A Little Innovation Story


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A story about a company, a protein, and a society

A Little Innovation Story

  1. 1. A Little Innovation Story about Markus Giesler, @shapingmarkets
  2. 2. First Battle(2002-2004)
  3. 3. Early ads promotingBotox Cosmetic as a hedonic pleasure…
  4. 4. …spark a new trend called Botox parties
  5. 5. …but also negative stories about a deadly poison.
  6. 6. Second Battle (2004-2006)
  7. 7. To combat the poison image,Allergan repositions Botox as a miracle of medicine…
  8. 8. Hollywood actress VirginiaMadsen and her mother Elaine explain this to the public.
  9. 9. However, Botoxs "cold" medicine image opens up a new can of worms:the frozen face...
  10. 10. …blaming Botox for killing emotions.
  11. 11. Third Battle(2005-2007)
  12. 12. To combat the frozen face image, Allergan repositions Botox again.This time as an expression enabler…
  13. 13. ...as in your "stubborn eleven"shouldnt stand in the way of your "perfect ten"
  14. 14. Yet, the idea of using technology tobring out human emotions sparks anew fear: the Botox Frankenstein...
  15. 15. Tempering with human nature willbring you blood, sweat, and tears…
  16. 16. This is a caricature of Nicole Kidmanexemplifying this popular sentiment
  17. 17. Fourth Battle(2007-2008)
  18. 18. Once again, Allergan has to shiftgears. To combat the Frankenstein image, the company repositionsBotox as a performance booster…
  19. 19. For "mother and critical care nurse Angela," for instance, Botox is not a Frankendrug… …it allows her to go “right back to work!”
  20. 20. But isnt someone who needs Botox to operate effectively a “Botox junkie”?
  21. 21. Fifth Battle(2008-2010)
  22. 22. To combat the negative junkieimage, Allergan has to reposition Botox (and its users) yet again…
  23. 23. Botox is like voting,a weapon of liberation...
  24. 24. Today, after many brand image battles, Botox is more widely accepted than in 2002.
  25. 25. But it is not entirely beyond dispute…
  26. 26. No innovation ever is.
  27. 27. Not even this one…
  28. 28. …or this one.
  29. 29. Why is that?
  30. 30. Because path-breaking innovations are never created in the lab…
  31. 31. …they are created in society. Innovator Bloggers Competitors Journalists Activists Consumers Celebrities Scientists
  32. 32. And they are sustainedthrough the stories we share.
  33. 33. Please share this one :)
  34. 34. This story is based on a scholarly articleabout market creation by Markus Gieslerforthcoming in the Journal of Marketing. It can be downloaded here.