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Student Survey


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Library Student Survey 2015-2016

Published in: Education
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Student Survey

  1. 1. University Library Student Survey
  2. 2. Explore data Consider priorities Brainstorm next steps
  3. 3. Began as a Library Subcommittee exercise 6 years of data; Confidence on all surveys is at 99% +-3 (interim +-5) Value of library: Place, content provider, services Things that are structurally intertwined with library (core mission stuff) and not programmatic
  4. 4. Survey limited by original purpose, time, questions asked, correlation is not causation etc. ‘Leading’ in terms of questions and attributes measured Can’t measure actual behaviors Value is subjective
  5. 5. The View from 40,000 feet • The library is heavily used • Value of library as space and content provider are diverging • User discomfort is on the rise • Some services are strained while others are not
  6. 6. What does summary of data suggest to you? Think about what’s there as well as what is missing Research like this can be valuable in assessing existing services as well as developing new ones
  7. 7. Digging deeper into the survey shows interesting variations by college
  8. 8. • What variations jump out? • What do they suggest?
  9. 9. Next steps? Priorities?