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Configure SMTPClient


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Help you to configure OpenERP smtpclient module

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Configure SMTPClient

  1. 1. SMTP Client SMTP Client A great feature for the Tiny Developers Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. SMTP ClientEmail Sending Facility in Tiny ERPTiny ERP Support the email sending facility from the beginning version, but if we go through thisfunctionalities it seems for the specific purpose, like reply CRM Case, and Mass Mailing, its veryeasy to configure the smtp-server, user and password while running the may found this code in to the file enables user to send the emails, because of itswritten for the specific purpose, the limitation of this facility is we can not send the file attachment,can not get the statistic regarding the email sent, and while configuration of the user, password andsmtp-server we not get the confirmation like its configured successfully. more over ts better if weput the security on the email sending facility, like only authorized user can send the email.To get all this facility you can use the a new module which is specifiably designed to manage theemail address.You can get this module from the is the module name which install the Smtp-Client, History, Objects related to the Statisticfor email sending.More over this module is just used for the configuration by the System Administration, and used bythe Tiny Developers, for example developers want the functionalities like when user confirm theSale Order or Invoice that will be also be deliver to used via Email Immediately. then this providesthe surety of the email delivery. because while configuration of the Email Address it performs 2 waychecking, first is tiny can send the successfully able to send the email from the provided emailaddress, and second things is when ever content send to recipient that also verify by the Verificationcode.System Administrator configure the email address, and ask for the verification, the Verificationprocess send the random generated key to the supplied email address, and after that user have toverify that email address by supplying the verification code. after that all user which have the accessto this email address they can send the email using this address.SMTP Client provides an enhancements to the existing modules like its great if we can send theSale Order copy in email to the Customer immediately after confirmation of the Sale Order. or Sendthe Delivery Notes to the Customer after confirmation of the Picking. this kind of functionalitieswill be available in the extra_addons. Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. SMTP ClientLets see how to configure the SMTP Client, to send the email using the configured address, for thatwe required few things, like smtp-server, smtp-port, email address, password, we can configure anyemail server which provides authentication based email sending facility.General ConfigurationMessage Configuration Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. SMTP ClientUser PermissionThere is an easy process for the Email address Registration, just enter all the detail for the newEmail Address, and save that record. now run the wizard called “Send Verification Code” this willask an email address from user and send the verification code to this email address.this will send the verification code to the and now get that code and run the2nd wizard called, “Verify Server” the code seems like as follows.Now take the code “a90dcf20711e256e24047ec187a91e24” and verify with the Verification processas follows.So, after this this process this email address, and smtp server is verified successfully and this can beused in tiny to send the email. now all user those who have a permission that can send the email,this module is very much use full to the Developers. Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. SMTP ClientLets see, how developer can get the benefits from this module, to reduce the code and made thingseasy, simple, fast, and automated. during there are new module available in to the extra_addons.invoice_auto_email send automatic email attached with the confirmed Invoice when any invoice confirm.sale_auto_email send automatic email attached with the sale order when any sale order confirm.stock_auto_email send an Delivery Note attached with the email when picking is confirmpurchase_auto_email send purchase oder confirmation mail to supplies when purchase order confirm by supplier.Developer can provide configuration for the email address in company, company can have amultiple email address for the different kind of communication as follows, while development of theautomatized module for send the email just select the approbate email address from the company.and send email using that email address.Mantavya Page 5 of 5