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ShareSquare Tear Sheet Overview & HTML5 Web Apps


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ShareSquare is a platform for connecting offline audiences with the bands and brands they love, through immediate calls-to-action and rich engagement on the mobile web, with real-time analytics.

Currently focused on enhancing physical and out-of-home promotions in music & entertainment, ShareSquare bridges the offline world with the mobile web.

Using the self-serve CMS, artists and advertisers alike can now enhance physical collateral with a ShareSquare QR Code corresponding to a custom HTML5 mobile web app. This now makes the fan’s point of passion actionable: a concert poster, sticker, album cover, merch tag (and more) becomes a rich point of discovery. The fan can immediately experience a music video, download tracks, join mailing lists, easily connect on social networks, win prizes, and even make purchases.

Real-time engagement and geo-location analytics allow the ShareSquare creator to update and optimize their campaigns on the fly.

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ShareSquare Tear Sheet Overview & HTML5 Web Apps

  1. 1. ShareSquare contact@getsharesquare.comWhat are Quick Response (QR) Codes? Scan for exclusive Access!• Physical world hyperlink: “one scan = one click”• Pull marketing – discovery, direct response, lead generation, sweepstakes, distribution• Connects the offline environment to an interactive online worldWhy Now?• Tipping point = ~100MM smartphones (US)• ~50MM scanning apps installed & counting (US)• QR Codes user awareness 10-14X higher than 1-year prior (Google Trends)• SoLoMo World – Social, Local, & Mobile behaviors dominate • Not “the panacea” of marketing, rather, QR Codes are an effective tool in the marketing mix based on the end objectiveHow? The ShareSquare Platform• Create, Communicate, Curate, & Convert from one platform• Presentation – HTML5 web app experience: video, pics, share, instant win, email, & more• Built-in analytics• Optimize & change content in seconds, not days• Flat Payment Plans – no set up fees, no hosting fees, no scanning fees, no data transfer fees• Download Music and AppsBest Practices• Reward engagement with a valuable offer – Remember, it’s not the path but the destination that matters (exclusives, free “stuff”, sweeps, etc.).• The Message Matters: Always include a call to action – “Scan to get exclusive content”, or “Scan to win”, or “Scan for the promo”, etc.• Be Novel but always test prior to deployment.• Be Mindful of Your Medium: provide value beyond the code & be succinct. Segment unique offers into separate calls to action• Educate: additional copy recommended on how to get a scanning app or how to use the URL
  2. 2. ShareSquare contact@getsharesquare.comFAQ Scan for exclusive Access!Can I just use the HTML5 Web App without the QR Code?Absolutely! We have many clients taking this approach. You don’t lose any functionality — you’ll still have video, pictures, email, etc. Discovery made easy: If I don’t need a QR Code Campaign, should Use your SEM budget I still use ShareSquare? to improve results to promote your unique short URLYes! You can use the HTML5 Web app as an alternative or compliment to a native app. Can I use the HTML5 web app as an alternative to a mobile website? Generate Social Activity with Like LockYes! Drop in one line of code to your website and mobile users will be redirected to your app.Is your short URL indexed by search engines?Yes! Another benefit of using our platform is the short URL, which would allow you to leverage your SEM budget and simplify discovery at a reduced cost as opposed to promoting a native app in multiple store fronts. Customize the Banner AdCan I create my own “branded” URL?Yes! Our premium plans allow you to use your own domains by setting one CNAME record - e.g. there a way to advertise in the app?Yes! Our Enterprise account allows full control of the 300x50 banner in the app. You can turn it off, ad serve through AdMob or AdSense, or run “house” ad promotions with outbound links.Can I run a contest or sweepstakes?Yes! We offer an Instant Win module and our Email Me module. Instant Win identifies winners automatically based on scans and your preset number of prizes. Email me would allow for random winner selections with announcements sent via email, Twitter, Facebook, or some other means. Both options are great lead generation tools.Can I generate more social activity?Yes! You can enable “Like Lock” which compels users to “Like” you on Facebook prior to viewing content. Also, you can pre-populate Facebook and Twitter messages. And you can embed your Twitter stream into the app.