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Future voice experience 2024

What will it be like to use voice services in the year 2024? This short presentation offers some ideas. It is being used to stimulate discussion as research for a report and video to be published later this year.

Future voice experience 2024

  1. 1. 2024? What will using voice be like in… The Future Voice Experience Martin Geddes
  2. 2. Voice is available every ‘wear’ 2014 Tied – ‘mobile phone’ Users get only one service (telephony), generally tied to only one device 2024 Ambient – ‘mobile service’ Microphones, speakers and proximity sensors will be embedded into our environment (car, living space, work space, wearable items) These sensors will support both multiple communications and assistance services, and many control devices at once
  3. 3. Voice is private and secure 2014 Security is an afterthought Multiple vulnerabilities at the transport level (spoofing, eavesdropping, phishing) Reactive and clumsy application experience: one-time authentication and all-or-nothing authorisation 2024 Security is integrated Voice data in transit and storage is private and protected by default Proactive and simple application experience: continuous user authentication just through act of speaking with voice biometrics. Layered device and user security model.
  4. 4. Voice adopts a human-centred UI UI Maximalism Adding functions proliferates menus and buttons. Machine-centric interaction: complex to manage advanced features UI Minimalism Provides only the capabilities that are relevant in the moment Smartphone interaction enables richer features: touch, swipe, wave, point, rotate, shake… & talk 2014 2024
  5. 5. Voice becomes embedded into applications Separate application ‘Dialler’ application on phone replicates 1970s touchtone phone Address book replicates 1980s Filofax Contextual service Contact management is woven into multiple business collaboration and personal social apps No ‘dialler’, and the address book fades away 2014 2024
  6. 6. Voice is a personalised experience One-size-fits-all Any kind of call signalling, routing or value-added feature you like (as long as it’s 1990s GSM telephony) Tailored service Users personalize communications services via a ‘feature store’ just like they personalise devices via an ‘app store’. (e.g. Salesforce add-in to forward unanswered calls from clients to personal mobile to a group). 2014 2024
  7. 7. Voice progresses beyond the ‘call’ 2014 Static Rendezvous Calendar-based conference calls: fixed timing, fixed length, fixed attendees… …OR Interruptive calls driven by a single party 2024 Dynamic Rendezvous Dynamic timing of interactions with variable length and variable attendees Users issue ‘requests for conversations’, rather than make ‘calls’ ‘Voice hangouts’ that act like ‘virtual water coolers’ (tagged with subjects) Fluid shifting between text & voice media
  8. 8. Augmented memory & total recall Ephemeral & forgets everything Both voice and all related digital gestures/interactions (e.g. notes) are lost Separate and low-value call log Recordable & can remember everything Voice is recordable (if not always recorded), all related digital actions can be captured Integrated and high-value, searchable activity stream 2014 2024
  9. 9. Your attention is protected Anyone can call me anytime ‘Call’ as a summons: only an inbound number (‘poor caller ID’) Not able to select social groupings and filters No reputational system to discourage low-value calls and punish nuisance callers Filtered and managed ‘Call’ as an offer: comes with a reason & context (‘rich caller ID’, almost like a movie trailer) Easily able to group, manage and filter by social context Strong reputational feedback for misuse and abuse 2014 2024
  10. 10. Your intelligent voice assistant Voice control Intermittent disjoined and reactive assistant experience that is outside the call: “Call Jane on mobile” “Siri, what’s my next appointment?” Intelligent voice partner Automated and always-listening assistant during the call: “Hold on a minute Bob, she’s not available then.” Proactively suggests relevant content (visually or spoken) 2014 2024
  11. 11. Voice is accessible to all Low accessibility Standard definition mono, no custom processing No automated subtitling No integration with hearing aids Weak translation & transcription capability No transcripts High accessibility High-definition and customised acoustic profiles to both the individual and location Automated real-time subtitles Cloud digital hearing aid integration Real-time translation is normal Every call can have a transcript 2014 2024
  12. 12. Voice is fit-for-business Few commerce features Toll-free numbers, IVRs Clumsy customer identification Painful dictated exchange of transactional data Ready for commerce Natural language and multi-modal customer service Identity services are integrated Visual entry & confirmation of transactions (money, personal data) with receipt 2014 2024
  13. 13. Join us at How will you influence the Future Voice Experience?

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What will it be like to use voice services in the year 2024? This short presentation offers some ideas. It is being used to stimulate discussion as research for a report and video to be published later this year.


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