characterization Reliability test (thermal cycling, thermal shock, environmental tests, IST, IRT) Consultancy on statistical tecniques (FMEA, ANOVA,DOE, sampling plans calculation)
  4. 4. After Market Services Logistics Test Analysis Design Prototyping Manufacturing and Solutions Laboratory Customer Distribution Service After Market Services The after market services are managed by “Bartolini After Market Electronics Services S.r.l.”. It belongs to the same Group and located in the same plant as SEM. Bartolini After Market Electronics Services offers a wide choice of integrated technology and logistics services: Call centers management (customer desk, technical help desk) Inbound logistics (receiving, screening, warranty validation) Repair (systems, products, technology, spare parts management) Outbound logistics (customization, distribution, transports management) Supply chain management End of life management (component recovery, recycling, refurbishment, waste management in compliance to WEEE regulations)Certifications:ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ANSI/ESD S20.20:4 - IPC 610D - 7711 - 7721 - CompTIA A+Accreditations:How to reach SEM – Vimercate (Mi) - ItalyGeografhical coordinates: 45° 37’ 56’’ N 9° 21’ 33’’ E - Altitude 207 m. slm Business card Plant:: Via Lecco, 61 - 20059 Vimercate (Mi) - Italy Phone: +39 039639.1 Fax: +39 039639. 5032 Internet SEM: Internet BAMES: