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CF - Adapting Delivery Teams


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Applying a Cadenced Flow approach to adapting delivery teams as given as dsmAgile

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CF - Adapting Delivery Teams

  1. 1. Cadenced Flow: Adapting Delivery Teams with Cat Swetel & Matt Barcomb @catswetel @mattbarcomb
  2. 2. Our problem
  3. 3. Our principles Alignment with a purposeful, directional goal Understand the problem/decision at hand Design experiments Evidence based change/improvement Learn and reflect
  4. 4. Cadenced Flow “approach” Methodology: A systematic process for doing something (what) Approach: A way of doing or thinking about something (how) 1. Cadence activities pragmatically 2. Understand workflow 3. Measure with intent 4. Make work smaller 5. Specify collaboratively 6. Deliver frequently 7. Experiment to improve
  5. 5. What activities enable success? Why do they add value? How often should they happen? Cadence activities pragmatically
  6. 6. Cadence activities pragmatically Activity Cadence Planning Sync up Improve Demo etc... YMMV Mon - 30 min Wed/Fri @ 9am - 15min JIT from retro wall Sched ever 3-5 weeks Whateva Wheneva
  7. 7. Understand workflow Experience the workflow from the point of view of a unit of work @hakanforss
  8. 8. Workflow example Ideas Ready Dev Test Done Expedite Blocked TCC
  9. 9. Measure with intent Only measure to make decisions Use balanced metrics (eg: productivity, quality, well-being)
  10. 10. Capacity
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Make work smaller Increase learning Reduce risk Improve predictability
  13. 13. @agileforall Richard Lawrence
  14. 14. Horizontal slicing Data Biz Logic User Interface
  15. 15. Decomp using flow charts
  16. 16. Decomp using scenario grouping Scenario Scenario ScenarioScenario ScenarioScenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario
  17. 17. Decomp using mind mapping
  18. 18. Specify collaboratively Defer detail acceptance criteria Promote test case creation Collaborate: function over role Programmer triggered pull Timbox 30min/15min
  19. 19. Example changes in workflow Ideas Ready Dev Exploratory Swarming Done Expedite Blocked Collaborative Specification
  20. 20. Deliver frequently Things get easier with repetition You develop muscle memory & rhythm ( the Phoenix Project!)
  21. 21. Experiment to improve WWRBD? “Without the C it’s just PDA”
  22. 22. At the end of the day... Cadence & flow are not mutex Be intentional about what you do Break down large batches Build understanding collaboratively Get regular customer feedback Make time for improvement
  23. 23. Questions? Cat Swetel & Matt Barcomb @catswetel @mattbarcomb