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Why do top brokers join RE/MAX


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Published in: Real Estate
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Why do top brokers join RE/MAX

  1. 1.  Why do top brokers join RE/MAX ?RE/MAX Mumbai , Gujarat , Maharashtra
  2. 2. Working with a global brand  RE/MAX is a synonym with excellence, integrity, professionalism and experience. Combined power of marketing by thousands of affiliate, RE/MAX has become one of the best known names in the world A brand built on the shoulders of top performing agents from 91 countries !
  3. 3. Sharing office space & infrastructure  RE/MAX provides an unique system for broker associates to use an office and infrastructure by joining a RE/MAX franchise. Agent can utilize it for meeting clients & for business activities at a very low expense. Hence is one of the reasons for top brokers to join RE/MAX.
  4. 4. Ability retain up to 100% commission   The RE/MAX business model has made millionaires out of struggling business owners and taken successful businesses to above the crowd.  RE/MAX franchise offers you a combination of low costs and high returns.  As the real estate brokerage market reorganises itself, this business model gives you an chance to earn up to 100% commission.
  5. 5. Generating referrals across the world 
  6. 6. Generating referrals across the world  RE/MAX and real estate brokerage business gives you world‟s most extensively spread out network. The widest network is available right at your fingertips. RE/MAX is also the world‟s most productive real estate network well entrenched in more than 91 countries with nearly 7000 offices and almost 100000 broker associates.
  7. 7. Best – In- Class technology 
  8. 8. Best – In- Class technology  RE/MAX has deployed one of the most advanced technology platforms. It gives an unmatched technological advantage to your agents. Your agents are able to present their listing more impressively and would also empower you with powerful administrative tools.
  9. 9. World – Class Training  RE/MAX frequently organizes professional training programs Training which is focused on improving the earning of each associate. Sales, technology, real estate fundamentals are some of the important topics which we cover in this training
  10. 10. Working In Teams  Real Estate broking business can grow faster in a professional network Working in a team of agents who are top performers makes every agent a top performer in the market RE/MAX provides such an environment where top performers improve their performance
  11. 11. Attend National & International Conventions 
  12. 12. Attend National & International Conventions  RE/MAX holds conventions to spread education and improve networking amongst offices and agents. As you know that Real Estate broking business is information business that assists to gain national and international knowledge of Real Estate market. You also need to create a network across the world because today‟s buyer is not having any territory limitation to park amount; they are just looking for higher returns which can be from any market.
  13. 13. Work as an entrepreneur  RE/MAX business model is treasure trove of opportunities at every level. Every broker associate that you recruit is an independent businessman responsible for closing his/her transaction with a complete support of RE/MAX network without paying fix salary.
  14. 14. Ability to scale up your business  An average broker office in India has about 3 employees. While an average RE/MAX office has 13. We know what it takes to be successful, and that knowledge has brought the network more than 100,000 sales associates. Theres no greater feeling than building your own business and with the RE/MAX name working for you worldwide every day, you have every opportunity to rise to heights you may never before have dreamed of.
  15. 15. Service Inter – city, Inter- State, Inter- Country clients  Real Estate consumer is mobile, he can invest anywhere in the world. Local presence is necessary to know the market and global reach is inevitable to connect to customer.
  16. 16. Reduce cost of operating an office  RE/MAX Franchise offers you a combination of low cost & high returns. RE/MAX charges every broker associate a „Desk Fee‟ which includes a part of the running expenses of the office. The office and associate together spend money in promoting their listings which reduces the costs and increases the effectiveness of the advertisements
  17. 17. Technology to add listing to multiple portals  RE/MAX has deployed one of the world‟s most advanced technology platforms. When you list your property on RE/MAX portal it can sent to 14 other portals (many more coming) This saves costs and times in listing on multiple portals.
  18. 18. Customer Relationship Management software  RE/AMAX provides many technology tools which can help to grow your business. We have Contact management systems in place. Technology tools like referral manager and marketing tools for transactions helps you to reach out to more people. So when your agent leaves, he doesn‟t take away his database with him
  19. 19. Enterprise Resource Planning software  RE/MAX offers an office technology tools for tracking the performance of associates. Such tools assist to set your office goals and compare your office performance with other offices. It includes the complete analysis of office in terms of inventory, lead generation, agent‟s daily activities and transactions reporting.
  20. 20. Content management solution for website  RE/MAX provides you with a personal webpage for each agent, website for each office and email address for office staff and agents. You can create website for free and update it yourself.
  21. 21. Learn from senior realtors of industry globally  RE/MAX has thousands of hours of online training available for free on its portal which franchise owners and agents can view any time they wish. Learn time test best practices from realtors across the world from varied markets.
  22. 22. Ability to use design center  The RE/MAX Design Center, powered by Imprev, offers Affiliates to high-quality, customizable marketing pieces at no additional cost. The service offers more than 1,300 materials, including several hundred specifically branded for RE/MAX. Associates can quickly and easily locate and customize the documents, print and distribute them.
  23. 23. Real Estate Education  RE/MAX Associates can choose the medium that best suits them - online, broadcast or classroom. Various international courses like Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) are now being run in India through the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate.
  24. 24. Quality assurance programme  At RE/MAX we know being the biggest real estate agency is not enough. Our focus has and always will be on delivering quality service and outstanding results by creating an exceptional customer experience. Your invaluable feedback will ensure that we stay true to our company ethos and core values and set an example of service excellence in our industry. The results we receive today will help us to do an even better job for you tomorrow
  25. 25. Service backed by accountability  RE/MAX blends the administrative skills of its franchisees and the salesmanship skills of its Broker Associates and create an organized and professional framework. Agents of RE/MAX are accountable for the high levels of service they have to provide. The RE/MAX track record built over the past 40 years is proof that a focus on the customers needs, backed by the ability to deliver, remains as important as ever.
  26. 26. Benefit from shared advertising  RE/MAX real estate agents give the brand a significant presence. Just imagine the total advertising being done under a common name of RE/MAX that is being used across more than 130 franchise offices for their promotion, 500 agents for the promotion of real estate listings and various other ways and methods of property advertising.
  27. 27. Access to maximum buyers lead  RE/MAX puts all its strength behind all of its broker associates providing them with the training and tools required to obtain exclusive mandates, special developer tie-ups and exploring lead generation marketing opportunities
  28. 28. Access to maximum seller listing  RE/MAX, a company which since 14 years has been selling the maximum real estate across the world. From basic tips for selling your real estate to accepting an offer and beyond, we can guide you through the process of selling your real estate. Right audience in the right market in order to attract genuine buyers to your property
  29. 29. RE/MAX University  RE/MAX University, the networks comprehensive multimedia training program, provides the real estate industrys best education. RE/MAX Associates can choose the medium that best suits them - online, broadcast or classroom. Through the Agent Training on Demand feature, Associates can absorb training from the best agents and coaches in the real estate industry on their computers or their iPods.
  30. 30. RE/MAX webinar learning session  Free online webinars are available to all RE/MAX Agents & Brokers. These informative webinars offer tips and techniques and insights on using Short Sale Commander, often demonstrating a recommended “workflow.” Additionally, the webinars enable you to pose questions “live”.
  31. 31. RE/MAX classroom training session  RE/MAX runs a comprehensive training program for all real estate brokers. The training covers all aspects like upgrading your skills & knowledge. Training programs are concentrated on improving the earning of each associate.
  32. 32. RE/MAX global training  Global training is an online training program designed for RE/MAX Associates, which helps them to get global news regularly. Real Estate is the information business, with the help of global training each associates get updated with global scenario of Real Estate market and it‟s beneficial to guide their client in a better way.
  33. 33. Access to Mainstreet  The RE/MAX Mainstreet extranet is an online community through which Associates can exchange ideas, download logos, forms, listing presentations and get the latest real estate industry news, all at no cost. They can also send and receive referrals online.
  34. 34. Benefit from developer tie ups  RE/MAX is the world‟s most successful real estate network. RE/MAX has ties up with Builders and Developers to help them with selling of their properties on our international and domestic network. Wider geographical reach with network spanning 88 countries Free web presence on RE/MAX website Brokerage to be paid only when deal is done Right to use RE/MAX brand as their “Selling Partner” Professional selling approach
  35. 35. Benefits from corporate tie-ups  Corporates looking for a pan India foot print in sectors like retail, banking, F&B, entertainment need a professional trained broker with a national presence RE/MAX brand gives you the power to do corporate tie ups across the world.
  36. 36. About RE/MAX  40 Years of Outstanding Agents & Outstanding Results From a single office that opened in 1973 in Denver, Colo., RE/MAX has grown into a global real estate network of franchisee-owned and -operated offices with nearly 90,000 Sales Associates. In other words, great things happen when driven individuals come together and treat real estate as a profession. And that, in a nutshell, is RE/MAX.
  37. 37. About RE/MAX –MGM (Management Profile)  Mr. Manan Choksi, Regional Owner - RE/MAX MGMManan Choksi, regional owner of RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat, Maharashtra, isa man of outstanding achievements - both in his own education and work.Through his diverse educational background and strong management skills,Manan has been able to continuously expand his horizons with remarkablesuccess, in every professional and entrepreneurial venture that he hasundertaken. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Manan holds a masterdegree in Commerce. Manan also holds bachelors degrees in Commerce andLaw. He is a Certified Information System Auditor, a Microsoft CertifiedDatabase Administrator and also a Systems Engineer.
  38. 38.  Mr. Aashil Patel, Regional Owner - RE/MAX GujaratMr. Aashil Patel After obtaining a commerce degree and a diploma infinance, Mr. Aashil Patel joined Madhuvan Securities Pvt. Ltd as a Businessdevelopment manager, where he acquired immense knowledge andunderstanding of the Real Estate industry and the way it operates.Consequently he went on to lay the foundation of his own company,Madhuvan Space Management Pvt. Ltd, which is actively involved inbuying of land, clearing land titles and attaining all the necessarypermissions or regularizations for the development of projects.
  39. 39.  Mr. Parag Gathani, Regional Owner - RE/MAX GujaratMr. Parag Gathani Founder and Executive Director, of Shaishya KidsCampus is the visionary who came up with the concept of an exclusivecampus for a pre-school in Ahmedabad. His experiences with his own kidsand the research he did as a parent convinced him that a childsdevelopment is the maximum till the age of 6 and at the first opportunity hehad, he began to translate his dream into a reality. Shaishya, the largest pre-school in Ahmedabad, is the result of this dream.
  40. 40.  Mr. Pranjal Patel, Regional Owner - RE/MAX GujaratMr. Pranjal Patel obtained bachelor degree in commerce from GujaratUniversity; he did his MBA in Marketing from the University of SanFrancisco, USA. In a business career commencing in 2005, Pranjal joinedhis family business. His ability to analyze and understand the need ofmarket, he came up with information and actionable plans to grow abusiness. In 2006, he started his own Hospitality Company calledOriental Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. Within these areas, he not only startedbut developed Service Apartment Project in Gujarat, first of its kindService Industry. Currently, he is developing a chain of ServicedApartments in the state of Gujarat.
  41. 41. Make the decision that will make your life JOINCall us : 1800-121-7100 or email us :