10 steps to save the earth


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10 steps to save the earth

  1. 1. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comand heal the world!!!
  2. 2. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comUDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENBe the change…In the real world, everyday people play the heros --and sometimes the villains -- part. This is particularlytrue when it comes to saving the environment. WithEarth providing the one and only known spot in theuniverse thats hospitable to the human race,preserving a healthy environment isnt just a niceideal, its an imperative. Mankind has the power to beeither the hero or the villain in the quest to save theEarth, but certainly playing the hero will yield betterresults for everyone.
  3. 3. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com10. Cut Energy ConsumptionBuying andusing fluorescentlight bulbsInsulating our homes so theyheat and cool moreefficiently Turning off lights and otherelectronic equipment whenwe leave a roomUsing cold water whenpossible, instead of hot orwarmWashing only full loads oflaundry and dishes in themachines
  4. 4. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com9. Use Sustainable EnergyYou may have seen buildingsadorned with gleaming solarpanels or wind farmscovered in turbines thatstand like sentinels in thebreeze. These are two formsof "green" energy that canhelp reduce our reliance onenergy derived from burningfossil fuels. In addition tomaking decisions aboutusing already existingsources of alternativeenergy, its crucial topromote and invest inresearch that will helpharness other sources ofsustainable energy.
  5. 5. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comConserving water startswith looking at it as alimited resource andconsuming it with thatin mind.We can also makechoices about howmuch water we use inour daily lives.Choosing to conservewater can have asignificant impact onthe overall goal ofsaving theenvironment.8. Conserve Water
  6. 6. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com7. Buy Energy-efficient and Eco-friendlyIts now possible to buyhousehold appliances withan ENERGY STAR® label,and these newer appliancescan sometimes reduceenergy use byapproximately 30 percentIn addition to buyingenergy-efficient products,its a smart idea to buyhousehold cleaners andother items that are eco-friendly. Steering clear ofchemicals that harm theenvironment is always agood choice.
  7. 7. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com Buying fewer items would reduceour overall consumption. We can make simple changes, likeshopping with reusable bags andkeeping food and other items inreusable containers, rather thandefaulting to plastic bags anddisposable containers. Andrecycling obviously refers to buyingrecycled products and sorting wasteinto the appropriate categories. If you cant reduce yourconsumption or find a way to reusea product, recycling is a betterchoice than simply throwingsomething into the trash.6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  8. 8. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com5. Drive Less and Drive SmartIts possible to cut downon driving and to drive ina smarter way. One easyway to reduce driving is byjoining a carpool.If public transportationisnt a viable option,transportation of the two-wheeled variety (i.e. abike) is an excellent way toreduce your carbonfootprint.
  9. 9. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com4. Support Climate ChangeInitiativesFor the last 10 to 15 years,world leaders have beenattempting to makemeaningful progress onclimate change. One of theways theyve tried to do thisis through climate changeinitiatives. These initiativesgenerally focus on settingfirm deadlines for reducingCO2 emissions, and theyoften place caps on theamount of CO2 that can beproduced.
  10. 10. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comIt may seem like living nearyour place of employment isjust common sense. After all,if you spend eight or morehours working every day,thats a pretty big chunk ofyour time. Living near yourwork means that you can cutdown on what wouldotherwise be a lengthycommute. Thats a goodthing for the environment, aswell as for your dailyschedule.3. Live Where You Work
  11. 11. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com2. Plant Trees and ProtestDeforestationThe more trees we have,the better our air quality,and thats why plantingtrees is an excellent step totake toward saving theenvironment.Protesting deforestation,both through activism andby refusing to buyproducts that are createdat the expense of theworlds forests, can helpslow and even haltdeforestation.
  12. 12. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.com1. Encourage OthersThe power in the steps onthis list comes fromgetting everyone to takethem together. After doingall the other thingsmentioned here -- cuttingenergy consumption,conserving water, drivingless and everything else --the most important thingis to be bold and vocalabout encouraging othersto do the same.http://www.udgamschool.cominfo@udgamschool.comThaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054Phone:07926850339Gujarat , India9925153153