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T and L websites (lecture 1)

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T and L websites (lecture 1)

  1. 1. T&L WebsiteMiles BerryApril 2013
  2. 2. A website needs to be created to support aNewly QualifiedTeacher (NQT) in one ofthe following areas:Behaviour for LearningOrEffective Assessment in the Primary School
  3. 3. Assessment criteriaknowledge and understanding of thetopic area of your choice includingrecent initiatives and debates40%the ability to identify and analyseexamples of good practice drawing onrelevant reading and research40%the ability to create an effectivewebsite from a technical perspective20%
  4. 4. An excellent website• open with a home page outlining the rationale of the website (500words);• include your name and student number;• have a clear navigation structure, making it easy to access the websitecontents;• have well designed pages that suit reading from the screen;• show some attention to principles of good design;• make use of images and other media, where appropriate;• include links to other websites, where appropriate;• be written in a style appropriate to the web and which makes itaccessible to your target audience;• be accessible through a web browser alone without additional softwarebeing used.
  5. 5. Project plan• Evidence• Reading• Planning• Content• Text• Links• Media• Layout and design
  6. 6. From placement“recent initiatives and debates”“identify and analyse examples ofgood practice”• School policy• Interviews• Photos, audio, videoBut only with permission!
  7. 7. Site plan
  8. 8. PlatformsWordpress - wordpress.comGoogle Sites - - wix.comWeebly - www.weebly.comiWebThimble - thimble.webmaker.orgBootstrap -