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We, I invite you to join me in exploring the world of LOKORO DIAMONDS (www.lokoro.com), in our most brilliant and prosperous future. This fascinating journey will help you gain knowledge and a full insight into this world’s most exciting and innovating segment of the luxury goods market.

In April of 2012, a group of diamantaires, individual investors and marketers began the forming of an organization capable of withstanding changes over time, later to be called LOKORO DIAMONDS. On April 4th, 2013, we launched our Confidential Limited Offering (Regulation D 506), private stock offering for $25,000,000. We are just steps away from achieving our goal, in transforming our company into a global leader in the rough diamond mining and trading industry, each and every time a valued person like you becomes a stakeholder in LOKORO DIAMONDS INC. I have attached our Power Point Presentation and Private Stock Placement Prospectus for your perusal.

LOKORO is headquartered in the prestigious World Diamond Tower on 580 Fifth Avenue, in the heart of the famous New York Diamond District. We have assembled a highly experienced team of management executives, gemologists, mining engineers and other specialists to propel LOKORO in a positive and innovative future.

LOKORO' S LIFELINE is its fostering culture of good business practices essential to ensuring us reliable supply of natural rough diamonds. Our flexibility and resilience makes us capable of meeting the many market demands and opportunities.

We are strongly committed to maximizing return on our investments, and thereby creating an excellent shareholder value for the long term. LOKORO is well positioned to achieve these objectives by purchasing smartly from African nations, processing, grading, valuing intelligently and finally marketing and selling competitively to the wholesale and retail companies around the world.

LOKORO has I implemented a stringent conflict free code of conduct. We employ zero tolerance for the buying, trading, and selling of our natural rough diamonds to ensure that all of LOKORO DIAMONDS are from ethical sources, exceeding even strict guidelines of the Kimberly Process Certificate Scheme (Plan).

Here at LOKORO, we have empowered all of our staff the freedom, flexibility and initiative to deliver the highest value against stakeholder’s expectations while building a profitable enterprise.

LOKORO is always evolving, always innovating and always socially and environmentally responsible.

Please come and join us as a Stakeholder in LOKORO DIAMONDS, where our vision in becoming a New Generation Natural Diamond Company will Herald you into the annals of times.

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Lokoro diamonds investors presentation

  2. 2. T H E D I A M O N D M A R K E T Antwerp’s 2011 imports and exports indicate higher per-carat prices. As the volume recorded a fall on a year earlier, in financial terms they soared by approximately 40 percent. (Source Antwerp World Diamond Center and Atlantic Diamond Company) Diamonds have proven to appreciate in value even during the worst of economic times.
  3. 3. D I A M O N D P R I C E S African diamond producing nations saw the highest gains in 2008 – 2011. The average price of production for the top African diamond producers was 88.75% from 2008 to 2011, while in the same period the top non-african nation had an average price of production increase of only 25.25 %. South Africa showed a staggering increase in annual sales prices of 30% per year, to climb 120% in four years. The highest per carat price registered was more than $1602. African diamond producing nations averaged 21% percent per year for an enormous 85% growth. Australia, Canada and Russian showed an average annual rate of 8.4% over the same 4 year term. Source: Bain & Company
  4. 4. T H E C O N S U M P T I O N M A R K E T Based on a study by Bain and Company for the Antwerp World Diamond Center, the rough diamond demand over the next decade is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 3.8 percent higher than that of supply, which is more than $23 billion dollars by the year 2020.
  5. 5. W H O W E A R E A N D W H AT W E D O LOKORO is a global natural rough diamond trading and distribution company acquiring diamonds from 10 of Africa’s 15 diamond producing nations, headquartered in the World Diamond Tower in New York City. We sell diamonds to traders, cutters, polishers, and manufacturers in: Antwerp, Belgium Dubai, UAE Hong Kong Mumbai, India Tel Aviv, Israel London, UK Moscow, Russia New York, USA Shanghai, China
  6. 6. Our mission is to become one of the world’s leading rough diamond company choice for miners, dealers, buyers, investors and employees. The essentials to achieving this goal are a sound strategy, a commitment to sustainable development and good governance. O U R M I S S I O N Such success will be the result of LOKORO’S integrity and approach for exceptional quality of our diamonds.
  7. 7. WO R L D O F F I C E S The selection of Johannesburg, South Africa as our primary procurement office was due to its easy accessibility to other African diamond producing countries, security, excellent infrastructure of roads, and communications. Our secondary procurement offices are located in: Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Guinea, Lesotho, Liberia, Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone . LOKORO will be a rough diamond distribution company incorporated in New York, with its global headquarters located at the world famous Diamond District of New York City.
  8. 8. O U R P R I M A RY S O RT I N G A N D S A L E S H E A D Q UA RT E R S LOKORO’s headquarter will be strategically located in New York City’s famous Diamond District, where rough diamonds are cut and polished. O U R A D D I T I O NA L P R I M A RY S O RT I N G A N D S A L E S O F F I C E S Our additional primary sorting and sales offices will be located in: Antwerp, Belgium – “Diamonds love Antwerp” – the center and leader in the rough diamond market; Dubai, UAE; and emerging diamond trading center with close ties to Asia and India. Future sales offices will be established in Mumbai; Tel-Aviv Representative offices in London, Hong Kong, Moscow and Shanghai
  9. 9. T H E O P P O RT U N I T Y LOKORO DIAMONDS, INC. is part of a new generation of diamond companies dedicated to setting a new standard in the industry not achieved by our competitors. We are offering a unique opportunity to invest in what will be one of the world’s leading rough natural diamond mining, trading and distributing companies.
  10. 10. I N V E ST M E N T & R E T U R N O U T L O O K LOKORO is projected to deliver a high return on investment over a five year period.
  11. 11. LOKORO offers high quality Natural Rough Diamonds which ensures the highest possible return on investment for stakeholders. I N V E S T M E N T & R E T U R N O U T L O O K
  12. 12. L O K O R O K E Y A DVA N TAG E S … LOKORO’s key personnel offers more than 100 years of experience and involvement in Africa, India and other diamond centers around the World. LOKORO operates with multiple suppliers which enables us to have a continuing supply of the highest quality rough diamonds. LOKORO has the ability to offer and deliver Natural Rough Diamonds of various sizes, colors, clarity & shapes to all buyers. LOKORO has the capability to offer a slightly higher price per carat to our suppliers, thereby ensuring our suppliers the ability to expand and modernize their operations. LOKORO enhances clients profitability by offering quick On-Demand ordering with no minimum order size requirements. LOKORO’s loyalty to maintaining creative and innovative business strategies that support our clients gives them an advantage in the ever changing market. LOKORO’s social and economic involvement in the various communities and governments throughout Africa enhances our reputation, reliability and trust. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  13. 13. M A NAG E M E N T T E A M • Pravin B. Mehta - Chairman/President Mr. Mehta has more than 40 years of experience in the diamond industry including rough diamond trading, polishing, marketing and retail. He is the Founder and former President of Diamond Days of New York; an accredited member of the prestigious American Gem Society. • Ronald Naude - Executive Vice President of Procurement Mr. Naude, a well known Geologist and Master Cutter, contributes over 48 years experience in the diamond industry. He is in charge of training staff and provides knowledge on the art of purchasing rough diamonds, the sorting of goods and the marketing of the investment grade diamonds to exclusive buyers. • Nathan Dexter Wicker, Vice President/Treasurer Mr. Wicker offers his expertise as a logistics and Paralegal officer for the US Army for more than nine years. He was the Cash Management Officer for MoneyLink, an Automated Teller Machines (ATM) company. He oversaw daily cash transfers and mobile logistics for more than $7 Million US Dollars a year. • “Nicky” Sujan Mehta – Vice President Sales/Marketing Mr. Mehta began his training at Occidental Gems Inc., - a De Beers diamond sight holding company – becoming a National Sales Manager. He later became President of Diamond Days Promotions Inc., a rough and polish diamond distributing company. He expanded Diamond Days’ diamond inventory and developed clientele with buyers in India, Antwerp, and around the world. •Donna M. Brown - Corporate Secretary Ms. Brown a native of Virginia, has more than 30 years experience in the field of office management and operations with the Livas Group Architects, P.C. The LOKORO Team has more than 100 years of experience in the global diamond industry
  14. 14. A DV I S O RY B OA R D • Allen Brown, Jr. - Monrovia, Liberia Special Advisor for Liberia, and Ivory Coast International Entrepreneur and Hotelier • Captain Whitner J. Edmonds - Columbus, Georgia Special Advisor for Logistics, Security, and Veterans Relations Captain in 45th Special Troops Battalion at School Barracks in Hawaii • Claude Juimo Siewe Monthe - Yaoundé, Cameroon Special Advisory for Cameroon Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines of Cameroon • Edith Nawakwi - Lusaka, Zambia Special Advisor for Zambia President of Forum for Democracy and Development Party Former Minister of Finance; Labor & Social Security; and Agriculture, Food & Fisheries • Charles Makongoro Nyerere -Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Special Advisor for Tanzania and East African Region East Africa Legislative Assembly and Member of Parliament for Tanzania • Jonas Mukamba Kadiata Nzemba - Kinshasa, DRC Special Advisor for Diamond Mining and Trading for Democratic Republic of Congo Former Chief Executive of the Societé minière de Bakwanga (MIBA) • Famita Lukoki Quarta - Luanda, Angola Special Advisor for Angola International Entrepreneur • Emmanuel Monthe Siewe - Yaoundé, Cameroon Special Advisor for Cameroon Director of Groupe Monthe Cameroon • Princess Marilyn Yowa Yav - Paris, France Special Advisor At Large Chairwoman of L'Etoile d' Afrique B OA R D O F D I R E C T O R S Pravin B. Mehta – New York, NY Chairman/President Executive Director Ronald Naude – Johannesburg, SA Executive V.P. of Procurement Executive Director Elbert V. Walker, Jr. AIA – Hampton, VA President of Livas Group Architects, PC Non – Executive Director President of Livas Group for 25 year and member of the AIA since 1965
  15. 15. 25,000,00 Series A Convertible Preferred Stock (“Shares”) Offered (Price at $1.00 per share) Breakeven Projected: Mid 2014 Minimum Investment - $10,000 – 10,000 Shares Annual Dividend – 10% (Paid Semi-Annually) Return on Investment 30% to 50% over the next 3 to 5 Years CONVERTIBLE into COMMON SHARES on a 1:1 ratio in 3 to 5 years COMPANY PREFERRED SHARE BUY BACK in 4 to 5 years INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING in 6 to 7 years I N V E ST M E N T & R E T U R N O N I N V E ST M E N T EXIT STRATEGY
  16. 16. THE GATEWAY TO NATURAL AFRICAN DIAMONDS All of the information provided herein has been provided by the Management of the Company. The Company makes no express or implied representation or warranty as to the completeness of this information or, in the case of projections, estimates, future plans, or forward looking assumptions or statements, as to their attainability or the accuracy and completeness of the assumptions from which they are derived, and it is expected that each prospective investor will pursue his, her, or its own independent investigation. It must be recognized that estimates of the Company’s performance are necessarily subject to a high degree of uncertainty and may vary materially from actual results. 580 Fifth Avenue Suite 2405 New York, New York 10036 (P) (212) 221-7724 (F) 212) 221- 8036 www.lokoro.com invest@lokoro.com