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Gerhart m ted_slideshow

  1. 1. Mason GerhartPSO Slideshow
  2. 2. Hans RoslingRosling is a Swedish doctor and a Professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute. Heis also the co-founder and chairman of the Gapminder Foundation, who developed theTrendalyzer software system.
  3. 3. Rosling is also a statistician and public speaker. He discovered an outbreak ofKonzo in Africa in the 80’s. He spent 2 decades studying and trying to slowand ultimately stop the spread of this paralytic disease.
  4. 4. Thesis:Rosling’s thesis is you have to better a country’s health before you can better their finances.
  5. 5. Rosling was able to capture the audiences attention by keeping the factualinformation flowing. He pushes statistics onto the audience with such emphasis thatthe members have no time to let their mind wander.
  6. 6. Hans Rosling keeps the audience engaged by stacking factual information with somewitty metaphors and some humor.
  7. 7. Rosling followed majority of the commandments in his presentation, however I feel hemost accurately followed VI and VIII. My reasoning behind my answer is because hewasn’t afraid to make the audience laugh, and he never once flaunted anything abouthis company or himself.
  8. 8. I give Hans Rosling a 4/5 because he could have related to the audience more. He alsocould have added more humor to keep the audience members feeling more interestedand entertained rather than have them feeling bored or that they are being lectured.4/5
  9. 9. Some tips that were used from Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte were the artof storytelling, and using slides with minimal text and visuals to capture youraudiences attention.
  10. 10. What I Learned• What I learned from the presenter aboutdelivery is that you have to capture youraudiences attention first and foremost.
  11. 11. You also need to relate to your audience, whether its bytelling personal experiences or asking them questionsto get them personally involved in your presentation.
  12. 12. Compare & ContrastHans Rosling Sir Ken Robinson
  13. 13. Hans Rosling differs greatly from Sir Ken Robinson withhis speaking style. He uses more Statistics and factualinformation than Ken Robinson. He also lacks theengagement that the audience needs.
  14. 14. Sir Ken Robinson connects with his audience through humor.He keeps them laughing so they are ultimately engaged thewhole time. He also uses real life experiences when he tellsstories to relate to the audience members on a personal level.
  15. 15. Tips For Future Presentations• Get the audience involved first and foremost• Use personal experiences to relate to theaudience• Use humor to keep members involved• Speak with confidence and knowledge of yourtopic
  16. 16. Thank you for viewing my slideshow. I lookforward to viewing yours and giving youfeedback.Mason Gerhart
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