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Role Of Technology in Real Estate broking


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Role Of Technology in Real Estate broking

  1. 1. Role ofTechnology in Real Estate Presented by: Manan Choksi Regional Director RE/MAX MGM
  2. 2.  Why Technology is important? What to look for in a technology? Online Reputation Management Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Google Tools Email : Use of Outlook Database Management Proper Listings
  3. 3.  Cost of living keeps on increasing Productivity has to take care of inflation and ambition Do more in less time : Use technology Improve your image: Increase your sales : Reputation Management Technology is only important when it increases your income or reduces your expenses.
  4. 4.  Should be affordable, easy to use, widely acceptable, from a good company. How does it help me in making my every day life easy? Do I have a need for the feature, the new technology provides? Is it reliable? (will it work when I need it the most?)
  5. 5.  Customers are online Prospects are online Competitors are online People dissatisfied at you for no reason are online Future of your company is … online!
  6. 6.  To track your reputation : Google Alert To make your reputation: All the things we discuss today…
  7. 7.  Your target should be to have a reputation of an expert in your : ◦ Geographical farm : for e.g. have maximum content mentioning the name of your focus area ◦ Commercial / residential: if you specialize then focus all content on that. ◦ Small news of that area: New opening of shop, new scheme in that area, even reviews of restaurants will give you the reputation you need.
  8. 8.  People check everything they find about you online before meeting you. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, youll do things differently.” Warren Buffet
  9. 9.  Its how we are communicating as a culture 1 billion active facebook users Its here to stay Referrals Reach your clients Education for all Its viral Reputation Build your online presence Its free! Relationships 23
  10. 10. Social media is not advertising Social media is not public relations Social media is not brandingSocial media is not only about technology
  11. 11. • The party goes on with, or without you.• When you get to the party, listen and mingle before you talk.• Keep the conversation thread going naturally.• It’s not all about you.• If people like you and need what you do, they want to work with you. 25
  12. 12. Only14% of people believe in advertisements… 26
  13. 13. 78% Trust therecommendations ofother consumers 27
  14. 14. At A Glance • Launched: May • Launched: early • Launched: 2005- 2003 2006 2006 • 100 Million • 500 Million • 1 billion Users Users • Photos: multiple • Photos: profile • Photos: profile galleries picture picture • Privacy: based on • Privacy: user • Privacy: user user settings controlled controlled • Connections • More • Primarily used to between friends “professional” push and acquaintances communication • Includes • Sharing and updates Executives from communication, every Fortune photos, updates 500 company • Less sharing of photos, updates 28
  15. 15.  Facebook users in India : 6,03,39,300 Mumbai: 59,94,460 Ahmedabad : 10,17,280 Pune: 21,87,180Targeting these users is the key !!(as on 20/10/2012)
  16. 16.  Humans have Facebook profile ◦ Max limit of 5000 friends Groups are friends following similar topic Businesses have Facebook Page You cannot advertise a profile page or a group.
  17. 17.  All your updates are Public You can choose to make each of your post either ◦ public ◦ only to friends ◦ friends of friends. For a friend request you get, and you reject it, he/she becomes your subscriber, who can view your public updates
  18. 18. Free
  19. 19. Age Gender Paid Interests Categories Connections of pages etc. Relationship Status Languages Education Workplaces
  20. 20. Search for prospects: 34
  21. 21. Search for prospects 35
  22. 22. More activity… New Offer/ ClosingTomorrow 36
  23. 23. What Should You Post? 37
  24. 24. Be real to them… 38
  25. 25. Encouraging Change 39
  26. 26.  5 Facebook likes 5 personal message : only 20% of email messages are opened, while 80% of Facebook messages are opened. 5 Comments on others‟ status.
  27. 27.  Political comments Religious comments Racist comments Jokes with bad taste Disrespect to women : They are decision makers for buying a home! Over posting Repulsive photos Remember: there is no dislike button
  28. 28. Free5 Steps to be more powerful on YouTube Get keyword suggestions from autocomplete feature Use the Youtube Keyword suggestion tool Add title, description, tags, etc Annotations or notes Try Youtube promoted videos
  29. 29. Share your PPT
  30. 30.  Make PPT Upload it! You are done slidesharing !
  31. 31.  Another place people search for content You can present your properties in form of PPT and send link to prospects You can present your office profile/ BA profile and bring out points which are your USP For an exclusive project: make one PPT and share across the network
  32. 32. Free Work on scheduling 2 tweets a day Link to your Facebook page Add profile to customized business directories List Management
  33. 33. Rules of Thumb• Be Yourself, Keep It Personal• Be Of Value, Be Helpful• Engage and Inspire• Don’t Spam• Don’t Over-Tweet• Manage Your Time Using - Social Networking 51
  34. 34. Seven Deadly Sins• Not Listening• Not Being Involved• Self-promoting• Not Adding Value• Not Being Honest• Hard Selling• Over-posting 52
  35. 35. • Register on as many social media websites as possible.• Keep same picture on all sites• Blog, update with content, photos, videos• Traffic to Conversion is key• Manage your Facebook page effectively
  36. 36.  Build a website - Free with Gryphtech Dynamic site gets better ranking Use Slingshot to manage content Write articles : original Blogs - Free Images and graphics Be the face that people recognize
  37. 37.  BG : Before Google AG: After Google Total information which was created from inception of mankind till 2003 is now created every 48 hours !
  38. 38.  Get notified via email whenever new content is available for a particular keyword For example: a builder of your area Lifetime validity !
  39. 39.  Scans thousands of websites continuously Choose your favorite subject and design your page.
  40. 40.  Use them to show locations of your listings Show nearby area of your property Use for showing distances Use for showing directions
  41. 41. Paid
  42. 42.  A place to write a lot of text matter Write links to: ◦ Office website ◦ BA website ◦ Property website Will increase SEO of those links Fastest way to become an expert, in just about anything
  43. 43. FreePositives Negatives It is easy to stay in  Too many emails touch  Too many junk emails Documented thing  Managing multiple Free, fast and email accounts omnipresent  Cant search old emails if computer changes Best form of offline  Cant print everything communication as paper load will be too much
  44. 44. 1. Outlook express : free with windows2. MS outlook: with MS office MS Outlook has advanced email handling features to improve your efficiency.
  45. 45.  Can sort emails Can delete useless emails Can save emails Search it fast Manage folders Easy search in all saved information Multiple email address setup
  46. 46.  Create a folder for „Processed Mail‟ Create a folder for „To be Processed‟ Mail Follow a 0 mail in Inbox policy Create a task for e-mails Follow accountability process for yourself
  47. 47. • Calendar : appointments and reminders• Tasks: to do lists with priorities• Contacts: maintain your address book: your goldmine• Notes: rough information
  48. 48.  85% people don‟t back up outlook data file. Back up outlook data file! Its .pst file, which gets updated every time you send and receive.
  49. 49.  You can configure Gmail on your outlook Gmail reads your email and shows you advertisements Gmail is not unlimited: after limit gets over, either you pay or go through tedious process of deleting useless messages Gmail doesn‟t sort emails according to size, so cant delete heavy messages
  50. 50.  Offline messages available in outlook. Doesn‟t look professional to use a “free” email ID. A person who can‟t afford email, can he give a right advise for a 1 crore property?
  51. 51.  Always use your RE/MAX ID for communication It has 500 MB storage space. You should have a proper signature which has all contact information You may use your photo as your email signature for the first email you send to customer.
  52. 52.  Past Clients Current Clients Sphere of Influence : Friends, Relatives Geographic Farm Niche Farm Business Owners of Same Area Agents in the area Agents outside the area
  53. 53.  New inquiries generated First level meetings Property Showings Property feedback Negotiation & Offers Token done Transactions
  54. 54. • Is online filing cabinet to store any files to be able to retrieve them with ease from any computer.• Share your files with colleagues or clients and close the sale faster.
  55. 55. • Attend every meeting from the comfort of your home by using video conferencing with Skype.• Put up to 10 people in a virtual meeting, requiring only a computer and a webcam.
  56. 56.  New properties Resale properties Design brochures Printing
  57. 57. Listing Print Design Materials Center A good You Tube PhotoFacebook Video SlideShare Twitter PPT Blog
  58. 58.  Property with an excellent view over looking a river, sea and a hill. Very upmarket locality. 3 bed room, fully furnished, good wood work. Parking for 2 cars.
  59. 59. • Clean homes• No clothes lying• No garbage• Should not be able to determine the property unless you have exclusive mandate
  60. 60.  Use a good camera Better lighting No cloudy day View from inside
  61. 61.  Buyers require more information e.g.: floor plan, elevation photos, views, amenities etc. Buyers prefer to see properties over internet and short list rather than visit each and every option Buyers don‟t have time Buyers can be outside city or even country. Buyers want to share information with others
  62. 62. • Brokers need to: –make quality leaflets to give as handouts to customers –Promptly respond over email• If they work in network: Technology is critical for sharing information• Smartphone challenge: using apps to search properties
  63. 63. www.remax.inwww.remax-mgm.in