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My Internship Oral Report


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From Spring 2012 public relations internship at VISTE (volunteers in service to the elderly)

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My Internship Oral Report

  1. 1. Internship Presentation Megan Getter VISTE
  2. 2. (Volunteers In Service To the Elderly) Enabling the frail elderly to live safe and independent in their own homesAGAPE food delivery truck at VISTE Volunteer packing commodity box
  3. 3. Ashley Metts Miller
  4. 4. TrainingEllen: On the Job Volunteer Orientation
  5. 5. Short Term Goals• Create and send out semi-annual VISTE newsletter• Update and enhance existing VISTE website and social media• Assist in the execution of VISTE ball
  6. 6. VISTE Newsletter
  7. 7. Old VISTE Website New VISTE Website
  8. 8. VISTE Facebook Page
  9. 9. VISTEBall (from newsletter)
  10. 10. Long Term Goals• Understand the day-to-day inner workings of a non-profit• Plan and execute an event
  11. 11. CFO working on finances Volunteer assisting in the warehouse
  12. 12. Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Media
  13. 13. Working Off The Clock Sisters of AOII with Nancy Lanterman after house clean-up project
  14. 14. The Human ElementMeeting volunteers (bottom)Meeting clients (right)
  15. 15. What’s Next At VISTE• Continuing planning luncheon• Attending County Commissioner meeting• Birthday cake delivery• Teaching Ashley web design• Attending community events
  16. 16. Future Plans• Use skills to help other non-profits• Be in town for VISTEBall 2013
  17. 17. Thank You!