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High Impact Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement Online and Hybrid Marketin Courses


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Strategies for impacting student success and satisfaction in online and hybrid classes via increasing social presence in digital learning environments.

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High Impact Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement Online and Hybrid Marketin Courses

  1. 1. High Impact Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement in Hybrid & Online Marketing Courses H. Rika Houston, Shirley Stretch & Michael Germano
  2. 2. Social Presence and Online Instruction • Context and background • The problem • High Impact Strategies for Increasing Social Presence • Examples
  3. 3. Social Presence • “a measure of the feeling of community that a learner experiences in an online environment” (Tu and McIssac, 2002) • “social presence marks a qualitative difference between a collaborative community of inquiry and a simple process of downloading information” (Garrison et al., 2000) • Strong correlation between social presence and student satisfaction/achievement in online instruction (Cobb, 2009)
  4. 4. The Problem • How do classroom participants connect (to each other and instructor as well as material) in order to facilitate a meaningful online learning experience? • Structural impediments are many
  5. 5. Increasing Social Presence via Instructional Design • Collaborative learning is crucial • Assignments that are shared and visible like blogs, chatroom discussions, shared video projects are key
  6. 6. Social Presence and Collaborative Online Learning • Active collaborative learning is key to establishing community in online classes (Garrison et al., (2000) • Small group learning in real time based upon tasks (e.g. via Google Hangouts)
  7. 7. Social Presence and Professor Presence • Instructors must be present in a way that transcends the material and makes them a force for learning; Leadership required! • Communication that is regular, ongoing and emotional (funny is easiest to tap into!) • Clarify emotions. Use of emoticons shows huge impact on student receptivity to communication as emotionally laden (Gunawardenaa & Zittleb, 2009) • Accessibility is key. Firefox Hello for real time video office hours helps; Twitter DM; WhatsApp
  8. 8. Consumer Behavior • Watch movie Good Will Hunting (social; shared experience) • Online discussion about something very personal but dependent upon critical thinking related to course
  9. 9. International marketing • Cuba and the trade embargo discussion • Taps into deep feelings about the propriety of US policy and history with Latin America • Controversy breeds emotion and engagement
  10. 10. Social media content marketing • Twitter as a tool for group interaction • Social media=Social Presence for many of our student • Super Bowl Sunday Real Time Tweeting • Other events: Oscars, Emmys, etc.
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization • Adobe connect for website SEO audit (task based going deeper with content) • Small group meetings on projects • Share documents discuss tools and audit reports • Continue work on Google hangouts
  12. 12. Summing Up: High Impact Strategies • Embrace role as discussion leader, tour guide; No room for sage on the stage • Scope of content should focus on depth not breadth • Be social (names, emoticons, humor, cheerleader, available) • Tasked based project