NIKE+ App Brief Analysis


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NIKEplus app description and analysis.

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NIKE+ App Brief Analysis

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. NIKE+ Mobile Commerce App analysis Running2
  3. 3. What is Nike+ Nike plus is a popular running app where users can map runs, track progress and get the motivation needed to reach their goals, all while sharing their success with friends and the world.3
  4. 4. Nike+Evolution It began with an apple partnership, working with an iPod and a shoe sensor. The iPod was then complimented with GPS watches and wrist bands, now you don’t even need a sensor, all you need is a smartphone. (iPhone or Android)4
  5. 5. Nike+Running App Features •  Track all runs •  Distance •  Time •  Burnt Kcal •  Mapped Route •  GPS maps (Google) •  Set personal challenges •  Compete with other runners •  Share on •  Shop at Nike Track all runs •  Never having to leave the app •  Track results online as well5
  6. 6. Nike+Goals •  Build a branded tool to gain affinity of consumers •  Pioneer innovative advances within the category •  Maintain industry leadership •  Sustain brand awareness •  Use as platform for social responsibility •  Promote healthier living •  Female empowerment •  Boost self esteem •  And of course,… Sell more sneakers and sports gear.6
  7. 7. Nike+SocialBRAGGING RIGHTSShare your runs on Facebook, Twitter or PathInclude date, time, distance, maps, run time, etc.BRAND AWARENESSFriends are constantly seeing users’ updates ontheir feed. Users are in a sense recommending theapp and promoting Nike when sharing their runs.7
  8. 8. Nike+Functions GPS Music Motivation Track and map all your Ability to play your own Motivational feedback by runs. Cadence heat map music, create playlists and celebs at milestones. Also and distance checkpoints. PowerSongs for motivation. share with friends so they can cheer you on, real-time.8
  9. 9. Nike+ComparisonHere is how the app stacks up against the other Nike+ Cost of the app is only $1.99 products. We can see that most of the features are Compared to $19-29 if paired with iPod available on the app. App contains many more features and is 10% of the price9
  10. 10. Nike+Shopping Soft Cross Sell Shop Nike Nike+ Online Throughout the app there Browse and shop directly Continued immersive, is a soft sell of other within the app. Purchases detailed experience online. products. Mainly through done without ever leaving Most app functions and images and mentions. the app itself. some added customizability.10
  11. 11. Nike+Competition Adidas micoach Runkeeper Zombies, Run Very similar functionality. Allows you to track your Newest kid on the block Produced by one of Nike’s runs, weight loss and fitness compares to the gamification level as well as your sleeping biggest competitors. and motivational aspect. App habits. Over 6 million users in 2011. is a fun alternative to Nike+11
  12. 12. Nike+Buzz Launch The prior month to Nike+’s Release (2010), Nike followed the trending topics. Analysis of posts within Nike comparing the words ‘iPhone’, ‘app’, ‘jersey’, ‘Boise’, and ‘uniforms’. The iPhone app was clearly the biggest news of the month for Nike. The overall buzz around Nike was 82% Positive post launch.12
  13. 13. Nike+Metrics •  5 million Nike+ runners •  50% growth since intro of smartphone app. Source: All data as of Sept. 8 201213
  14. 14. Nike+Metrics All data as of Sept. 8 2012 United States – iTunes App Store The app is consistently ranked top 5 in the category of Health & Fitness worldwide. It is currently ranked 124th in overall downloads. It has made it to the 1st place overall position on a number of updates and has made it to #1 in 28 countries.14
  15. 15. Nike+Suggestions •  Partner with music platforms (eg. spotify or pandora) •  Real world discounts for achievements •  Add weight tracker (useful for those dieting) •  Heart rate monitor (Bluetooth - within app) •  Nike Store locator (“Run into a store”) •  Run with a buddy (Recommendations based on similar routes) •  Local running event recommendations (eg. charity runs or “The Human Race”)
  16. 16. Thank you