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Demonstrate OpenERP


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Demonstrate OpenERP effectively

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Demonstrate OpenERP

  1. 1. “How to showcase OpenERP”Nora Marcon, Education AccountManager,
  2. 2. 1. Our Webinars Recordings To help you to be more familiar with OpenERP, we invite you to follow the introduction to OpenERP made by one of our consultants: Want to have a more clear view about the main functionalities cover by OpenERP? Then take a look at our Webinars recorded: Login: OpenERP s.a. Password: openerp-123
  3. 3. 2. Install a Virtual Machine to do your demo To work in a more stable environment we suggest you to install a Virtual Machine.Contact:Gary Malherbe (System Administrator)gma@openerp.comTel: 081 81 37 00 (ext: 08)
  4. 4. 3. Follow the script We use the same script to showcase OpenERP. To help you to reproduce the same scenario, you will find at this following link the methodology step by step:
  5. 5. Sales demonstration Of OpenERP V6.0.3 45mins
  6. 6. Top 10 Demonstration Tips
  7. 7. 1. First Install your databases! § A full version with the main features of OpenERP (CRM, Sales, Purchases, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Project, HR) § A short version only with the CRM installed
  8. 8. 2. Explain the maindifferences betweenthe two clients
  9. 9. GTK ClientWEB Client
  10. 10. 3. Show the userfriendliness of OpenERP.The software is really easyto use and the interfacehelps the end user to findhis way! views, multi tabs, shortcuts... Dashboards, ●
  11. 11. DashboardØ
  12. 12. GTK: View GTK: views Web: list view
  13. 13. Web: Formview Web: calendar view
  14. 14. Web: Process view
  15. 15. 4. Explain quickly themain featuresinstalled and give ashort description ofthe modules
  16. 16. 5. Let’s start thedemonstration with a“Sales Flow”. From alead to the delivery ofthe products.
  17. 17. ... I am aSalesman
  18. 18. ● Encode as a new lead a Business Card and convert it into an opportunity
  19. 19. Ø Interact with your customer, schedule a call and a meeting, exchange emails and follow your sales cycle (stage, expected revenue,...)
  20. 20. Ø Create and send a quotation to your customer. (The report designer module can be used to modify your report)
  21. 21. ... I am a good Salesman
  22. 22. Ø Confirm the Sales Order and create the draft invoice
  23. 23. Ø Create the final invoice and send it to the customer
  24. 24. ... I am themanufacturer
  25. 25. Ø Manufacturing order > select your order...
  26. 26. Ø ... And start theproduction
  27. 27. ... I am thewarehouseman
  28. 28. Ø Warehouse Management > Delivery ordersYour order is now ready, print your picking list. Go to yourstock and deliver your products!
  29. 29. 6. Show the flexibilityof the software,OpenERP is easilycustomisable!
  30. 30. Ø Modify the customers’ addresses....
  31. 31. Ø ... And add a new field
  32. 32. ● Open a Purchase order and edit the purchase workflow...
  33. 33. ● Create some actions and conditions to modify your way of working v Create a validation step v Create a condition (amount > 2000) v Create an action (if amount > 2000 schedule a meeting)
  34. 34. 7. Demo, demo,demo!!!
  35. 35. Ø CEBIT 2011 without demo!
  36. 36. Ø CEBIT 2011 during ademo!
  37. 37. 8. Demonstration skills
  38. 38. Ø Make a short demonstration (45minutes maximum);Ø Don’t go too deep into the software;Ø Create and follow a script for your presentation (roles, real scenarios, stories);Ø Engage your participants in the presentation (ask for a business card);Ø The goal is to give a generic demonstration and make them want to use it;Ø The next step should be a customized demonstration, not free of charge this time
  39. 39. 9. Continually increaseyour knowledge about OpenERP, yourdemonstration will be better and better!
  40. 40. BooksOpenObject Press just released 3 books based on the version 6.0of OpenERP. These books are dedicated to our Partners and end users who want to improve continually their knowledge on OpenERP.
  41. 41. 10. Stay updated with the last OpenERP improvements and references!
  42. 42. Exercices
  43. 43. ● Exercice 1 Ø CRM Presentation You are a Salesman who is just coming back from an exhibition and met few leads.Encode your leads into the CRM, convert the most interesting to an opportunity.Interact with your prospect, log your calls, schedule a meeting, add a next action stepand an expected date of closing!
  44. 44. ● Exercice 2 Ø Sales Management You are a Salesman who is closing a deal. Send a quotation to your customer.Change the language set by default for your customer on its form and add French. Thegoal is to save the quotation in French on your laptop and add the document on yourcustomer form as attachment. Confirm the order and create the final invoice.
  45. 45. ● Exercice 3 Ø Manufacturing and Warehouse Create quickly a Sales order and add a PC2 as product. You are the manufacturerand you are launching your production order related to the sales order you made.Your are now the warehouseman, process your products, print your picking list and goto your stock!
  46. 46. ● Exercice 4 Ø Configuration Show how flexible OpenERP is! You are a functional consultant and you want tomodify a view in adding a new field. You are now a technical consultant and you arereviewing the internal process of your company. Modify the purchase workflow,create a Validation step and add a condition and an action!
  47. 47. ● Exercice 5 Ø Ease of use OpenERP is a dynamic software that runs on the latest technologies! Show that youcan handle easily the software thanks to some tools which help the end user find hisway! Open a section and look at the different views available (calendar, list, form,process). Add a shortcut. Show drag and drop.
  48. 48. Happy selling!