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How International Students Celebrate in The US


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A section devoted to the traditional celebrations international students have in the U.S.

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How International Students Celebrate in The US

  1. 1. Perspectives 2.18.10:Layout 1 2/21/10 6:19 PM Page 1 PERSPECTIVES 9 Y G February 18, 2010 Mount Holyoke News International students celebrate M AN their holidays away from home G ER - hild n d c rman ya e ts mil ay, G visi y fa this d holas h m On c wit . Ni ct ed ec. 6. nd St gift s ne in D es a all t, I con ted com m d s rrec gly ra t , an o . st ron celeb l nigh n uts d is c or me ost Day) t unti es, legen ing f las t is m s’ en ang the it icho tha ichol xcitem a , or wa or y ol ate ed. If thing St. N over f er lida (St. N and e hoc unish some o play ome roth In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the Lunar ho s gc ep The ikolau h fear rin b had ne t l d c My b it ill b n will ways omeo ts wou visit. - is N ait w New Year, the Mount Holyoke News decided to e w e a l s n a any hood en w h at h childr use I hired dpare pay o las s ldr e. ys t ad eca ays go s to t. ich r u explore how international students celebrate chi hous end sa and b hild b ly alw . Our chola temen St. N ing fo ir g , c i e i ci om it the The le ildren good y fam and m r St. N l of ex isit fr as wa of the their national holidays away from home. The ch en a id, m ther me fo t ful nal v eat w ost d be goo ak bro e ti , ye rso tr —m for t have I was r my uld b xious t a pe a little Dec. 6 las three stories below offer different perspectives s o o n cho mu When lper f , it w bit a n’t ge e that ast on olas. St. Ni esick e n le id sur akf on the subject. is h the litt ed ich ate om de- d h r and be a er, w make or bre e St. N hocol a bit h rman ld- an ne d d uld f t c l din I wou e got ol o irs ocola out a I felt he Ge It wou . w sta t . y and As w mom down ittle ch r with ay tha fall. T n’t go nywa but came be a l st yea irst d in the could ily, a y re, VIETNAM r f m m mo en we would my fi o the lyoke , but I my fa e of ull wh e, it s was as als nt Ho ation hout i m nd a day e- f tim Thi . 6 w Mou elebr e wit s rem t is a tr Dec ning d a c sam lway am. I ay th ear and ce joi nt ha n the will a ere I ia, a d this y y sin rtme e bee olas r wh talg aybe ith m pa hav Nich atte d nos ts. M e it w n’t St. , no m es an y roo ebrat U.S. to CHINA ily ori fm el the se fam mem me o le to c re in excu o f d s ab he s an min ill be iends want r all. I w ew fr one , afte “Do you feel n very ndy like Tet is com Nguyen ’11 w ing?” asked E ca It was a dry br hen she show ed me her “che my friend Thu eat anch she foun rry blossom” placed in a ch d near Lower branch. ina vase with Lake and care replied in a sh pink paper flo fully aky voice, as wers pasted on Instead o about to over the rising wav it. “I do,” I f preparin flow. Yes, Tet e of homesickn Thursday g for my e my first Luna (Lunar New Ye ess was n r New Year aw ar) was comin write dow ight searching like xam on F If you want to ay from hom g and this is n before I a madwom riday, Feb. 12, I sp know the nost e. call for th came to M an for pho ent my e Chinese o ne numbe home when th e Lunar New algia a Vietnam ese feels away tire week New Year. unt Holyoke. I had rs I forgo during winte Year arrives, from end on en I had the to make a t to r break. You try staying on count. Ind dless call ominous list of the meeting rem remain stuck campus eed, my p s and hav feeling th people to inders, class with having to redictions e to trans at I would registration co handle On Frida turn fer more “waste” m announcemen ts. But instea nfirmations an puter afte y night, when the N ed out to be true. money in to my Sky y en- mom with pr d you wish yo d exam r a cup of ew Year a pe ac- eparations, es u could help parents, a strong co rrived in pecially upon your unts, unc ffee, and China, I s “This year, I receiving her one of the les and co logged in at down in had to do all email: m wanted usins had to my Sky front of m South Hadley’ the cleaning to talk to gathered pe accoun y com- s freezing win alone.” Outsi said, “I sh me but als at my gra t. As expe Vietnam’s fres d blew away de, ould prob ndparents cted, my h flower mar the memory went on fo ably cut th o gave oth ’ when I c ket, sunshine of r five more is short a ers the op alled. Eac green leaves dancing on th minutes o s your au portunity h and later firew e My mom f fast talk nts are w to join in. before the cloc orks chasing kept repe ing before aiting to ta They k strikes twel one another her friend ating that shouting, lk to you,” The conversa ve. s were en she regre “Quick, w but then tion at Prospe with her. joying the tted havin hose turn starts revolvin ct’s dining ta People ge New Year g let me st is it?” g around holid ble ing their nerally w celebratio udy abroa orry that n d chung, mut an ay food—banh holidays, internatio with their children as now all d o mai—and My cousin but parents are th nal stude nts have a but I was n’t eventually w s describe e are discussing a cooking even e once men tioned tha d how goo ones who suffer m hard time dur- ing is not som t. “Tet cook- t Am d the food ore. The call la was, a ga said Nguyen. ething I want to miss,” sted for m erican food cannot me they st arted afte Quizzes, test family me ore than a be compa rI signments of s and as- mbers an n hour an red to Ch all kinds are d friends. d was foll inese cuis put off Later, wh owed by c ine. because Satu en I chatt alls to oth rday evening asked if I ed with so er has been rese had celeb me friend rved for all She felt s rated the s online, o my dear sister orry for m New Year ne of them s, deli- those call e wh in any tra cious food an s and mes en I replied no. Bu ditional w ay. d the bration. A sages, I d t with all feeling of hom fter all, w id have a e. in any ho hat really huge cele liday is th matters - with who e people m you cele brate. - BY VI BUI ’13 BY JING GAO ’13 BY MARION MESSMER ’13 CONTRIBUTING WRITER STAFF WRITER STAFF WRITER