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Polyglot 5-min-pitch-for-tec


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Polyglot 5-min-pitch-for-tec

  1. 1. Internet Polyglot Mikhail Gavryuchkov
  2. 2. What is Polyglot? • A polyglot is someone who knows many languages. • From Greek πολυ-, «many» and γλώσσα, «language».
  3. 3. What is Internet Polyglot?• Web site• And mobile site• I am the first user.
  4. 4. What is Internet Polyglot?• Build vocabulary in foreign languages• with help of native speakers.• Users play games and learn.
  5. 5. What is Internet Polyglot? • Lessons created by users, including professional educators. • Audio pronunciation by native speakers. • Images for better mental association.
  6. 6. Internet Polyglot: Some Numbers • Lessons in 34 languages (cross-language) • 12,000 organic visits a day • 160,000 registered users. • 15,000 Facebook "Likes".
  7. 7. Game examples: Guessing Game
  8. 8. Game examples: Matching Game
  9. 9. Mobile • • HTML5 • Live on iPhone, Android • 1,000+ active daily users
  10. 10. Guessing Game on Mobile
  11. 11. Internet Polyglot: Summary • Internet Polyglot was a “hobby”. • Converted to a high margin profitable business. • 2,000,000 unique visitors last year • 46% retention rate • I look for an investor/partner to scale up
  12. 12. Internet Polyglot From hobby to a business (Some details) Mikhail Gavryuchkov
  13. 13. More stats: Demographics
  14. 14. Plans• Social networks integration• Connect People• User-driven content• More games• Add grammar, immersion• More lessons, more languages
  15. 15. Social Networks IntegrationPlay language games, earn trophies, postthem on Facebook Herewith I pronounce you a Knight Polyglot Sweet! Gonna post it on Facebook!
  16. 16. Connect People• Help people find each other – teachers and students, learners of the same language.• Let people play against each other.• Let people leave feedback on others’ progress.
  17. 17. User-driven content• Allow users create lessons with audio, video, images (crowdsourcing) and share revenue• Allow users leave feedback on lessons or report abusive content (crowd-moderation)
  18. 18. More Games Develop more games, make them more engaging Evolution of language learning process on Internet Polyglot
  19. 19. Add Grammar: ImmersionCover more language learning aspects: • Add grammar lessons/games • Add immersion courses
  20. 20. More Lessons, More Languages • I received emails from American Indian tribes asking to add their languages. • Ulster Scots, Catalan. • I spoke to a fan of Internet Polyglot who wants to add hotel/travel industry lessons. • Lots of ideas from the vibrant community.