RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter March 2014


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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter March 2014

  1. 1. MGM NEWSLETTER March - 2014 RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM hosting biggest Realty Event in Ahmedabad with eminent Speakers
  2. 2. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Management Speak: A few countries in the world have the privilege of 3 new years in one calendar year. We have the calendar new year, the re- gional new year (somewhat religious) and the financial new year. The unique part of India is that even neighbouring states like Gujarat and Maharashtra have separate new years! In a peculiar coincidence, 31st March saw the end of a financial year across India and so did the Maharashtrian year due to the Gudi Padva. RE/MAX in India declares awards based on the financial new year and they will be announced at the upcoming RRR in Ahmedabad starting from April 12th. We have covered a synopsis of activities we did in the entire year. I attended the annual international convention- R4 - in March at Las Vegas, USA. It was a great event and made new friends with newly appointed fellow regional owners from Asia. The market’s condition in US has improved and I could feel the elevated mood at the R4. I also found that agents who keep working hard during the downturn are the people who capture market share when the market revives. The resurgent leader- Dave Liniger’s speech showed how the market has improved and it’s time to work towards beating the competition. Heard a lot of motivational speakers at the convention and experienced training which was best in the industry. At the end I would like to invite you to the RRR. Please visit to register. We hope to see most part of RE/MAX network in India attend- ing the conference and have great entertainment and networking opportunities apart from training also. Manan Choksi Regional Owner RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Franchise Owner Speak! HaardikNayak, Franchise Owner, RE/MAX PROPERTY CLINIC, NAVSARI It is indeed a pleasure to know that Real Estate as an Industry (ofcourse unregulated &unrecognised) generated second largest employment in the country. It is surprising to know that we are yet to realise the power of Realty advisory career. We are facing massive wave of urbanisation with nearly 10 million people moving to towns & cities each year. As per World Bank it is the highest rural-urban migration of this century. Our country will need 500 new cities in next two decade. We need thousands of Realty Advisors to offer suitable housing & commercial solutions to aspirants. We are now working in boundaryless world where only Trust & Technology is the differentiator. Global platform like RE/ MAX is an obvious &Ideal network. I am very much aware of the challenges involved in developing own office. Hence, one cannot deny the power of Brand, Technology, Process, Training, Agent’s network etc. We need to believe more & more that “ Everybody Wins” only if we continue to add more & more enterprising youths to our network. I wish all the Employment exchanges, Placement Consultants, Business & Management collages pay due attention to promote Realty Advisory as a money making & prestigious career opportunity with only “Self Belief” as capital investment. May the readers of this magazine too spread message to job seekers! Manan Choksi with the Princess Afrah Al Sabah at the R4. Princess is the regional owner for the countries of Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. She is part of the royal family of Kuwait and had attended the regional training with Manan Choksi at Denver.
  3. 3. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Year 2013-14 at a Glance at RE/MAX MGM BA INDUCTION TRAINING at Ahmedabad & Pune 11 Broker Associates attended Induction training at Regional office Ahmedabad Training for Broker Associates in Pune was held in Pune last month and 7 affiliates attended the training. RE/MAX MGM organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with ARA Branding Advertisements in local newspapers.
  4. 4. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MUMBAI GUJARAT MAHARASHTRA WON MAXIMUM AWARDS @ 4th RRR in GOA RE/MAX North Gujarat has been awarded the REGION OF THE YEAR for 3rd time since inception of RE/MAX in India OTHER AWARDS BY RE/MAX MGM : SUPER STRONG STATE * MOST SUPPORTIVE STATE *MOST RE/MAXed STATE
  5. 5. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM participated in FRO 2013 in Mumbai RE/MAX MGM participated in FRO 2013 at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai on 18th and 19th May 2013 and generated good number of inquiries. More than 500 people visited RE/ MAX stall in 2 days. Regional Owner MR. Manan Choksi, Regional Manager Mr. Sahil Shah along with 4 other sales coordinators participated in the FRO and spread the RE/MAX philosophy amongst the visitors.The 61st FRO 2013 pro- vided a direct opportunity to the investors and principals to come face to face and interact freely. Regional Manager of RE/MAX Delhi NCR; Sahil Kapoor & his HOD – Sales, AnmolAggarwal visited few broker offices of Ahmedabad to understand and learn best practices from the brokers of our region as a part of Cross Pollination decided in RRR Goa.
  6. 6. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Mr. Sam Chopra, Chairman of RE/MAX India visited RE/MAX Gujarat new Head Office.
  7. 7. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Destination RE/MAX : A seminar called ‘Destination RE/MAX was held at RE/MAX GUJARAT HQ wherein all details of starting and growing the real estate broking business of participants was shared. The participants showed keen interest in joining RE/MAX either as an associate or to start a franchise office. RE/MAX MGM organizes Broker Owners Meet of Gujarat: The Broker Owners of RE/MAX Gujarat are invited twice in a month at Regional office over a breakfast meet early in the morning to discuss various issues and suggestions to grow the RE/MAX network. The first breakfast meet was organized on June 17th 2013 an all the broker owners attended the same and did a brainstorming on various points. RE/MAX MGM organized a Networking Dinner at Rajpath Club for all its as- sociates. A networking dinner was organized at Rajpath club where over 100 RE/MAX Associates took part and did networking with fellow associates and other brokers and prospects who were invited by various offices to have a feel of power of RE/MAX Network. A panel discussion of “Col- laborate to Succeed” and few team building games played before dinner.
  8. 8. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX ADVANTAGE, Ahmedabad shifts operations to larger office. Mr. Sam Chopra, Chairman RE/MAX India inaugurates new office. Congratulations to Mr. Anand Choksi. RE/MAX India Chairman, Sam Chopra visited RE/MAX Pune and met our broker owners and discussed various things with them. MR. SAM’s visit was uniquely acknowledged by RE/MAX MGM by donating a Thicket of 5 Trees via
  9. 9. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM participated in FRO in Ahmedabad RE/MAX MGM participated in FRO 2013 at Hotel Pride, Ahmedabad on June 15th and 16th 2013 and generated good number of inquir- ies. More than 500 people visited RE/MAX stall in 2 days. Regional Owners MR. Manan Choksi and Mr. Aashil Patel along with sales team participated in the FRO and spread the RE/MAX philosophy amongst the visitors. The FRO 2013 provided a direct opportunity to the investors and principals to come face to face and interact freely. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra proudly welcomes Mr. Munish Gupta as a Broker Owner of RE/ MAX DREAMZ. RE/MAX MGM wishes him all the best Broker Owners of Gujarat meet on Breakfast at Regional Office
  10. 10. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM has started a new initiative of marketing in form of NO PARKING boards in Prahladna- gar, Vastrapur and Bodakdev areas. These boards have got tremendous visibility and spreading brand awareness of RE/MAX. MASTER FRANCHISE SHOW PARTICIPATION IN MUMBAI RE/MAX MGM participated in The Master Franchise Show which is the premier event in master franchising, attracting the most successful multiunit / Brand operators, Global brands, and service providers in the industry. The Master Franchise show is aimed at assisting High Net worth investors, corporates looking for low risk, high reward business development opportunities and for existing franchisors/ business owners wishing to develop new brands concepts. The exhibition had variety of International franchises outlining their concepts and business operations. Master Franchising allows people or corporations to purchase the rights to sub-franchise within a certain territory. The master franchisee purchases this specific territory from the franchisor and then shares in the revenue from franchises in that territory.
  11. 11. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM heartily congratulates Mr. Vivek Parikh, Franchise Owner of RE/ MAX METRO for a successful journey of 3 years as a realtor with vibrant team of 14 broker associates. RE/MAX METRO grandly celebrated the occasion and invited everyone associated with them in last 3 years. Moreover, Mr. Vivek Parikh gave RE/MAX METRO Branded chocolates to its clients and well-wishers which was a very unique idea liked by all. We wish them more successful years ahead. RE/MAX MGM congratulates RE/MAX METRO on completion of its 3 years. RE/MAX Celebrates Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange which listed at $ 26, premium of 4$.
  12. 12. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX Gujarat celebrates its 4th anniversary @ Godrej Garden City On September RE/MAX Gujarat celebrated its 4th anniversary at Godrej Garden city where Mr. Sam Chopra was the chief guest and he started the celebration by cutting a cake. RE/MAX also announced a national tie-up with Godrej Properties. Over 100 enthusiasts RE/MAX broker owners and associates with their office staff attended the event and made the celebrations memorable. RE/MAX MGM launched a new Real Estate Magazine called “REAL ESTATE MAXIMUMS” for the promotion of real estate in Gujarat and keep everyone updated about latest trends and news in real estate.
  13. 13. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM Congratulates Team RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS on moving into a new state of the art office. On September RE/MAX Gujarat celebrated its 4th anniversary at Godrej Garden city where Mr. Sam Chopra was the chief guest and he started the celebration by cutting a cake. RE/MAX also an- nounced a national tie-up with Godrej Properties. Over 100 enthusiasts RE/MAX broker owners and associates with their office staff attended the event and made the celebrations memorable. RE/MAX MGM launched a new Real Estate Magazine called “REAL ESTATE MAXIMUMS” for the promotion of real estate in Gujarat and keep everyone updated about latest trends and news in real estate. RE/MAX MGM congratulates Mr. Haardik Naik, Franchise Owner of RE/MAX Property Clinic, Navsari on signing a franchisee. We warmly welcome him in the RE/MAX family.
  14. 14. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra It is with immense pleasure that we share with all of you the good news of RE/MAX MGM adding another office RE/MAX KUNVARJI to our network RE/MAX MGM Congratulates RE/MAX KUNVARJI and wishes them a great success. This Diwali RE/MAX MGM planted 350 trees and gifted them as part of their corporate gifts. Wish you a green earth, this New Year!Manan Choksi and Aashil Patel decided to do something innovative for wishing and gifting RE/MAX MGM’s prospects, well-wishers and clients and plated 350 Trees in Dwarka, Gujarat Forest and sent in the name of each person they wished and sent them a laminated certificate which can be put on their desks! You can also be a part of Green India by gifting tree/trees on any occasion by visiting
  15. 15. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM team joined RE/MAX India at its Gurgaon HQ to celebrate RE/MAX India’s 5th Anniversary. Mr. Sam Chopra and Ms. Salo- ni Chopra founder of RE/MAX in India shared their journey so far and vision for coming years. Mr. Manan Choksi, Mr. Aashil Patel Regional Own- ers of Re/AX MGM and Mr. Anand Choksi Broker owner of RE/MAX ADVANTAGE , Mr. Prashant Nair and Mr. Rohi- trajKeshwani broker owner of RE/MAX Plus also remained present at RE/MAX HQ for cel- ebrations. Along with this Mr. Tanmay Mehta and Ms. Krutika Me- hta attended Franchise Sales Workshop and Mr. Pranav Pan- dya attended Train the Trainer workshop. RE/MAX India has come up with comprehensive Agent Training Program which will be conveyed to you all soon. RE/MAX MGM had come with a unique “PROPERTY LISTING SCHEME” for all its agents to upload more quality Listings with a target to surpass listing of other portals and will initially spend Rs. 50000 as award money.
  16. 16. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM has done tie-up with Green Blossom and JP ISCON Group to market their properties International News: RE/MAX Celebrates 41 Years RE/MAX LLC is celebrating its 41st year as the company continues to lead in market share, agent productivity and international expansion. Co-founded by Dave and Gail Liniger on January 30, 1973, the com- pany has attained countless achievements throughout the years, includ- ing a successful public offering last October. RE/MAX trades under the ticker symbol RMAX on the New York Stock Exchange.
  17. 17. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX Gujarat Listing Hit Statistics The below statistic of Gujarat Region speaks a volume. The more listing, the more hits resulting in more deals. So List more properties on iConnect and reach to more customers. Regional Owners at RE/MAX India during 5th anniversary celebration and Regional Owners’ Review Meet with new RE/MAX Branded Winter Jacket.
  18. 18. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra TEAM RE/MAX MGM enjoying 5th year Celebration of RE/MAX India with ParulChaudhary accompanying!
  19. 19. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra REGIONAL OWNERS’ VISIT TO DENVER AND LAS VEGAS FOR REGIONAL OWNERS’ TRAINING AND R4 CONVENTION The yearly R4 convention is being held in Las Vegas in March 2014 and Mr. Manan Choksi and Mr.Pranjal Patel are two regional owners representing RE/MAX MGM. Mr. Manan Choksi who believes in on-going Training and education, took a refresher course on Regional Owner’s Training on How to run regions sucessfully. He says. “Training at RE/MAX Head Quarter, Denver is just over ! It was a rigorous 5 day training program which started at 8:30 AM every day and taught us how to run the region. I came for a refresher after 4.5 years. Made new friends and learnt a lot. Now going to Las Vegas for the RE/MAX convention”
  20. 20. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Mr. HaardikNayak, Broker Owner of RE/MAX Property Clinic, Navasari was event chairman of 44th District conference of R I Dist 3060 held in Daman on 7-8-9 February 2014 and he also kept big stall of RE/MAX there. RE/MAX MGM’s Franchise Devel- opment Manager participated in this conference and witnessed this broucher in the hands and pockets of over 2000 delegates. It was amazing to see RE/MAX everywhere and peo- ple asking and getting more informa- tion about RE/MAX and projects from the RE/MAX stall there. Kudos to Mr. HaardikNayak for successful event and spreading RE/MAX. RE/MAX MGM Safal Profitaire, Block A, G5, Corportate Road, Opp. Prahladnagar Garden Road, Ahmedabad – 380 015 Phone : +91 99090 66999 Email: NOBODY IN THE WORLD SELLS MORE REAL ESTATE THAN RE/MAX
  21. 21. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra